• Published 4th Nov 2015
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Wishing On A Star - MegatronsPen

Sunset Shimmer’s heart is afflicted by a feeling she cannot quite understand. Will she be able to overcome her fear of rejection and win over an oblivious Twilight Sparkle?

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Poor Sunset...well...you have Sci-Twi possibly maybe?

Don't worry, Sunset. You still have Sci-Twi! :twilightsheepish:

Oh, Twilight, you do realize the two of you can do something about your situation, right? Hopefully she catches on to Sunset's sudden change in attitude soon.

Well... that got me trying to desprately write a love letter to my crush/best friend... If the letter fails or I get rejected, first option: Go back to my bitchy phase and use everyone in school until she notices my behavior change. Second option: Plead until she says yes. Third option: Be with someone who is somewhat like her just with glasses and wavy hair.

7297138 Yeah... when I heard Sunset and Twilight sing in battle off the bands, the voices are in harmony and sync.

WHEN IS NEXT UPDATE!!! WE NEED MORE!!! :flutterrage:

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