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Wat r u doin



Well, at least it isn't another fucking disgusting animal rape to my eyes...

Not enough Dinky love out there, glad someone's producing content for her.

Liked the story. Hope to see more.

That piece was great!


6606109 this was a hot story, but it needs some work. when he came in her mouth, the cum shouldn't have come out the pussy, but as a suggestion, you could edit it to say it came out her ass.

Great you made me wonder how they met.


Thanks. I'll see what I can do to do some minor improvements in the clop. =)


I'm so very glad you all enjoyed this. :twilightsmile:

6608321 it was well written and I agree there needs to be more dinky stories out there, I'm working on one myself, actually.

Will there be a squeal to this?

come on sequel

I liked it, good work. Thumbs up!

And then Derpy gets mounted too....I hope heh.

I really enjoyed reading this one and it's left me wanting to see more Dinky fics.

You left out something important. Frankie would be enjoying the love. Not just the sex, or the emotion, but the energy he'd be getting from Dinky here. Remember, he is a Changeling.


Hmmm. I kinda forgot that Frankie is a changeling that feeds off love. Gotta make note of that on my future Dinky/Frankie stories next time. :trixieshiftright:

her tongue lolling as she continued to pee in front of her friend.


Thanks for the correction. :derpytongue2:

That is one of the dirtiest and kinkiest clop fics i have ever read.

Both character depicted as super horny little sluts.


I need more of Dinky x Frankie Dx

Seriously, this was a good story, a bit short, but really good, and I would love to read more if you added more chapters:twilightsmile:


Thanks. I do have a sequel to this though. :trixieshiftright:

7026241 :twilightoops: How the hell did I not see that Dx

I'll have to give it a read :twilightsmile:


Cool. Please enjoy. =3


And that's how Derpy murdered a Changeling.

when I was reading

this was what imagined

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