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PrinceUniversa here, just your normal average brony writing stories for fun, listening to music, seeing adorable pictures and whatnot :D


Hearth's Warming Eve, a holiday rarely ever celebrated in the Wasteland for numerous reasons. After all the events that changed the livelihood of many of the people living in the Wasteland, the Wasteland entered a state of relief for many of the heroes. Thus, began the first time that this holiday would be celebrated. Join in the heroes, as they take a break they well-deserved enjoying fun events, chatting with one another and possibly making new friendships with the other heroes far and wide.

Stories featured here: Fallout: Equestria, Project Horizons, Pink Eyes, Murky Number Seven, Neo Fantasia (My own sidefic to Fo: E) and as of the Seventh Day, Heroes. Protagonists in each fic are all here!

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I haven't even read the first chapter and yet not only am I lmfao Laughing My F-ing @ss off but I I'm also interested and anxious to read it. Blackjack, Littlepip, Velvet, rampage, Scotch tape, Calamity, Silver Storm, and everyone else. You have a recipe for disaster, and the world's greatest snowball fight.

6633581 Silver Storm is in Heroes correct? I did not add him into the list mostly because that story is yet far from completed and I'm only counting those with stories completed mostly out to me trying not to rack up possibilities of what will happen in the end of those stories. Oh and trust me, things are going to be a little chaotic.

The first event was an oddball for me... of all things I picked it was volley ball to start things off, weird, but I did put a twist on it and that involves an explosive volleyball!

I smiled hearing that question, I explained the tram set-up and the rules of the game (though I bet everybody here knows anyway). The teams were made by the four friends. Blackjack’s, Murky’s, Littlepip’s and Puppysmiles’s. My friends were getting the buffet table ready as the game was going on. I was sitting on a chair drinking some Sparkle-Soda as the referee watching the whole event watching of any fouls and what not.

First came Blackjack’s and Littlepip’s teams. The decision was chosen by vote and surprisingly, it was unanimous for Littlepip and Blackjack’s teams to go first. This is not going to end so well… I can just feel it right now.

Littlepip got the ball and started up the serve. Ball over and I saw one serve from Blackjack and a set from Glory then P-21 delivered a spike with… a grenade attached to the ball!? To be fair, I made the ball to survive explosions and that P-21 is smart enough to not use a powerful grenade but really!?

Calamity was ready to set up the serve before the ball exploded on his face leaving a black-singed face, no flying bits, just a cartoony black face with a puff of smoke coming out of his mouth. Velvet got a towel and gave it to Calamity as he wiped his face, “Hey! Y’all aren’t supposed to cheat!”

I telekinetically grabbed the ball giving a death glare to P-21. An idea popped up in my head with that move and I had my most devious grin on my face. Everyone who knew that grin were very worried about what I was thinking even Spike, “Hey Spike hold onto this ball for me?” I tossed the ball to him as I tried to imagine another on front of me. Before I did however, I needed a vote on numbers, “Guys can you all make a vote on which number please?”

They all looked at each other bewildered about why this so suddenly. They did do my request with so many votes. Keeping track there were…

Seven ponies voting on seven, typical that Murky’s friends would do that. I couldn’t help but smile at that.

Two ponies voting on thirty-two… And of course that came from Blackjack and Homage even Littlepip and Glory reluctantly voted on it making that four… Poor them…

My friends voted for fifteen making that five there. The majority of the ponies voted with my friends on fifteen. Well guess I got my number then. I managed to manifest a black ball with four screens on the sphere and gave it to Blackjack which of course asked right away what it was, “What the heck is this thing? And why the numbers?”

“Just toss it at me and see for yourselves…” I ascend from the referee chair as Blackjack tossed it hard. I hit it with my hoof and the ball exploded on my face. Many of their jaws dropped from that. The smoke cleared and I was unscathed save for a face covered in black ashes. I recreated the ball and gave it to Blackjack, who was glaring at P-21. All he did was shrug much to his amusement, “The numbers by the way…” The number fifteen appeared on the two screens on the ball, “Is the number of hits you can do on the ball before it explodes.”

All participating members looked at me again with the jaw drops. Blackjack, ever so, even said it for me, “You ARE evil…”

“Hey, I’m evil on the mischievous side!” I pointed to Homage who was confused as to why I was pointing at her, “She’s evil on the, shall I say, kinky side!” Homage looked proud and mischievous. Littlepip on the other hand? Boy did her face have shades of red mixing together. I went back on the referee seat as I blew the whistle, “Oh and in case you guys are wondering, no worries, the ball only causes a concussive explosion that will push you guys back and make you dizzy.” I still had that devious grin on my face, “Let’s get this game going!”

“With pleasure!” Why did I get the feeling that Blackjack saying that is going to make things worse? She served the ball as it counted that hit reducing the number to fourteen. This is going to be fun! I watched the ball as Littlepip set the ball and Calamity spiking it to Blackjack’s side.

Twelve and counting. Lacunae hit the ball setting it up for a serve, too low for a spike. Rampage literally bucked the ball high enough to the air setting it for a spike to which Blackjack had the honor to do. She delivered the spike on to Littlepip’s side as Homage dived for the ball hitting it upward. Xenith (Surprised that she was having fun) set the ball for a spike again. Calamity flew up and gave one, but not before Scotch returned the shot back to Littlepip’s side.

Five hits remaining… Oh this is going to end with a literal bang soon. Littlepip dived for it this time saving the ball from landing. I saw her looking at the ball trying to remember how many hits left. She hid a grin telling me she knew as well as I do that Blackjack’s side was in for a surprise. Velvet set the upward high enough for another spike. Xenith hoped off Velvet gently as she delivered a kick to the other side.

Two more hits… Oh boy, am I going to feel very sorry for this. Rampage charged for the ball and saved it in the nick of time, little do they know, that was going to be their last hit. I can just see Littlepip’s grin getting bigger. P-21 looked at the ball for a few seconds before realizing it too late. He tried to warn Blackjack about it she but she already hit the ball.


The ball exploded pushing everyone about one meter back. The explosion was not bright so everyone saw the event happening. Blackjack’s whole side was clutching their heads very dizzy from that explosion each one unique to their way of clutching their heads. I couldn’t help but not burst into laughter!

6633611 Silver Storm is a mare. And is the main character.

And this story is going to be a big Hit. Be sure to invite Discord! And where Is BOO? That blank was my favorite! You never forget Boo! FYI, be careful with adding not enough funny scenes.

6633627 I thought so, I've read Heroes, so I know her more or less. Still, I can't really add her since Heroes is far from completed.

6633643 but you called her a 'him'. Facts man, it's all about the Facts.

6633671 yeah. Those do tend to happen a lot. When is the next chapter going to be published?

6633681 Getting started on it, give me time mate :twilightsmile:

6633719 sorry. When will it be ready? Tonight or tomorrow?

6633739 Tomorrow probably if I'm not being lazy and if college doesn't get in the way of publishing...

6633775 You should have putted this emoticon :yay: to emphasize that better!

6633780 I'm on a 6inch Amazon tablet. I have no idea where to find any f-ing emoticons. >:(

6633799 wanna know something funny? Your volleyball scene reminds me of my Adrenaline Ball in my own Fallout Story. Only difference? Bigger ball, way bigger court, laser net, the ball will randomly fire shock waves, and it explodes when it hits the ground. The only rules are: ball can't touch ground or the other team gets a point, stay on your own side and no killing the other team, or any players.
Can you guess why it's called Adrenaline Ball now?

6633810 Oh wow... hey, I decided to put the volleyball game on the third day and put up the snowball on the first chapter. After that it's just conversations between characters during the feast with some whacky dialogue. One of those said dialogues is between Blackjack, Homage, Glimmerlight and my own supporting character Pandora aka what I call the orgasm conversation! :pinkiecrazy:

6633843 ha ha ha. That's funny! That... that is funny. But you never did answer my question about Adrenaline Ball. Can you guess why its called that and where it got the name?

6633852 No not really, I'm blank at the moment :twilightoops:

6633872 c'mon! Try to guess. It's quite funny when you think about it. Here is a hint: the blood starts pumping and the world slows down

6633875 Isn't that the usual effect of adrenaline? Otherwise, nope I'm blank still...

6633882 :facehoof:
Think about what you JUST said then match it with the name Adrenaline Ball

6633885 What time slows down on everybody because of Adrenaline, why would you not name your game after that? I'm still not getting it here...

6633889 Try looking up the effects of Adrenaline. Then ask yourself why a changed version of Volleyball with only a few rules to protect the players and to score points is named after something that has been known not only to improve reflexes but also enhance their thought process? And why would you need these enhancements to play a game of Volleyball in the Wasteland?

6633910 I've looked up the effects of adrenaline and I'm still blank right now... I'm thinking they named it just because they wanted to... is this kind of game made to enhance the ponies under the effects of adrenaline or was it a more of a test for the S.A.T.S for future use with the PipBucks? I hate thinking right now... I'd rather solve a puzzle from Professor Layton than be solving this...

6633980 It's not that hard. I just tell you.

Adrenaline Ball is a Volleyball style game that allows weapons, bombs and even Tanks on the court as long as said objects are only used to hit the ball. The ball is a soul-trapped object and each team is given one point for each time the ball hits the ground. When that happens,, the ball will drop a concussion grenade and the scoring team begin the next round. You could even use Balefire bombs to hit the ball as long as the rules are followed. It is called Adrenaline Ball because at random times throughout the game, the ball will start shooting shock rounds and the field will spawn something to kill. Also, the terrain of the court will change. So you could be in a grass like terrain and it would randomly switch to other types. I.E. a mountain or a 'wasteland' terrain. With all the Adrenaline pumping, wall running, hill climbing, guns blazing, hair tearing, wild, Pinkie pie inspired game, no one but the referee will know when something is going to change. The average size of a single court (one side) can range from a simple gym to the size of a parking lot (a big parking lot. Like at a football Stadium). The bigger the stakes, the more dangerous the game.

Because sometimes you play for the Grand prize: Advanced technology, hundreds of thousands of modern currency (currency is decided by when game is played and what the modern currency is), spells of your choice, or a single wish that could bring someone or something back to life (as if they never died at all) and travel through time (without limitation) [you can't do both. Only choose one].

Winning team members each get their own choice of prize.

6634043 Oh wow, that definitely sounds like something Pinkie pie would make up... I am so sorry for not thinking about it hard enough. I'm not much of a genius like Twilight is... :twilightsheepish:

6634075 It's ok. It's something that my main character came up with when she talked with Discord

6634086 With Discord!? Now that I should've seen coming :pinkiecrazy:

6634095 yeah. Memory orb of pinkie pie with a message then a chat with Discord about it and POOF Adrenaline Ball was born. Chaotic, random, and deadly. Three qualities of three different people mixed into the Ultimate Game

6634132 Make it a disaster game of the century! :pinkiecrazy:

6634158 it ain't that bad. :ajbemused:

Fyi I found the smiley face. Emoticons

6634181 lol. I just realized that we are filling your comments bar with our chatting. You must be so happy to have so many comments on a story in one day. :rainbowlaugh:

6634194 yeah 35 comments in a few hours. You must be really popular! Don't you think?

6634203 It's just the two of us chatting, I don't count that as popular :rainbowlaugh:

6634208 says the 37 comments in only a few hours. People would die if you only said:

I got over 40 comments in less than a four hours.

6634260 I am! Unless you're Kkat or another popular author.

6634307 Ngh, I doubt I can gain their kind of popularity through all of this... I'm just writing for fun, but gaining that kind of popularity? Hardly possible as of the moment...

6634332 who said that they aren't writing for fun? I know several stories who's author is in college or has a job and yet they have great stories. Who says yours won't be that popular someday?

6634336 I'm doubtful on that... of course I know that most authors write for fun, I mean goodness do you see how many fics I've seen written by authors for fun and because of inspiration?

I would love my stories to be at least to be noticed but me being popular? Whose to say how long that will be until death opens its doors for me? Okay that last one was a bit much there... currently if memory serves me right, I have, right now, one story that's managed to garner some attention even though it was my first one-shot and CMC centric I've written! And that was my sixth fic I've written and it was meant for a contest at hand! It's a start, but I'm still doubtful on me being popular like say Pen Stroke.

6634394 pen stroke wrote a story. He started just like us ya know. The only difference is the passage of time. His fiction has been around a long time. Yours is still new. Nothing much to worry about.

6634428 True that, now if you'll excuse you're kind of distracting me with getting The First Day written right now :derpytongue2:

6634803 Do I really need to add it? The story is far from completed and I don't want to change the process again because of adding the characters in that story...

6655390 Is it? I honestly find it a bit lackluster at least from my perspective

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