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I am the culmination of self-inserts.


A pony named Dr. Pepper decides to move to Ponyville, she's heard good things about it. if only she knew how complicated the paperwork was.

Part of The Kickassverse

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Comments ( 22 )

nice fic...resisted making dr.pepper jokes.

6601465 I wish I knew some Dr. Pepper jokes Dx
hehe, thanks!

TLP #3 · Nov 4th, 2015 · · ·

Before I read this:


Wrong soda.


6601527 :rainbowlaugh:
That reminded me of Hackers for some reason xD
Thanks dude for reading, hehe

"I'm a pepper! There's a pepper! He's a pepper! She's a pepper! Would you like to be a pepper to?"

peppery goodness~

If I had to sign that much paperwork about so much destruction I'd just say...memecrunch.com/meme/376S5/fuck-this-shit-im-out/image.jpg?w=500&c=1.

That was someponies' exact words I bet :rainbowkiss:

Good story. Oh do keep going, the idea of a psychologist in Ponyville is excellent.

6615443 Why thank you kindly, I did say this was a sneak peak at a much larger story I have planned
So you might see more of my Psychologist~ :rainbowkiss:

6615164 I bet 100 bits on that somepony did say it

6616196 hehehehe xD we might see it...
next time~

6616210 hohoho heheheh yes~ maybe next time:raritywink:

I thought that this was a fun little story to read. I liked the character of Dr Pepper (thats one of my fav drinks ever lol) and I thought you had done simply a good job. There were no faults that I could find.


Hehehehe, thanks a bunch!

Heartless? Welp, you're hosed.
(I nearly squee'd seeing a slight crossover with the Square Enix stuff that was nicely subtle. Nice work~ :twilightsmile: )
This fic.... It made me happy in so many ways.
So. Many. Ways.

Hahah, glad you enjoyed man, legitness!
This is only the beginning of the awesomeness that is the Kickassverse :rainbowkiss:

There will be in the future, this is part of my own little universe called the Kickassverse, there's a link in the description of the story.
I have yet to post actual information of course... but I'll get there, hehehe.

Indeedy, stay tuned!

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