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One-Shot Description:
Helena was just fine being a human until she learns something and takes an action.

Helena Tess Ryder is just an seventeen year old and is enjoying her summer break. When her 18th birthday came, things change as her favorite show was actually real and she was... Twilight Sparkle. With a voice from her former self and a bunch of government officials bent on finding alien life, not to mention her father who is one of them, how can she come back home safe and sound? Not to mention signs of non-pony influence to her own family...


Chapters (2)
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Nice idea, but sadly I have noticed a problem here. It's too fast. What I mean, it's just thing, after thing after thing or more like explanation, after fact, after explanation, after face. it just comes all at once. I mean, if someone would have explained all this to me, I would ask: Did you eat shit or something?

Well, that about sums it up. Apaaaart from the part about the sh*t.
Hearts: It was pretty rushed, like the other guy said. I'm still wondering if both Helena and Twilight are sharing Twilight's body, or if they're body swapped. It's...Just...So....CONFUSING!!!
Alva: Eh, I didn't mind it
Hearts: That's because you are simple Minded, Unlike us
Ow, Burned...

vanished in a smoke of purple which dissipated.

Hey! That's my Dimensional Transition Smoke! Getcha' Own one!

6599750 Too fast? I knew it. It will be solved when I have finished chapter one.

It was an old idea. I was totally slightly going "this then all of a sudden this" before. Now, I'm going to split her life into chapters!

With of course, a surprise in every end.

Hey! Good premise! Maybe give it a bit slower pace, noobie mistake of writing is showing your hand too early. I'm gonna follow this.

I suppose it was supposed to be a 3-chaptered story until I took notice that the 1-shot is good by itself. And in that 3-chaptered, Helena and Twilight get seperated bodies afterwards.

... Me and the others are thinking if the Director (That's me!) shouldn't have been surprised by this.

I don't know why I'm feeling like this should've appeared in my very first fanfiction as a review.

Well, Let's just see where this will go.

Alva: Eh, I was created when he *Points to Me* Started reading a book series called 'Skulduggery Pleasent'. A lot happens
Yeah, I only just finished it a month ago. I started in 2012-2013.

Edit: What I meant to say is that I finished the Last book a few months ago

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