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This story is a sequel to The Long Lost Rainbow

After deciding to finally push the past behind him for good and leaving it in the dust, Rainbow Strike finds himself settling back into his old life and hopes to get back on track from where he left off, patching old wounds as he goes along his journey on self recovery and finding a new job as a music teacher.

However, it has been so long since he has been back home and he worries that he won't be able to be seen as the pony he once was. Will things change or will they stay the same for the tormented soul? Only time will tell.
Rated teen for themes!

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So in this story strike didn't commit suicide?

6736753 No, he was going to at first, but I changed all of that because of the idea of this story coming along.

Why was this story cancelled?

7586877 Because it sucks and was going nowhere. People weren't interested in it, and I didn't want to write something so depressing.

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