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Commissions are now open!

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Not bad... Here, have a like...

Oh my god, this is like the gateway to foalcon lol... It's just a fantasy! I have no idea what to feel about this, but I'll say it was pretty sexy.

Commission for my non-brony friend

Wait, your 'non-brony' friend paid you to write clop about magical ponies from mlp? Yeah... Your friend is a brony. No if's and's or but's.

My commissions are free when the idea is good enough. :twilightsmile:

6600319 Usually people say commission when being payed, and request when not being payed. Anyways, the important part of my comment is that your friend seems to be a brony, whether they like it or not.

Shhhh. Just let it happen.

1) Nice story, got me to orgasm

2) I'm not even intp much foalcon, I just seen this and said "eh, f**ck it..."

Have a like!

6598481 Dude. ALL foalcon is just fantasy. Just like everything written on this site. Or shown on the show. If you think otherwise, you need to see a psychiatrist and fast.

Also: All foalcon is very good and tasty. Thanks Cady!

Cheerilee is fantasizing in this. The situation in the story is her own fantasy. What the hell are you talking about "all foalcon is fantasy?" I don't need to see a psychiatrist, but you may need to see an English teacher.

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