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Writer and Voice Actor. OC portrait by Blue Nova.


Long before Hearth's Warming, the three pony tribes were constantly giving each other grief. Whether it was through tough trade arrangements, diplomatic nightmares, or even skirmishes along borders, the three tribes despised each other, while also relying on each other. There had even been several wars in the past, but nothing that would even remotely compare to the Great War, which began fifty years before Hearth's Warming. This is an account of that war.

This story takes place in the land of the three tribes, far from Equestria. In the north lay the Unicorn Kingdom, a monarchy led by the head of the royal family. To the East was the Pegasus Nation, led by the council of Admiralty. To the West dwelt the Earth Ponies in the Earthen Republic, led by elected representatives throughout the tribe.

Cover Design by Novel Idea: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Novel-Idea
Map by vikonaut: http://vikonaut.deviantart.com/

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Why did you not get Blue Nova to make the cover art for this story?

7841195 He's busy with other things, and I really can't afford him. I mean, we're friends, but I don't like asking favors too often. The OC portrait was a gift, since I didn't have much art originally. I did the best I could with the cover art... I'm not a great artist. :scootangel:

Wow Thunder sure is a charming fellow isn't he? :applejackconfused:

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