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I write stories of hope, redemption, love and being a dingus. That last one is just me...



Tirek's brother Scorpan never really accepted his brother could wander so far off the good path. Deluded and crazed from missing him, he has one simple goal: break his brother out. To do that, he will need magic beyond anything he's seen before. DARK magic.

With the discovery that Sombra is not only the lone survivor of the Umbrum race, but may not have been completely destroyed, he sets out to locate what remains of Sombra's horn. From this he is able ressurect the former tyrant and keep him captive. Day by day, draining his magic. But thats just the start. He has other plans for the Umbrum pony's magic abilities...

When a passing bird finds its way into the cave, it delivers this news to Fluttershy. On Celestia's orders she and the others go to find Sombra and try stop Scorpan's plans.

But the Sombra they bring back to Canterlot isnt the former foe they once knew. Lost and afraid, his mind fractured by Scorpan's torture, Sombra seems out of thier reach. Now they have to race against an incoming doom to try and heal the broken King before it reaches Canterlot.

But how will things fare when Discord gets invovled? Can his unorthodox methods break Sombra's nightmares into dust and get him on his feet, or will the unicorn finally lose hope?

Chapters (20)
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Okay, you've got me curious. I'll read on.

mmmmm I like were this is going, I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm going to read your other stories while I wait. You got a fave and follow :)

6591859 Thank You for the follow! :twilightsmile: I'll be posting more fairly soon, I have the outlines of the next parts set up, almost completed chapter two!

6591764 There'll be more soon, I'm just going over future chapters to make sure they're all set...

New chapter! Sorry I don't have much to say except, thank you for the new chapter!

6595220 I did. I've also posted a new chapter on one of my stories today. It's called Snow and Wind. If you get the time, please check it out.

6595229 That was almost ridiculously quick. I only just suggested it then I get a notification that you added it to favorites. Either you're aa really speedy reader, or you were already reading because you saw that I updated it since you're one of my followers. Anyways, I'm glad you like it though.

6595252 Sorry if I alarmed you! I was shutting down my big PC and I wanted to make sure it was on my watch list so I could find it via my iPad later. Using a mobile device with this site isn't the easiest for some reason...:ajbemused: and I noticed the story wasn't on my faves list yet!

Don't get me started on DeviantArt...it flat out HATES that site. Tablets are weird.:facehoof:

6595364 Truth be told, I don't have a PC or any sort of computer. I do everything, including typing up my stories and reading, on my Nexus 7, a type of tablet. It gets weird at times, but it does work for me. Also, you didn't scare me. I was just surprised. If you do like it, then thanks! I hope you enjoyed it. I put a lot of thought and effort into this race and culture.

6595382 I love the story! I'm terrible at remembering to leave a comment or two, I get distracted by reading. I'm a very fast reader :twilightblush: a result of spending most my childhood in libraries. I read on average a book every week or less...I'm a bookworm! :twilightsmile:

I really like your stories, you have a wonderful style that's so easy to read!

I couldn't imagine writing a story on my iPad :twilightoops: this thing confounds me with its methods of working.

6595421 Well thank you. I love reading too. In fact my mom has told me that I taught myself how to read. Basically, I'm self taught so sorry if any of the grammer is bad. I have other plans for my other stories as well and I hope my readers like them.

6595437 your grammar is excellent. Better then mine, which, thanks to dyslexia, has always been a bit patchy. When I first posted "From darkness to light" on here, most the negative reviews I got were over the spelling and whatnot. Hence why I got an editor shortly after! :derpytongue2: but it's getting a bit better now, with said editors help. He's taught me quite a lot...

6595457 I have a proofreader for one of my stories, Six Queens. Regrettably I haven't worked on that lately because I'm sorta stuck in a bit of writers block, but recently I've been feeling like I can tackle that story. Anyways, Six Queens used to have horrible grammer, but my proofreader has been helping me with that.

I guess despite being friends with Celesta Amore did keep some secrets away from her.
Nicely done, it's going to be interesting to se crystal empires and it's royals reaction to the truth, sombras resurection and his protection by Celestia.

Forgot to follow you a few hours ago. Fixed.

Interesting, did the whole crystal thing come from Steven Universe?

6610876 It was just an idea that's been in my head since I first read the fiendship is Magic comic for Sombra. The idea of literal crystal ponies! I've heard of Steven Universe, I know my brothers a fan, but I've never personally watched it. It's not on DVD in the UK yet...

This is a good chapter. I like!

6629246 Yay! ^^ Im glad you liked it!

6630472 You're welcome! Hope to see the next chapter soon!

My gosh. I sincerely hope they succeed. Sombra come back!

I like the Last Unicorn song. It's a beautiful song. Also, thank you for the chapter! It really was great.

Down at an English fair, one evening I was there
When I heard a showman shouting underneath the flare

Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts
There they are, all standing in a row
Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head
Give them a twist a flick of the wrist
Thats what the showman said

Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts
Every ball you throw will make me rich
There stands my wife, the idol of me life
Singing roll up bowl or ball a penny a pitch

Roll up bowl or ball, a penny a pitch
Roll up bowl or ball, a penny a pitch
Roll up bowl or ball, roll up bowl or ball
Singing roll up bowl or ball, a penny a pitch

Now all I need is a lime and for the un-expected Spanish inquisition to jump in and then........ well "insert witty comment here"

I've had the song stuck in my head since the last chapter.


6644615 XD thats the randomest song ive ever read! Now i have the mental image of Discord singing it...

XD, always makes me laugh!

Great chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next. :)

And just for giggles Bollocks

6682572 glad you liked it! More should come soon, if work isn't too hectic...:pinkiesad2:

XD best Brit-swear. Ever.

6684350 I know right :> its funny when I can pull off using British terms and swears without looking like a complete tosser :P even though I'm american.

And don't worry about work if it was fun they wouldn't pay people to do it :).

as long as you don't start singing this in your head while you are working.
This is the song that never ends
It just goes on and on my friends
Some people started singing it not knowing what it was
And they'll continue singing it forever just because...
Ain't I a stinker :}

6684444 an unending song...XD

Reminds me of that incident in college where my classmate started singing that Numa Numa song. It was stuck in my head the whole. Entire. Day. I was ready to strangle him by the end of it! So was the teacher I think...

If you want to sound as British as possible, run around declaring "bloody hell!" In as posh a voice as you can!

I love teaching Britishisms to my friends, as even our cursing sounds posh!
Tosser, one of the most commonly used insults here, that and twat! XD

I want more!:fluttershysad:
This is just so interesting!

6699842 yay! I'm so glad you like it! I'm starting the next bit asap~ :twilightsmile:

:scootangel:Cool...and what 'bout that enchantment?:rainbowhuh: Surely, you're not going to let it slip? I mean, that was a flimsy excuse if you ask me.:ajbemused:

edited the armor part, and the other part too. That should make more sense in regards to them being full blown SPELLS. Enchantments indeed. I are dingus. :facehoof:


OOPS. The bit with the armor you mean? Or the crystal-nomming thing? Both occasions used that word.

Update: : I re-read it, and realised i was supposed to edit those bits, its even in my shorthand notes! But i missed the both of them in the final edit! It wont take a minute...

Good thing you reminded me, it completely slipped through the net!

Amazing!:pinkiehappy:Simply splendid!:raritystarry:
And this part is so frinkin funny:

Discord overheard the guards preparing for a shift change and recalled a bet he'd made with Sombra...
And so, as the big group wandered down the hall towards the dining hall. Discord ran down the guards hall, which was to their left, dressed in a banana suit, loudly proclaiming he was the king of the penguins! Much to the bewilderment of the guards walking by.
Then he vanished into the far wall.
Everypony stood there, utterly confused, Except one.
Sombra let out an unconstrained guffaw, and couldn’t stop himself from laughing.
"What’s-? huh?" Rainbow Dash looked at Sombra, who was laughing so hard he was on the verge of getting the hiccups.
"Okay, what do you know about this?" Pinkie Pie sidled up to Sombra "c'mon, tell Pinkie Pie!"
Sombra at last calmed down, and tried to explain himself;
"It was...a bet," Sombra wiped his eyes, still sniggering "he made a bet I could not beat him in a flying race. But I did, and the stipulation was the loser had to do THAT."
Celestia giggled, shaking her head "only Discord.." she said in amusement. Everypony else was giggling now too, and Umbra seen the way her son was opening up, he'd changed a lot since she'd seen him last. That smile was one she sensed had long been hidden from him.
Discord reappeared, minus the suit, and held up a hand for Sombra to high-five.
"Honestly!" Rarity sighed, but she was smiling nonetheless.


Woah, cutie mark!:rainbowderp: Back up!
Huh? How can an Umbrum get a cutie mark?!:rainbowhuh:

7012422 that'll be in the next bit, but let's just say, being the Infinitum, Sombra is capable of altering more than just his appearence~ ^__^ He's kinda like a master copy of a document, one that can be edited...

:derpyderp2:Ah. ...Ohh, okay. I get it!:scootangel:

What’s his cutie mark? :pinkiehappy:

I'm still finalising the chapter, but I've got a pretty good idea of what the marks gonna be, but it'll have a crown as part of the motif...:pinkiesmile:

7043704 Wait! :pinkiegasp: He needs to have a cuticeterina! :pinkiecrazy: Crazy Pinkie to the rescue!

This story is made of awesome. Nuf said.:moustache:

Just one quick thing: the word you're looking for here is cuteceañera, rather than cute-cinera. Otherwise, it's good to see this updated.

7345875 Ah, thank you! I was baffled as to how to spell it, I didn't have a clue! ^^ I'll correct it next time I can sit down at my big PC (as opposed to trying to wrangle the iPad into doing it).

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