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Marnthian - Chrysalis' most trusted advisor - had disappeared after the failed invasion and had been thought dead by everyling. Then Chrysalis receives a letter from him asking her to meet Zecora and learn about Nightmare Night. Then another for... something called a human. Long story short, she gets to learn about all the holidays!

Thanks goes to DJSkywalker for keeping me on track and Zecora's lines in the first chapter! He's a great guy and his stories are even greater, go read some!

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This was a great and funny story. I hope to see more chapters.

6671822 There will be more!

Given the behaviour of Chryssy, I think she has a severe concussion and is suffering from a massive brain trauma.

You know, she really needs a doctor. Maybe her advisor might get her some help?

Chryssy is a lot better, though I'm still marginally concerned for her. Still, great humour.

6701260 I had been trying to channel Nappa when I was writing Chrysalis.

6864114 oh don't take it to mean it's bad !

6864538 I meant when I first started writing this.

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