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This story is a sequel to Sweetie Belle Tastes Like Marshmallow

It has been months since the most eventful two days of Sweetie Belle's life so far. She now has her cutie mark, and has seen another side to her bullies. She's even been granted permission to spend a week at a campground near the Horstralian Colt Coast, far far away from Ponyville. She'll even be able to catch up with Babs Seed, who is going with her school, too.

But strange things have been happening at Camp Blue Lake lately. Things like ghosts, giants, aliens and even an island in the sky. Even stranger stuff lurks through those trees.

But not to worry. Everything's under control, right?

But when one tour goes horribly wrong, the Crusaders are separated from the camp, taking ten other fillies with them into the darkness of a jungle beyond their wildest dreams. Furthermore, Apple Bloom keeps hearing mysterious voices, and appears to be in contact with a mysterious guardian spirit for reasons unknown. Worse, it appears those rumors and myths are all true, and it appears someone has interest in them, and in particular whoever this "Maple Bloop" is...

Rated teen for themes and language, among more.


-Takes place after Crusaders of the Lost Mark, while the prequel is before.

-Humans and anthros are later in the story. Later chapters will also include crossover and sci-fi elements.

-Xoyc is more correctly Xòyc and pronounced /ʁo˥˩r̼ʡ/. See here for more information.

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