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I think need glasses. I saw the title and didn't read it as "Thighs Wide Shut," but as "Thighs Wide Slut." Still, it's rated mature, so it might be an alternate title, but I doubt it.

I feel really sad for Celestia. She's having just as much trouble as me with dating except for different reasons.

"That's a very flowery way of describing promiscuity." Celestia growled.

Are you referring to the traditional definition, or the one everyone says it should be?

So, very rarely do I just simply read clop without a shipping I enjoy. This story is now an exception, and the only one, because now I want to keep reading it and see where it goes.

That's great! I leave the story to go back to another story when I decide to quickly go back to my feed, and there's a new chapter already.

And that was how daylight savings time started.

Because magical ponies? Hmmm... seems legit!

I'm tempted to pass this up if only for the name reminding me of that god awful movie. Seriously, why would you do that :fluttercry:

6590713 I assure you, that is where the similarities end.

Comment posted by GLaD for you deleted Nov 2nd, 2015

It's a very brief part in the fourth chapter while Celestia is being taken to the bone zone by three stallions at once.

But for real, what made you think that looking for purely f/f content in a story with only one female character tagged would ever yield anything at all?

Comment posted by GLaD for you deleted Nov 2nd, 2015

This is great, but I think it would have been a 10/10 if you managed to slip a "Surprise buttsex!" or something similar into the dialogue. I don't care who would have said it but I think that would have been the pepperoni on this smut pizza.

First, welcome back! I'm glad to see you writing again. Now, THIS is simply an observation about the situation, and not a critique or criticism, 'k?

So, I would be sad for 'Tia at this point, but honestly?

Celestia: "Welcome to the palace. I rule this entire land, and I raise the freaking SUN every day, deal with foreign nations and dignitaries on a daily basis, contend with royalty and weigh Equestrian law, and generally make decisions that effect every single pony in all of Equestria – and as far as the Sun is concerned – everyone in the entire world.

"Please call me 'Tia.

"And oh yeah, are you single tonight? Because I may be twice your size – which shouldn't intimidate you at all on any level, especially regarding your masculinity and ability to perform to my satisfaction – but me so horny let's get nekkid."

Sacrificial Date: "Urk!"

She was just a little hard on the poor guy for a first date, considering. :rainbowlaugh:

That said, I like this so far. Reading onward. :twilightsmile:

Nice subtlety with who the masked ponies were, I managed to get all of them (I think)

And that was how daylight savings time started.

Well you know...sometimes ya just gotta fuck.

So Twi glory holed her dad? Niiice.

:facehoof: So, this is a place where ponies can go to cheat on their partners. Yeah, I can see why a place like is is so important Luna.

And that was how daylight savings time started.

Got me.

6591261 Just a little one-shot I felt like writing over the Halloween weekend to get my fingers moving again. It's great to be back. An now onto my more ambitious project for November. With my work schedule, I doubt I'll make 50K in one month. Realistically I'm going to try to shoot for 30K.


6592086 so I wasn't the only one to notice!:pinkiehappy:


And then her brother.

Yeah, we're not sexually exhausted... it's... ah... Daylight savings! Yeah! It's a new idea we had!

"Ass to ass!" a nearby stallion said, holding up a double-ended dong, motioning to Luna and the broken mare on the bed. Celestia could barely lift her head off the sticky sheets.

6593206 I feel obligated to ask from where they pulled those pistols.

6593976 I c u c wut I did there.

So, this is a good clopfic, but I don't see this as your best. My head may be placed on a pike for this, but I still feel I should say something.

For anyone else reading this, I will place spoiler tags around parts that are not blatantly obvious, but be warned there are spoilers.

Firstly, this does not mean I don't like this story. Gangbangs and a reluctant center of attention is definitely on my list of 'must-see-before-the-community-dies', but the way this presents itself is rather poor. I'm all for Princest and cheating husbands, but this really started off rocky and did little to make me care about the characters until the clop started. Princess Celestia was just too whiny and felt really OoC for a princess needing a good rutting. Plus, her being blissfully unaware of there being a gangbang house, and particularly the portrait within, really made her feel stilted and shallow. Granted, that is easy to explain away as you did, but her need for a rutting is glossed over and makes her feel even more 2D.

Luna, on the other hand (hoof?), is just as under-explained, but she fits into the vibe way more naturally than Celestia did. Her attitude and knowledge reminded me of a certain mare in another certain clopfic about a gangbang. She was understandably underdeveloped, but I do feel there should've been more specifics about her previous encounters, since it's rather easy to tell them apart. The side characters also suffered from the same problem, but they made sense until they started talking about their personal lives and wives. That detail kind of ruined it for me. It was sexy up to a point, but then it turned sour rather quickly.

Thirdly, the ending was funny, but it put a rather poor period on the story for me. I get the joke, but I'd wish this would have been set further in the past or even pre-exile Luna times. Then their reckless behavior would seem more justified, but I digress, this is a moot point as I did enjoy it myself.

I would not place this on par with your Shining and Velvet fics, but I do think this does deserve a spot on the Feature Box. If you do revisit this idea, please do not hesitate as I will read it again.


6594436 All fair points. Your criticisms are well-founded. As I've said, this was just a quick idea I had over the weekend. And with my schedule as busy as it's been, I really felt the need to capitalize on the burst of creative drive. As egotistical as I usually am, I'm honestly astonished that this story became as popular as it did, even though it clearly lacks the polish that I've given other stories with more investment of time.

I agree a bit about the relationship bitching, but I think it could have been salvaged with a bit of comedy. Namely said wives being at the party as well, possibly having swapped husbands or being the center of attention of their own little spheres of influence.

Which, on a similar note reminds me, I was slightly disappointed to not see Cadance as Mistress of Festivities. Alicorn of Love and all that. Cliche, yes, but a cliche for a reason.


Cadance as Mistress of Festivities

The idea was not lost on me. I wanted to find some way of the building being 'owned by the crown' but ultimately it being Cadence behind it all for that very reason, (alicorn of love), cliche or not. At time of publishing I hadn't bothered to flesh out that plot line. Perhaps a bonus chapter?
Maybe for Christmas.
If you're good.

Most original character tags I've ever seen. Count me as interested.

That ending bro...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

I could see her not remembering Mr. Cake, but Celestia didn't recognize Shining either? Pony color combinations and cutie marks are distinct enough that a mask wouldn't be enough to disguise you from someone you know.

You should pay more attention to the background ponies in show and comics, Shining's color style is used repeatedly.

Should've known it was your work.

I enjoyed it!

6590734 Never, it's photoshopped.

Not that combo of white coat and two tone blue hair on a stallion. His build and his cutie mark makes him further distinct from everyone else.


Glad I'm not the only one that thought that, hehe. You'd think the millenia-old ruler would be a bit more diplomatic. Poor guy must've been confused as hell. :trollestia:

Is this supposed to be a rape story? Because I can barely feel actual enjoyment out of Celestia.

6595306 This is what we call a suspension of disbelief. The characters are mind numbingly oblivious to each other because it makes the story better for us reading it.

You know, I never really understood 'eyes wide shut' I watched it a few years ago, and maybe it was the alcohol, but it was hard to follow.

This wasn't at least.
So that's where daylight savings time comes from. Thanks for the informative story.


From the butt obviously :ajsmug:

6595306 Cutie marks were painted over, remember?

It said that Celestia and Luna did that, but I don't remember it saying that other ponies did. Maybe I missed it.

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