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Spike has come to terms, he feels like he needs to tell Rarity his feelings now rather than her be swept off her hooves later by some other handsome pony. But it's not who he expects it to be.

Cover Pic from Law44444 on Deviant Art.

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Error in the short description: it reads "it really who he thing it is?" and I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be "think" and not "thing"

Ehh kinda strange and not enough Darling to be Rarity

Thanks for the information everyone. I kinda posted this without rereading it much or taking to effect on what the characters act like. I'll be sure to work on it some time today to buff it out some and revamp it :twilightblush:.

:duck: Spikey I'm yours
:moustache: Oh!
:moustache: Oh?!
:twilightoops: Spike!

:moustache::moustache: yes?
:raritystarry: The Spike has been doubled!
:trollestia: you sound like my sister!:facehoof:

Its a good start i like it. Im curious to see where this winds up.

Where are my pants?

One can only guess...

:twilightsmile:Spike 1 Spike 2 green eggs and ham now!

:moustache: Rarity I love you :raritystarry: Rarity I sort of well :moustache:ah . . .gosh. . .ah oh . . .Thud !:duck: the real precious scales

Oh snap...Twi about to flame up! Everypony, duck for cover!

"Spikey?" a feminine voice asked. Spike knew only one pony called him by that name, he turned around, seeing yet another beautiful white maned pony, looking exactly like Rarity! He snapped his head back again to see the same Rarity he confessed too, staring intently at the other Rarity.

and there I hoped she would be really a Changeling.

That was actually a bit funny.

While it is not what I expected, it is actually not bad.

6698515 Hey, I've seen you in the comments of the Undertale stories I wrote, glad to see you're enjoying my other stories :pinkiehappy:. Though if you are pursuing the stories I've written, please steer clear of The Random Adventures of Equestria, it will give you cancer-aids.

Nice concept, but a little too rushed if you ask me.:applejackunsure:

6753377 Meh, truth be told I was eager to just finish it already. Kinda sucks cause my brain just sorta works like that, it's eager to make something, but once it's tired of it, regardless of if it's finished or not, I just say "Fuck it." and either drop it entirely or try to wrap it up best I can. I did the best of what I could, and to be honest I think I could've done a lot worse. I went for the mushy lovey ending, cheap but effective. I need to just stick to one off's or non-linear based stories, I can't do with keeping track of characterization and blah blah blah :derpyderp2:. Also forgive me if some of this seems off or something, I'm exhausted.

Still thanks for reading, and more thanks for commenting. Lets me know that the views are more than just numbers, they're actual people reading these.

I know how you feel...I got two stories going and three that are coming out...:ajsleepy:*sighs*
Anyways, it was my pleasure reading this story, short or not.:scootangel:

Short, cute, and to the point sweet. I like it:pinkiehappy: Awesome story bro:ajsmug:

Why do you end all the Author’s Notes the same?

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