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Long ago in Equestria their existed a human with no memories of his past life or where he was. He quickly befriended Princess Luna and soon found himself married to her. Over the years of his new immortal life he discovered a flaw in Celestias so called 'harmony' and set out to correct the mistake.

Celestia did not see this as helpful, only a danger to her ponies. So she confronted the human, but the empire he had built was too great and she was forced to banish him.

Centuries later he has returned. Over the course of the years a new human had made herself known as well as an entire family of humans that now live in Ponyville. It's up to the human girl to stop the shadow King. But will she want to after hearing his true goal?

Set in an alternate Equestria where Nightmare Moon and Luna are separate beings and the Draconequi are still alive as a functioning empire.

Everything that happens in this story, no matter how random it may be, happens for a reason, remember that

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This story is just a bit fast for me but still liking it GJ and pleas continue.

While I am not a fan of your "heroes," I love what you did with the villains. Update plz?

Oh damn, this is what a villian is supposed to be like:). Please continue.

6576644 it's more just one hero, who will be more flushed out as the story progresses

Ohhhhhhhhhhh im likeing thid already whoop im on the human that married lulu

*Tipping intensifies*

6577040 Wait, the girl is the only protagonist who is opposing the antagonist? With all the characters you introduced, I thought it would be different... Whatevz, Ima still cheer fo da villains.

6579511 I meant one hero at the moment, who I have in mind for other heroes may surprise you

You had me at

"and so it begins."

this was a really good chapter! Well what are you waiting for? go on and work another masterpiece.

6579527 Gasp! Excited! Double Gasp! New Chap! Double Excided!!!! The Excitement (and memeage) Has Been DOUBLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abigail walked through the whitetail woods, soft Ray's of sunlight piercing through the amber leaves as she walked along the soft dirt path. She hung her head slightly, processing what Celestia had told her. 'I just don't get it, why would Carmine do all those things? More importantly, how'd he get here before us with no memory?'

might wanna fix that Ray. Sunlight usually isn't a person.

"Hi Slendermane. How've you been?" Abigail hugged the pony and he wrapped a tendril around her.


"Thanks Slendy." Slender reached a tendril over to a small patch of grass and pulled out a small daisy. He placed it in her hair before teleporting away. Abigail chuckled and resumed her walk. "If I'm going to confront Carmine, I'm gonna need some help. I wonder if Screwball or Sweetie Bot are doing anything."


Nice bad awsome i wanna see win guys 1 and 0 good guy's.p.s. im loving this keep it up

6581330 alright, just got back and read this. Let's DO THIS!!! First off, cons. I'm not a huge fan of your protagonists. Main OC, seems alright. I don't like the overly convenient and complicated explanation for her magic cuz it could easily be simpler, so it feels unnecessary at this point of the story. I like the idea of Screwball, but Sendermane seems a bit out of place here. And seriously!? SweetieBot!? That brings up WAY to many questions. I also feel that you give too many explanations too often. Show, don't tell. Now it's time for the Pros. I seriously LOVE the villains!!! They feel diverse in motives and personality and I really hope you keep it that way. I want to hear more about each general backstory, but you should take time developing each general. MAKE ME LOVE THEM MORE!!! Also, compared to the Protagonist who I can't remember the name of, Anon is da bomb! I love his Anime-style fighting skills and he seems like a good person. A violentperson, but a person who cares for his generals. I want to see either his loving relationship with his generals blossom in future chapters, or have his true evil revealed in his cruel way of controlling people!!! Or both. Whatever you want to do is fine, it's your fic. Finally, LunaxAnon. You do this right, having Luna struggle between supporting her sister and lover, having her love Anon limitlessly yet try to manipulate him into not attacking Celestia and having her have to choose between FAMILY AND LOVER!!!!! I'm getting sidetracked. Basically, I see how this could be awesome and I see how this could be awful and be discontinued. Tred carefully Pyra, and keep the antagonists as likeable antagonists, cuz they're the only reason I love this fic so much.

6581601 you see that's what I'm doing with this story, you're meant to love the villains, and you're supposed to have a... 'Meh' with the heroes, with the explanation of how the protagonist got her magic I didn't want it to be "she has magic deal with it." This also explains how Anon got his magic.

Slendermane and Sweetie Bot will be explained with flashbacks or something similar.

6581601 if we follow what the description says, Luna and Anon are married, hence this is one big family issue and, putting that into account, it also means that anon is both family and lover to Luna, he might even try to convince her to switch sides!

But you do have a point, the slender thing was wierd and so does sweetie bot(hopefully there is an explanation for this).

K sooooo... Slendermane... Screwball... Sweetie bot... + Luna and anon/carmine are married, you sir have me by the Hook, Line, And sinker

6582439 there are reasons for Slender and SweetieBot, just didn't want to go full exposition on this story

6582439 (reads description) ... Welp, that explains a bit. Probably should of read that earlier... Thanks for clueing me in on the whole "read the description idio-" thing. I usually just dive into chapta Juan and decide whether I want to read or nah based on writing ability.

6582263 I underestimated you sir/madam/ect, I thought you were just a relatively weak yet creative writer. Now you've got me curious on just what you're pla- NEW CHAPTER MUST READ!!!

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Comment posted by ExelatronGX deleted Nov 2nd, 2015

6584078 and I was meant to know this how?

And I mean this as a legitimate question, how the hell would I know this? And by the way, it's a fan fiction about a show that features talking, magical ponies.

And the Shadow Empire name is used more often than you think, many people use it with whether it be a published book, a comic, manga, anime videogame or a movie, how the hell are you gonna trademark that

I've never heard of you or whatever game you've developed or are developing, and I'm sure many others haven't as well.

What I'm saying is this, I'm not attacking you, your game or your decision to trademark two, fucking, words. I'm sorry but I had to put emphasis on that.

So go ahead, either reply like a mature adult and we can just let bygones be bygones, or you can choose the other option which will only end badly for us both

You decide

I have a feeling that Slendermane is going to have a very important role in this story.

Pyra, you just keep amazing me more each chapter! Slendermane backstory: perfect. Sweetiebot backstory: could use some work. I doubt that Sweetie Belle could make a sentient robot on her own. Personally, I would of had Twilight help her, or do it herself. Chrysalis was exceptionally cool, but I hope to see her attempt to take over Anon's empire. Just seems like something she'd do. Your story, your rules. Anon's reaction to female protagonist, nice yet intriguing. The protagonists are starting to grow on me, and, with the way you are developing these characters, pro and antagonist might not be the right way to describe them...

6586378 with SweetieBot I said that Screwball and one of the humans (who is a skilled engineer) had helped make the lovable robot

Here's the thing with this story, I'm trying to make people think about who is the real villain, it could be Anon, it could be Celestia, hell it could be Abigail, all will be revealed in later chapters

When we get to the fight scene, for inspiration, listen to 7 nation army. Its a really good song :pinkiehappy:

Really Abigail and Anon's first meeting went down like that? I'm not buying it sorry.

What exactly happened with Mare-do Well at the end?

6588483 becomes a guard in disguise

6588483 mare do well was a spy sent by Celestia, Anon could tell that they way mare do well was agreeing with everything he said was just a ploy and sent the spy back

And Anon isn't the kind of person to do things all in one go, he plans things. He knew that Abigail was skilled in combat and needed a way to stop her for at least a small period of time by breaking her sword and telling her that she needs to choose her weapons carefully. As Abigail will travel to Empire Castle in the badlands Anon will try to sway her into joining his side, not just making one bug attempt then another, he'll let it slowly be processed in her mind so she doesn't overlook anything

All things in this story happen for a reason, trust me on that

6586413 forgot about the human and Screwball... Sorry about that!

'He's not fighting me, he's testing me.' Growling Abigail began furiously swinging her sword, each now being mirrored by Anom with a little more swiftness and composure to his movements, thousands of years of practice made him the superior in this fight and they both knew it.

I'm assuming Anom is supposed to be Anon.

So Abigail is going to go through a character arc of bettering her swordsmanship; Celestia will either badly oppose Anon or lower his expectations with what we just saw and show her own genius (I've seen her written that way before, classic move); and Anon will continue his conquest of Equestria. This story is looking better and better each day! One question though: if Anon watched Celestia do all that stuff, how has he just now learned about Abigail? Was he bluffing or is he just myopic (nearsighted)?

6589296 Anon warched Celestia and only payed attention to important things like the worlds advancements, culture, locations, values and trends as to not fall behind after he was freed, a small town like Ponyville was not in his sights since Celestia had moved from the castle of the three sisters (since nightmare moon is her own being) and to Canterlot. He WA limited to what he could do there as he needed to plan, observe and become stronger in mental strength and psychical strength, in the last few months of his banishment (the time the humans had appeared) he had begun finalising his plan and thinking over every possible situation (other than another human showing up)

6589307 That makes sense, I guess... There are little things I could question, but I'll let 'em slide. I seriously love this fic! Currently looking at your other fics for an interesting one.

6589345 I recommend Cut Above The Rest, Phoenix Equestria or Second Universe

6588750 I'm sure you have a reason but I was referring to why Abigail didn't try to tell him she was his brother. It seems to me like that'd be one of the first things she'd say, did she previously state that she wouldn't tell him that or something? I just think it's unrealistic that she didn't try to convince Anon she was his brother, if like I said you explained that she wasn't going to do that yet and why as well as it being a struggle for her to say nothing I probably would have been more convinced.

I like it, I like it a lot, but there needs to be some kind of prequel that explains things like how the humans got there, slendermane, etc. maybe a ones hot or bonus chapter in it to show how the separation between the shadow King and princess celestial went down. This very much feels like the sequel to something, and it's giving me the feeling that I need to stop and read the prequel before I go any farther but there is no prequel to read and it's driving me crazy.

6591180 everything that happened will be explained over time

Never mind it would not count anyway.:ajsleepy:

I checked the laws and rules and this does not apply to fanfiction so forget I said anything and it would probably be a stupid claim anyway so rest easy.

Ps i was being stupid and was in a bad mood.

No hard feelings:trollestia:

6593108 dude, I'm always in a bad mood so I know the stupid things people can do when in that state, all is forgiven

Wow that is the fastest reply I ever had on the Internet...:derpyderp1:

Why do I suddenly feel like this could be the start of a beautiful friendship

And subsequently like berry from Pokemon diamond for the un neccisary sueing...

Btw for the bad mood try meditating.
It does wonders I learned 2 years ago and now I can predict the future accurately, and control my body temperature so I am never hot or cold. That and immunity to basic sickness

6593871 thing is if I'm not in a bad mood I'm like a hyperactive five year old on two cans of red bull with a shot of Mountain Dew

I've tried a lot of things when it comes to controlling anger, all of them have failed

That's why I put my energy into writing stories like this one, helps control and manage the stress of everyday life y'know

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