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It's been years since Twilight became a Princess, years since Rainbow became a Wonderbolt, and during all these years six best friends slowly drifted away from each other, not being able to meet on daily basis.

But even with all these new responsibilites every once in a while all six of them meet and have fun together, leaving their husbands to do chores and take care of the foals while they too have their "talks".

Cover art by Skjolty, original sketch of the cover art by kilala97

Story set in Kilala97 next gen.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

I like it! though i want to know what the ages of the other foals are?

Not to be Mr. Nitpick, but there are a couple of things:

Twilight was a bit too judgmental at the beginning, she should've at least heard RD out.

For a story called "Mom Talk" we barely see them chat about their kids, only Rarity and Twilight say anything pertaining to them.


6574591 I guess there isn't much talk about their kids, but quite honestly I imagine that when moms meet to have a talk and some fun they don't chat about their offsprings most of the time, but yeah there should be some more of it. But there isn't.

Sorry that I dissapointed you.

I love that story:rainbowkiss::heart:
Hope to see more!!!

How is Angel still alive after so many years?

You got the part about Rarity roaring in that one comic kilala97 made!I'm a huge fan of her,and I've seen all of her mlp next gen pics!

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