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Dose it also mean no Spike. You know he also get ship with many. PS wrote this on the phone.

6744375 Sorry. No Spike either. Plus like with the CMC, he'd be a Shota.

No loli, no yaoi, no vore, no scat, or any other gross fetishes like those

But lactation, big breast and futa are certainly not specific fetishes.

6748814 Those I'm okay with as long as they don't get out of hand.

walekd my grammar nazi says he will kill you ...uh oh he just grabbed his mp-40 .. Oh crud he just walked out the door... Bro you are so screwed

6973809 Sorry about the grammer. Also the Japanese/Neighponese...I only use that for stuff involving Fluttershy and my OC.

Damn.... Saw this and I'm out.

Sweetie Bell-chan's

Anime fan service... :fluttershyouch: it was great until then...
I'm into some weird shit given a right mood and day, but fan service is like emo porn... Just can't do it... It's like 6 year old minds in an adult body...

7016568 Sorry for the VERY late response. And as for the fan-service...that was not my intention. I wasn't trying to go for fan-service right there when Sweetie Belle was mentioned.

Wow, I actually totally forgot about this or even making a request. And I did enjoy it, though the part about her having a cock was... eh...

7372977 It was part of her punishment for not listening to Twilight and such.

I like how you tagged Celestia and Luna, and yet have no mention of them in the currently released chapters...

“I am,” Silver nodded as he leaned in a bit, “Don’t get me wrong, I love working at the hospital. it’s just...the late night shifts have gotten too much for me to handle lately.”

“I know,” Fluttershy nodded, a small worried look on her face, “Timid-chan told me you looked so tired when you came home.”

“Hai,” Silver nodded slowly, “...Don’t get me wrong. I love working at the hospital...it’s just...lately things have gotten stressful.” He then turned towards her, a small soft smile on his face, “But let’s not stress on it. I just want to enjoy my vacation with you, my shy-angel.”

This is repetative as all hell.

7380216 Yeah...not one of my best works to be honest. Hoping to do a remake of it in the near future

(features a mix of SS2Sonic, Rainic, and a bit of Lil' Miss Jay anthro style ponies)

Where can I find those ponies?

Ok im a bit confused,are these stories connected to each other, or are they seperate and have nothing to do with each other?

7381503 So far, it's just the ones involving the beach. The rest are just solo one-shots

It would be nice to see some mares getting squeaky with latex or showing up as slime girls.

Well I said I was looking forward to reading this and I am not disappointed.

7398936 I eagerly await the next one and my prediction is I will also not be disappointed with it either.

Hey Seanzilla115. If you can try, Can you make a story involving Flurry Heart in her old teenage age with a coltfriend? With lactation and type of romance stuff?

Like I said in the last chapter,

Well I said I was looking forward to reading this and I am not disappointed.

and it applies to this chapter too. Like last time,

I eagerly await the next one and my prediction is I will also not be disappointed with it either.

Well, I really hope everyone cleaned off first before switching mares, especially the ones who got anal.

Other than that, some damn fine smut.

I really want the chapter of Celestia, Luna and the 4 "Twilights" :trollestia:

7626503 Dude you're not the only one. That would be awesome.

This chapter was great just like the last one, but the last scene with the princesses kind of put me off a bit (not a big fan of scenarios like that sorry) but everything else was just great.

But…’ /i]

I think this little bit is the reason most of the text is in italics, might want to check on that.

7627638 are you going to post Celestia and Luna plowing the 4 "Twilights"?

That would be a fun chapter to read. Celestia and Lina knocking up Twilight and her clones.

If I could, I would give this particular chapter at least 5 more Thumbs-Up!:pinkiehappy::yay:

No problem, and I hope to see more hot actions with our timid pegasus bombshell!

Don't know if anyone is interested, but I recently got a quite interesting idea for a chapter to this story, one that involves Trixie, Starlight and a tentacle/slime monster!


Okay. Here's the idea: Trixie asks Starlight for help in getting a magical familiar through a ritual that she found in a certain book about summoning, thinking a little imp or fairy would help in the show, but she didn't have enough power to open the portal on her own. They both find an undisclosed location and take the their positions, with Trixie drawing the magic circle and Starlight powering the spell. Trixie prics her finger and drops a bit of her blood into the circle to finish the binding, then signals Starlight to power up the spell. It worked, the portal opened, but just before the creature comes out, Starlight checks the book on the ritual, and discovers that Trixie made a terrible mistake, and instead of glyph of realm for "Magic" she drew one for "Lust". The portal is now fully open and a mass of tentacles comes out, immedietly attacking the two mares.

Well, the rest can be guessed easily. What do you think?

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