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Beatrice Lulamoon. A former performer, and stage magician, who has retired from her job, and is shunned by the people of Equestria.

Eve. A former young woman out of her depth who has found herself in a land of unicorns, griffons, talking dogs, and more, with only a strange amulet to her name.

Baltimare. The trading center of Equestria, and one of the most diverse places in the land, under its simple, natural exterior thrives a hive of scum and villainy.

When these two meet, the world will never be the same.

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(Looks at long description) wouldn't that be "these three?" Just sayin'

However, the most common species, probably because their land was right next door to Equestria, were the griffons. You would walk down a street one day and see a griffon talking with a pony, or selling some ‘genuine magical’ wares. No matter where you went, you would almost always see a griffon.

Fun fact; the ones we see in the show more closely match gryphons than griffins. Yes there's a difference. Griffins are more savage, animalistic, while gryphons are more social and intelligent, but still retain their bestial side to some extent.

“I thought I told ya the last time you left, Trix; we’re friends ‘til the end, no matter what.” He chuckled. “Though, I kinda hope that you’re goin’ alright with that ‘Great and Powerful Trixie’ thing you had goin’ on.”
Almost instantly, Beatrice’s ears flattened themselves against her head. Jamal blinked. “What? Did I… say somethin’ wrong?” he asked.
Jamal was fairly big for a zebra; he reached about 5 hooves tall, and had a mane dyed green and styled in a bun at the back of his head. His voice was deep, but about the same amount of deep as you would hear a Minotaur.
Beatrice looked away. “Didn’t you… didn’t you hear what I did?” she choked out, nearly sniffling. “I… I brought an Ursa Minor – not even an Ursa Major – to the town of Ponyville, and it almost wrecked everything!

To be fair, that was nearly entirely the fault of Snips and Snails.

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