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As a result of her age, Princess Celestia's eyesight starts to give her trouble and is told to start wearing glasses. However, she is not to thrilled about the idea...

*Credit goes to AxemGR of Deviantart for the cover art.

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This has potential.

And what's really funny is that the advertisement at the bottom when I finished reading...WAS FOR GLASSES!

I like this, but it pissed me off that people treat wearing glasses like the worst thing in the world. Pony the fuck up and wear your glasses Celestia, they make almost anyone look 50% sexier.

6567868 I don't know what you consider sexy, but I just look like Adam Savage when I put on my glasses.

Stallions make passes at mares who wear glasses!

this is an interesting story and me having gone to the optometrist just today i can say it was pretty acurate

If you don't want glasses, then get contacts :trollestia::pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2:

Wait, why is celestia lying, and why is she so paranoid. Doesnt she want to see properly?

6577904 Its the fact that she fears her subjects will think she is starting to grow old and one day pass the torch to somepony else. Fear of the future, I suppose.

6579338 i get her being afraid of that, but why isn't she getting the right prescription? She's having issues with normal activities with her currrent eyesight so shouldn't she want contacts that work so she can do her jobs?

6579354 Well, it's like this: Celestia has a fear of wearing glasses in public because she thinks her subjects will think that she is growing old. The purpose of the contact lenses is to allow Celestia to not wear glasses in public and thus, hide the rumors of her longevity as Equestria's chief monarch. She would only have to wear the glasses in her private times, when she was not in public.

hmmm will Celestia give Twilight a choice in the matter? even more so will she take into account her friends' mortality with her decision to ascend her and how a mortal becoming long lived will affect her when she outlives said friends? if not Celestia will be in for some serious resentment from Twilight.

good chapter


Why doesn't she just take a "vacation"? That way, she could disappear for however long this surgery business took without being suspicious. She could arrange a leak revealing that she's going to a resort somewhere disguised as a regular pony and all the nosy folks would be trying to track her down in all the wrong places when really she'd be in the hospital.

I have glasses and they arent that bad:duck:

I'll be honest. I can't put myself in Celestia shoes considering I got my glasses when I was 16 and didn't minded it as much

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