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Important Note: This takes place after the last chapter of my other story To Reassemble A Broken Heart (This is not a whole sequel, but something like a bonus scene), and it's recommended to read at least the last chapter of that story before you read this one-shot.

Sunset shows her human friends their pony counterparts in the photos and videos she took from Princess Celestia's wedding. Hilarity ensues.

Takes place before Equestria Girls 3.

Thanks to Jack-o-Worthy/Word Worthy for the edit.

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Uh oh, somepony's...hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Principal Celestia's got something to say when she gets home...

PiMan #4 · Oct 20th, 2015 · · 1 ·

Humorous, but lacks substance, even for a oneshot.

Heheheh... Looks like Celestia's got some 'splaining to do~

Principal Celestia was the best in that oneshot!

6552648 It seems like everyone has agreed on that :rainbowlaugh:

Best... story... EVER! AHAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS SO AWESOME AND FUNNY! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Would have been better if Celestia had just raised an eyebrow and said "is that Superintendent Sombra?"

6572273 Dun dun DUUUN!!! You're right! :pinkiegasp: I think I'll do it now :pinkiehappy:

Celestia's cheeks reddened, as she stared in utter shock at the photo, dropping the papers she had been carrying. "Oh, dear! Is that...Superintendent Sombra?!"

This line wasn't there before.

6594766 I know. I added it after someone told me it would be more hilarious :twilightblush:

Pinkie's reaction to Cheese Sandwich was a bit OOC. Don't get me wrong, I ship CheesePie, but she didn't immediately have a crush on him in Pinkie's Pride.

6628474 She didn't react like that because she had a crush on him, she did it because she's ...Pinkie and she found someone who looks like she can party be herself with. Thanks for the constructive criticism anyway:pinkiesmile:

Poor Flash, he just realises that he might've gotten dumped for his other-dimension alternate.

"Nah! Luna is best pony hands down!" Rainbow Dash said, backing up Fluttershy

I agree with RD. I am a member of the Luna Republic all the way baby!
Awesome story though. I'm adding to my favorites. :twilightsmile:

6897170 Thanks :pinkiehappy: I love Luna, too, but she's not number one. Ah, I've just realized we need a Luna emoticon on this site :ajsleepy:

For sure brother. For sure. :ajsmug:

This needs a collection of fanart pieces for the selfies and snapshots.

Fanart? Fanart.

6950302 What did you mean with your comment?

6950331 Currently drawing fanart for this.

6952887 Oh, thank you SO much! :yay:But be careful, the Sombra who married Celestia is the Good Sombra from the Reflections comic arc. You know that, don't you?

6953036 I had figured so!

I'm nearly done with the final photos!

That ending was like taking a gunshot to the face.

7023609 People have survived getting shot in the face. Google Simo Hayha.

7080066 Woah! That's a pretty lucky guy!

7081435 You survived the ending lof this fic, so you're lucky too :trollestia:

I want a sequel of the story's sequel while not ignoring this sequel.

7093989 Do you have time to make a sequel? Well, on the main story that is.

7093993 You mean the story 'To Reassemble A Broken Heart'? I'm planning the sequel, but it won't be written very soon due to my school. Expect it this summer :twilightsmile:

The one thing I could never figure out is in the real movies was the other schools principle supost to be sombra please say no:twilightoops:

7150800 I don't know. But maybe he's the Superintendent of Crystal Prep. Until we see the human Sombra in the movies, I don't know.

7151469 well I don't think the show is going back to the human

perfect and that's gives me an idea

Way late to make a comment but Nice!
Love Celestia's reaction and reply! :rainbowlaugh:

Celestia/Sombra is comics canon (in the distant past) so, at the very least, I'd expect the Principal to have had a fling with a guy of that name some point in her youth, before he started becoming nastily ambitious and bad news.

Shipping. What has the fandom come to.:rainbowderp:

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