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What would happen if the taijutsu master himself is transported to Canterlot High? I don't know. Total chaos, shipping, awesome battling, and DJ RL!

Spin off to a new fic I'm going to create, called 'Animen in CHS', which will include Rock Lee!

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oh my god



Sunset and the gang, dear lord I pity them, Introducing Lee and his Insanity to Canterlot High SHIVER!

what is it


i thought you were working on fractured

Eh, this was created a LONG time ago. Before Undertale was birthed into the world.

6967465 you strted writing fractured on the 27th of november, the game was released on the 15th of september.

I didn't actually read the story, I just wanted to say this.

Some of my favorite animes are Toy story, Cory in the house, 1980 airplane instruction videos, and Seinfeld.

Anyways, Lee is currently in the Rinnegan

Really? :facehoof: It's the Infinite Tsukuyomi! Other than that, great story! Rock Lee has always been one of my favorite Naruto characters, and seeing him in a EG story (with the full power of youth, too!) is just too awesome! You get like and fav times 20!:rainbowdetermined2:

BWAHAHA MORE! I WantMore god this is awesomely funny !:rainbowlaugh:

6968545 dont forger ball in a cup



ooohhhh now I'm interessted, and while I only know the first two movies, I wouldn't exactly mind the other movies to happen here as well if that is what you going to do, but I would like some sort of eplanations like if there is something special like a second Sunset or stuff like that. (I know at least about the second Twilight)

While I belive that movie isn't Canon anyway, I never exactly liked some certain stuff.

I mean at first I thought nothing about Flash, but after some talking with others, I noticed he has no personality and that I don't enjoy that cup of instant love.
Then I don't exactly liked the way how easy they transformed which actually only got worse in the second movie, where all they needed was music only.
For a world that isn't supposed to have magic, well...it wasn't enough for me to say "Twilight was there once, and because of that they had some sort of never ending super Human magic power stuff going on."

I never dared to try the third movie because I kind of expect something to happen like if they run fast enough during that sports event, then they are going to transforme too, or that they are allowed to use that power to cheat and everyone is acting like it wouldn't happen.

I kind of watch everything and don't care if someone is saying I'm not supposed to watch it, because girl/boy shows, but I always have to think about Winx and how ridiculous it is that they have 20 ways to transforme or something like that. They have to be on a power level high enough to enslave the world in that show. Yes I watched it for one or two seasons before I noticed that I definitly didn't liked it.

Okay I like it, and while it is finally not only the main char that seems to blush on first contact, but it feels a bit to fast for Rainbow to react with the signature and overly overdone blush.

I always forgett who said it, but I kind of agree that most of the time characters are overly sensitive about everything and blush all the time, there should actually be a varriation in there about how the characters are acting.

Otherwise it is a nice idea to me.

Anyways, Lee is currently in the Rinnegan, and he's in a genjutsu. But in the 'Animen in CHS'..... He's gonna be with a bunch of idiots, fighting off the ShadowBolts! Have a nice day, everybody!

Okay to be honest, I think I will not exactly like it knowing that it doesn't really happens. I'm not exactly interessted in a Ninja version of Rainbow if they should suddenly appear in the woods together in the end of the story (which means Narutos universe)

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