• Published 17th Oct 2015
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Find out your secrets or Dare - Misty Moonshine

The main 6 are having a sleepover, with a very unexpected visitor and a mishap with a scary story leads to a big mystery that only Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Soarin can solve. (With help from their friends of course!)

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Chapter 5- An Unexpected Guest

"Soarin...WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!???" Dash yelled, making Fluttershy whimper.

Soarin sat down, squeezing himself in-between Pinkie and Rainbow.

"I just wanted to say "hi" and maybe have some fun."
He answered, helping himself to the popcorn on Pinkie's lap.

He leaned on Rainbow lovingly, making her blush.
"It was a long story...." he started

"Spitfire gave us a three day break, so I wanted to come see you," he said looking at Dash.
"When I got to your house, it was empty, well apart from your tortoise. I went around the street and got to a farm. I had some pie and asked the owners where on earth you would be. The said that you were having a sleepover in a castle like library. I searched and I searched and here I am."
He said this all very fast.

"Ok..." Twilight said.
"You can join us tonight, seeing that you are very close to Rainbow. I'm Twilight Sparkle and this is Fluttershy," she began.
Flutter shy gave a squeak.
"This is Applejack and Rarity,"
"Howdy! That farm you went to was mine!"
"It's a pleasure to meet you..uh..Mister Soarin.."
"You already know Dash and that's-"

"I'm, PINKIE PIE!!" Pinkie exploded, throwing confetti everywhere.

"We were just in the middle of a game, Truth or Dare!!"


"Wanna join?"

Soarin nodded eagerly, receiving a groan from Rainbow.

"Ok..Truth or Dare?" Pinkie started,
"Let's start again girls, for our guest.


"Okay. What are your feelings for Dashie??"

Soaring looked at Rainbow who looked back at him angrily.

"I guess we are a couple, I mean, we've been on several dates before...I really like her...she's an excellent flyer and she's pretty and cute. She's pretty funny too."
Rainbow was blushing the entire time.

"Rainbow darling!!" Rarity said shocked.
"How could you not tell us that you had a BOYFRIEND!!"

"Because this is what would happen.."

Fluttershy was "Meeping" even more and Applejack looked like she was in her own fairyland. Pinkie Pie was going crazy, saying
"Dashie has a BoyFriend!!"
Twilight was asking Soarin random stuff.

Rainbow groaned.

"I knew how you were going to react..."

"Anyway's darling..you need to do my truth."

"I did it! You know I like Soarin...."

"Oh well..."

Twilight quickly gathered up her friends and Soarin so they could continue their game.

"Come on guys..."

"Okay Twi"

"I guess then it'll be my turn?" Applejack said with a shrug then looked at Soarin.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Why are you all going for me?"
They all shrugged,

"Okay then...uh..um..dare?"

"Okay Soarin, I dare you to tell us, how long have you two been dating?"

"Why are all the questions about that?" Rainbow Groaned.

"Ugh...you guys.."

"I guess we have been dating for half a year now," Soarin said, looking at Dash.

Twilight smiled, "that's nice of you to tell us Soarin." she looked at Dash.
"Why did you keep this a secret?"

Rainbow looked at Rarity,

"Yea! I could have thrown you a Supa-Dupa-Pinkie-Yay-You-Have-A-Boyfriend-Party!"

"Is she always like this?"

The others all nodded.
"Uh Huh."

"She kinda reminds me of Surprise...."

"Who Who WHO??" Pinkie asked franticly.
"Surprise, my fellow wonder bolt."

"Oh!! Surprise is my mum's sister's husbands cousins sister's daughter!"


"Tell her I said HIIIIIIII"

"Yes ma'am"

AJ smiled.

"You like pie?"


"Ah have plenty of those." AJ replied

"If Ah knew you were dating Rainbow then you could get a half price discount!"

Soarin looked at Rainbow,

Dash rolled her eyes.

"I told Spitfire and she approves. So does Wave-Chill, Surprise, Fleetfoot, Blaze, Rapid Fire, Misty Fly & Lightning STREAK!"

"You did?"


"Ughhhh you said you might not though..."

Soaring placed his hand under her chin,
This made Rainbow blush.

"Sugarcube, your face is going as red as my most prized apple."

"Uh huh.."

Rainbow just groaned.

"Tonight will be the best night EVER!" Pinkie screamed,

"We can throw my Supa-Dupa-Pinkie-Yay-You-Have-A-Boyfriend-Party!"


"Come on Twi!! You can help me plan my Supa-Dupa-Pinkie-Yay-You-Have-A-Boyfriend-Party!"

"But we were in the middle of a perfect slumber party! We can't just throw a Supa-Dupa-Pinkie-Yay-You-Have-A-Boyfriend-Party!"

Twilight took a deep breath.
She had been planning this sleepover for ages, it needed to be perfect. Everyone needed to think that it was perfect. She had correctly measured everything. The popcorn was popped in exactly 1.312 minutes. If this party failed...then all this work was useless.

She sighed.

"Guys!! Guys!!"

Everyone including Soarin stopped what they were doing.

"This sleepover..it can't end like this. IT HAS TO BE PERFECT!!!"

"I'm sorry I was so unexpected..." Soaring apologised.
Twilight didn't want hime to leave. He was almost the life of the party. He was Her best Friends Boyfriend.

"You can stay...I guess"

"SWEET!!" Soaring said huging Dash,

"This will be the best sleepover since I get to spend it with my girlfriend!!"

Everyone including Twilight cooed.


Rainbow just felt her face go hot.

Soarin grinned, "should we continue our game of dare?""

Author's Note:

OMG I FINISHED!! :pinkiegasp: This took forever!!

I had so much school work!! :twilightsheepish:


-Phoenix :rainbowkiss:

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