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Find out your secrets or Dare - Misty Moonshine

The main 6 are having a sleepover, with a very unexpected visitor and a mishap with a scary story leads to a big mystery that only Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Soarin can solve. (With help from their friends of course!)

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Chapter 4- Truth or Dare

"Truth..I guess" Twilight answered, tugging on the bangs of her hair that had fallen into her face.

"Okay." Rarity started,
"Who do you like?"

Rainbow groaned, every time Rarity got a chance to give a truth, it would be "Who do you like," It was so annoying, and boring.

"I might..uh like someone....?" Twilight said...blushing a deep cherry red.

"You can tell us Twi, we're your friends." Rarity said blinking her eyes smiling eagerly.

"DUH! Twilight likes Flash Sentry!!" Pinkie interrupted.

Rarity looked at her,
"Do you darling?"

Twilight nodded...blushing deeper.

"My turn!!" Applejack said, breaking the awkward silence.

"Fluttershy, Truth or dare?"

"Truth....or maybe dare...ok...truth...?" Fluttershy whimpered.

"Ok, sugarcube. What is your most embarrassing moment?"

Fluttershy squeaked.

"It's probably when she wet herself during our annual school play in 2nd grade, every year our school had a big performance where all the parents would come to watch their children in a play. Fluttershy was a sheep and as soon as the spotlight went on her, she wet herself as fast as that." Rainbow piped in,
"It was hilarious!"

Fluttershy looked like she was going to wet herself again, she was shaking and squeaking.

"Rainbow Dash, you needn't have said that!!" Rarity said angrily.
"Fluttershy can decide for herself what she wants to share and what she wants to keep a secret!"

"Whatever. Blame AJ, she was the one that came up with the idea in the first place!" Rainbow Dash said, rolling her eyes.

"MY TURN!!" Pinkie said, (as she was next in the circle)
"Dashie, Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." Rainbow answered simply.

"Oki Doki Loki, I dare you to eat this cupcake!!"

"Okay...?" Dash replied.."Why would Pinkie want her to eat a cupcake??"

She took a bite.

"BLARGH! It tastes like mud!!" Rainbow said wiping her tongue,

"Because it's mud cake!!" Pinkie said happily.

Rarity looked like she was going to puke.

"I'm going to get you back on this one!" Rainbow said to Pinkie.

"Who's turn is it?"

"meep...mine...." Fluttershy squeaked.

"Go on then,"

"Um...Rarity...Truth....uh or um...Dare??"


"Uh...when did you uh...go to sleep last night?"

"9:30 pm...what? A lady needs her beauty sleep."

"Seriously Fluttershy?" Rainbow shot at her,

"You could have asked her something, that she wouldn't want to tell us!"


"Ugh! My turn...Pinkie, Truth or dare?" Rainbow said with a evil smirk.


"Why is no one doing Dare?!"

"I will I will!! I choose Dare!!"

"Okay, Pinkie. I dare you to not talk until your next turn!"


"So, Twi?"

"Okay, AJ, truth or dare??"


"I dare you to read this book!"

Twilight lifted up a thick, heavy, dusty book, titled "The 1001 book of Boring facts"


"Read it all."

"Ah don't know Twi..?"

"It's a dare!"

"Alright then.."

Applejack opened the thick book and started reading.

The game went on for ages, Truth or Dare, Truth or Dare, Truth or Dare Rarity asked Applejack, whom she liked, which she answered..uh Caramel is cute..AJ shot back at her, making Rarity wear her extra pare of jeans..Rarity was screaming..Until it was Pinkie's turn...



"Sorry...he he.."

"My turn.." Fluttershy said, a bit more enthusiastically.

"Rarity...truth or dare??"


"When was your most embarrassing moment??"

"Hey you copied my one!" AJ said grinning

"Sorry..I I didn't uh.."

"Don't fret sugar-cube, it's all right.."

"I um..." Rarity interrupted.

"TELL US!!" Rainbow shot a her smiling,

"It was probably when I was seven, my school was doing a charity sale and I had been chosen to be the main act on the play that we were going to present to the people. I was very confident but as soon as I got onto the stage I kind'a forgot all my words and everybody was just standing there staring at me. It was a nightmare, then my principal said that there was a mistake and I was only the sub, I shouldn't be on stage and she grabbed my sub, (since she knew all the words,) and pretended that she was me. After the show, my principal gave detention to me for mucking up everything!!! I WAS A LIVING NIGHTMARE!!!"

Rarity looked like she was about to cry.

"Oh Rarity!! I'm so sorry!!" Fluttershy said, I didn't mean too.

Twilight smiled,

"Why don't we all share our most embarrassing moments?"

"It has to come from a truth though." Rainbow shot back,
"Just dare them to do it, no biggie."

"It's my turn anyway!"
"Twi, Truth or dare?"


"Fine. What is your most embarrassing moment?"

"Okay..when I was four, I was practising a lifting spell, every time I practised, I did it right, but as soon as it became the day where my teacher was to test me, I flunked up. But this time I was sure that I could do a teleportation spell. I failed. The whole class was laughing and my teacher wrote a big F on my exam paper and she said "As always, Miss Sparkle comes down on the lowest score in our class." But that was all before I studied magic even harder. And before I got accepted into Princess Celestia's school for gifted Unicorngirls."

Soon after, AJ was sharing her most embarrassing moment,

"Granny Smith and Ah were collecting Easter eggs, Ah was sure Ah could beat her as Ah had already put five eggs in my basket and she had put none. When the time was all up, Ah bragged to big Mac that Ah was going to win, but then Granny came up with a entire fill basket of eggs, and when Ah looked back at mine...they were all gone, there was a huge hole at the bottom of my basket and Ah lost. Big Mac said that the hole was there before the race. Ah was so humiliated."

Then Pinkie,

"My family and I were having a nice "fun" day on the rock farm, but I forgot my goggles so I got dirt in my eye!!"

"That's it?"

"Yeah!!! It was so embarrassing!!"

So they moved on and Rainbow was sharing her most embarrassing moment.

"At our annual school dance, a boy had to invite a girl to slow-dance. I never like it. Three boys asked me, but I declined them all and I went to the dance without a date. I was the only one. Fluttershy had a date, she wasn't embarrassed at all. In fact she even has a photo of the night still, even though he had already broke up with her. Then Hoops and Dumbbell came over and called me a loner and that I was so stupid that I didn't deserve to sit and watch them dance and imagine me dancing myself! I guess it was a night to remember."

"My turn!!" Rarity said,
She had asked all of the girls apart from Rainbow whom they liked, Fluttershy ended up saying that she kind of liked Big Mac, AJ liked Caramel, Pinkie had Cheese Sandwich.

"Rainbow, who do you like?"


"Just tell us!!"

"Fine! I uh..like.."

She moved back as the door opened, blushing.


And she was right, standing in the door way was the wonderbolt.

Author's Note:

OMG DONE!! :pinkiehappy: This was the longest chapter yet!! :rainbowlaugh: YAY finally Soarin is here!! :twilight smile: Already writing Chapter 5!! ENJOY!! BTW please don't thumbs down :ajsleepy: If you don't like can you please just comment and tell me why?? :raritycry: THANKs?? :unsure sweetie: Anyway!!! CHAPTER 4!! :rainbowkiss: YAYAYAYAY! :raritystarry: I do not ship Flash and Twi but...I couldn't think of anyone else.. :twilightsheepish:

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