• Published 17th Oct 2015
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Find out your secrets or Dare - Misty Moonshine

The main 6 are having a sleepover, with a very unexpected visitor and a mishap with a scary story leads to a big mystery that only Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Soarin can solve. (With help from their friends of course!)

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Chapter 1- Packing and Packing

Twilight Sparkle, a alicorn girl with violet eyes and dark straight purple hair with pink highlights and lavender wings and horn, stood on the balcony of her bedroom. She was very excited about tonight. Her friends were coming over to have a sleepover and Twilight was the host.
Everything had to be perfect.


A purple and green talking dog came running into her room.

"Yes Twilight?"

"Is the food ready?"
"I think."
"The bean bags all fluffed?"
"Did it my self!"
"The TV in place?"
"It was.. yea probably still is.."
"My sleeping bag out?"
"Thanks Spike."
Twilight lifted her dog into her arms and cuddled him,
"You're the BEST! I couldn't have done it without you."

Meanwhile in a boutique not so far away, a beautiful girl with sapphire eyes a perfectly symmetrical pale face and deep violet curls with a creamy white unicorn horn was busy packing her belongings in a rather large leather purple suitcase with jewels all over it.
Rarity was lifting items carefully and folding them into the suitcase (described earlier) using her unicorn horn.

"Oh goodness me!" she suddenly cried

"It's almost time for Twilights sleepover! I better get moving!"
"Sweetie Belle dear, please don't cause any disruptions and get anything out of order okay?"
A younger unigirl with pink and purple curls and green eyes nodded ethusiastically.
"Oh you good little girl, Rarity will miss you so much!"
After a few hugs and kisses it was time to leave.
She dragged her rather full suitcase (that was almost bulging) and made her way towards her friends home.

A few blocks away from the boutique, there was a bakery. The walls were made to look like cookies and cake and was named "Sugar Cube Corner." The apprentice that lived there had poofy pink curls that were very elaborant, a medium complexion and bright blue eyes like the sky.
Pinkie Pie, was too packing for Twilights sleepover, but she only had a small backpack on her back. In her arms, she had a pink sleeping bag with three balloons on it, coloured pink and blue. In her other arm, Pinkie had a small green alligator called, "Gummy" with purple eyes and no teeth.

Gummy blinked and poked his tongue out.
'OH I'M EXCITED AS WELL!" she cried,
Before skipping along the pavement that led to her friends house.


On the next street, (along the one that both Pinkie and Rarity lived on.) There was a small cottage with a large garden. Inside, it was crowded with small animals and a girl with pale pink hair, that cover half her pale face and turquoise eyes and pale yellow wings was busy fulling her suitcase for the sleepover. She was half flying as she carefully put a small stubborn rabbit (called Angel) into her extra backpack she was carrying. Fluttershy put a few carrots and lettuce leaves into the pouch and carefully zipped up the bag.

"I'm sorry Angel," she said in her soft sweet voice,

"But I must be heading out. Twilight's waiting for us." she added to the bunny.

"I promise to make you your favourite lunch next week."
The bunny shook it's head.

"NO? You don't want it?"
The bunny looked at FLuttershy sternly.
"How about I make it twice?...or Three times?"
The bunny nodded and hugged FLuttershy before hopping away.

And off Fluttershy went walking into the distance.

On the same street as Fluttershy, there was a apple farm. Named "Sweet Apple Acres." A rather tanned girl with freckles and blonde hair was stuffing items into her bag. She had green eyes and a brown cowboy hat on. Applejack was too packing for the sleepover and she was putting apple after apple into the bag as "snacks." She was also packing some tools for building, maybe Twilight would want to build a fort?

"Ah better be goin' Winona" she said in her country accent to her dog.

"Bye Granny, Big Mac, Applebloom." She lifted off her hat and ran down the pathway.

On yet another street, in a rather big house, again, another girl was packing for the sleepover. She had long messy hair that was in every colour of the rainbow, magenta eyes, a slight tanned skin and large cyan blue wings. Rainbow Dash stuffed her clothes into her bag while hovering in midair. She yawned and grabbed her bag, ignoring the strip of hair that was dangling in front of her eyes. She quickly raced out of the house, flying and leaving a rainbow trail behind her.

All of the girls were heading to a castle like house that belonged to Twilight. They were all longing for a get together to talk and have fun. Everybody knew they could count on Twilight to have the best sleepover ever! She was the Princess of Friendship, ex-student of Princess Celestia and a mentor to both Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer (who was in the pony world) every one of the girls had an idea of what they could do that night, Rarity wanted makeovers of course which meant she brought along a lot of make up and cucumbers and cream. Applejack really wanted to build something, so she brought along some building materials, like the long wooden pole. Pinkie wanted to bake so she brought along some baking tools to make pancakes, Fluttershy wanted to have some friendly critter time, Rainbow Dash wanted to have some outdoor time and maybe have a few races with Fluttershy and Twilight (which she knew she would win of course.)
Soarin was flying towards Ponyville.
Wait...why is he in this story, never mind....
They were all super excited.

Author's Note:

OMG done! :pinkiehappy: As I said in my description, this is my first story and I hope you enjoyed!! :twilightsmile: Please help me edit and PART 2 IS ON THE WAY!!! This is a mane 6 sleepover fanfic with a bit of SoarinDash. Oops.. :twilightblush: ruined the surprise..

- Dashie Potter- aka Phoenix Moonshine :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

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