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Twilight Sparkle had promised to meet with Flash Sentry the next time she visits Canterlot High, making the student visit the high school grounds every night in mad anticipation. When Flash is about to give up on her promise, somebody finally meets up with him, but it's not really the one he was expecting.

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Comments ( 13 )

I LOVE IT! It is so good!:pinkiehappy:

Thank you, happy to hear that. :twilightsheepish:

6537511 I really waited that kind of story for a loooooong time!

This is really cute tbh !!

Thanks, the dynamic between the two of them was fun to write.

He should stop chasing Princess Twilight and start going for this Twilight.

....I really like the dynamic between them.

If I get a good idea I'll probably make a sequel!

I'm assuming that English isn't your native language, so you really need a beta reader to help you get all the right words and phrases together. The story was still readable and still absorbing but having to mentally work out what you actually were trying to write in places made it far more of an effort than it should have been,

That aside, I did like your characterisation of Sci-Twi. You made her awkward, antisocial (to the point of being borderline-auteur in her inability to find the right things to say that didn't sound like an insult) and, ultimately, a little obsessive. She can't give up now, not when she's been so close. The question is whether she can control her curiosity or whether, ultimately, her obsession will drag her down the path of the Nightmare all over again.

You are correct, I'm not a native speaker and it appears it's very visible. I'm unsure on where to get a beta reader considering it's very rare that I actually decide to write a piece. Thank you for the uplifting comment, I tried to keep true to the character of Scilight as well as give Flash Sentry some needed depth.

This is the only thing I've seen close to a ship fic between human flash and human twilight

This is amazing. Completely, extremely amazing. As a Flashlight fan, I must admit it, I'm impressed!:pinkiehappy:
The relationship between Twilight and Flash is natural, original and fortunately, not rushed. Also, the "Tomorrow is Saturday!" moment is hilarious and your storytelling and the amount of expressions you used in this left me speechless.
Overall, I love this.:twilightsheepish:

What if Flash Sentry was the guardian of the portal this whole time? And what if he was the one keeping the monsters behind the portal to various dimensions in line? Sounds stupid and ridiculous? That's because it is, but it would be so friggin cool.

Anyways, amazing read. I gotta say, these two are written very well.

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