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Everypony in Ponyville goes to attend a DJ Pon-3 concert, but instead Not Eminem shows up and begins rapping spaghetti related rhymes causing mass hysteria, ear damage, and casualties. Can the main 6 possible stop this danger? No, probably not...

Are your keens weak and arms heavy? Well don't vomit on your sweater, cause it's mom's spaghetti.

I know this story is terrible, I wrote it in a couple hours after making some 'mom's spaghetti' jokes with my friends. Please don't hate me for completely wasting your time.

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this is both the worst and best fic i've ever read

You receive one kek.

but I'll have to take that one as an compensation for the ending

Fucking 10\10- IGN

This is like spoopyyjedi the best and worst fic ever

6546468 i think you are secretly the brony version of one of my friends
he never stops attempting to rap mom's spaghetti
and he's a huge TF2 fan

Me? I can safely say that this is the THE BEST FUCKING FIC I'VE READ IN A WHILE! XD

I kid you not, friend. I was laughing 9/10ths of the way through the damn thing.
Spaghetti/Ravioli. Would linguini again! XD

...What did I just read?

I myself will carry this story to The Gates of Valhalla, where it shall ride eternal! Shiny And CHROME!

6547347 My story is awaited?! Oh, what a day... what a lovely day!

I love this story just for the shear fact that the writer is ballsey AF (that and it's completely F***ing stupid :rainbowlaugh:)

I do not ask this often but... what in the living breathing fuck did I read?

I definitely didn't ask for this. But I am pleased. And maybe a little horny...

Comment posted by BroniesAreFags deleted Apr 3rd, 2016

Being an Eminem fan I'm a tad bit offended

But this is the funnier than shipping Anakin and obi-wan

This is something I approve of

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