• Published 17th Oct 2015
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Kiss The Chef - Lord Weesus Christ

Mise en Place is an up and coming chef with a hidden and dark past, filled with things he rather forget. So what will happen when Mise gets hired to be the personal chef for a certain orchestral cello player and her dubstep loving roomate?

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chapter 3

“For the umpteenth time, Star Wars is NOT based on Space Balls!” shouted Soul as he and Treble continued arguing while the rest of the gang waited by the statue for school to start

“And I’m telling you it IS based on space balls!” Treble shouted back

“I showed you the calendar; it clearly shows that star wars came 10 YEARS before space balls!” Soul countered

“Anyone can make…” Treble was cut off mid-sentence by a deep rumbling sound out in the distance, which seemed to be heading their way

“Do you all hear that” said Treble, slightly unnerved

Everyone nodded, but said nothing and instead stared in shock and awe at what was barreling down the street towards them

“Is that…” Soul said

“It can’t be…” Treble said

“I must be dreaming…” Swift said before promptly fainting

“Oh crap, they’ve found me!” Pinkie said “quick, everyone get into the foxhole, now!” Pinkie ordered as she dragged all her friends into a random foxhole.

“Pinkie, three things. One, who are ‘they’, two what do you mean ‘found you’, and three and I think this is the one were all wondering, when and why did you dig a fox hole on the front lawn?” questioned Rivet.

“Oh, I have foxholes all over Canterlot, in case of foxhole emergencies like this one. ” pinkie said.

“Ok, but that doesn’t explain who ‘they’ are and why they seem to be looking for you.” Rivet replied.

Pinkie went on one of her usual tangents, this time about how she was “abducted” by secret federal agents and taken to a secret government base in order to figure out the source of her Pinkie Sense and 4th wall breaking abilities.

“…and before they could try anything out I managed to escape and they’ve been looking for me ever since” Pinkie said with a smile.

Needless to say, everybody’s jaws dropped at hearing this

“I don’t even know what to say to that.” Warhawk said.

“Neither do I.” Zero said.

“That’s Pinkie Pie for ya, always droppin’ bomb shells on us.” Applejack said nonchalantly.

Just as they were trying to come to terms with this new revelation, the object of interest, the same thing that had them all crouched down in a foxhole finally approached and let out a loud screech and clank as it came to a stop.

The popped their heads of the foxhole, only to come face to face with a 25 ton German Panzer IV tank

“What do we do, do we go get Principal Celestia, do we call the police, what do we do” Swift said, having finally woken up.

Just then the driver of the tank then climbed out of the top and sat on top of the turret and looked down at the gang.

He was wearing black chef’s coat with gold embroidery on it, black chef pants, and black shoes. His black hair was slicked back and his goatee was groomed and trimmed.

“Hey, do guys know where I can park ‘Ol’ Ironsides’ here?” asked the tank driver, who was now sitting comfortably on the turret

“MISE!?” shouted Vinyl

“Oh hey Vinyl, I didn’t know you go to school here” said the person now identified as Mise

“You know him?” asked a confused Treble

“Yeah, Octavia hired him as our in home chef since both of us are always too busy to go out and I have no idea how to cook. ” Said Vinyl

“I heard I thunderous rumbling sound coming from out here and...” Octavia said as she came running out of the school.

“Oh hey, Octavia.” Said Mise cutting her off

“MISE!?, what on earth are doing on that tank!?”

“Uh, driving it to school, which brings me back to my original question?” said Mise

“Which was…?” asked Octavia

“Where can I park this thing” asked Mise patting the side of his tank, repeating his previous question

“What make you think you can even have it anywhere near here, let alone park it here” chimed in Vinyl

“Yeah and where did you even get that thing” asked Treble

“Or even learn how to drive it for that matter” asked Soul

The gang started barraging him with all kinds of questions, and Mise was having trouble answering them all.

“There you are, you must be Mise en Place, the new student.” called Principal Celestia as she walked out of the school

“New student?” everyone, except Mise, said at once

“Yes, and let me be the first to welcome you to Canterlot high” Principal Celestia said

“Thank you, now I’m sure, you, of all people can answer this for me”

“What is it you would like to know?” asked Principal Celestia

“Where can I park my tank” asked Mise

“There’s an empty lot next to the main parking lot out back” replied principal Celestia

“Thank you, principal Celestia” said Mise as got back in his tank and proceed to drive it around to where Principal Celestia said. He found the lot just like she said

“LLLLLLLLLIKE A GLOVE!” said Mise, imitating ace Ventura, as he parked in the lot that was, oddly enough, the perfect size for his tank.

After Mise was done parking his tank, he made his way back to the front of the school to see the gang with some not-so-amused faces.

“Well Mise, if that is your real name, would mind telling us why you’re driving around in a tank?” asked a very suspicious Rainbow Dash

“It is, and gladly, my Uncle Ironsides owns the local scrap yard here in Canterlot and is known for collecting odd stuff. And so he picked this up for a low price and has been restoring it. He was planning on giving it to me as gift once he felt I was old enough to handle it properly.” explained Mise

“Well, even if all that is true, that doesn’t why you were driving it here like it was your car” said Warhawk

“That’s because it is my car. Plus, I don’t have my license and last time I checked you don’t need a license or anything to drive a tank. You just need to be able see and a reach the controls” said Mise

“Good enough for me, how bout you Aria” said Artemis

“Yeah, whatever” Aria said in her usual tone.

Everybody else just nodded in agreement, some of them still rather suspicious but decided not to press the issue. But most of them were still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that the new student is a tank driving chef, and who is already friends with two of their classmates and close friends, Vinyl and Octavia.

Just then the bell rang, signaling the beginning of school, everyone ran into the school not wanting to be late for class leaving sunset, soul, and Mise standing there.

“Sunny, i’d love to help you show Randle McMurphy here around the school, but Mr. Doodle has been really riding my hide about my grades, so I’m gonna have to skip this one, i’m sure you can take care of this yourself.” Soul said as he kissed midnight and ran into the school.

Sunset shrugged and looked back at mise with friendly smile “Well, looks like I got to give you a tour of your new school.” Sunset said to Mise as they walked into the school.

Author's Note:

I'd like to thank all the authors of the pomE universe for allowing me to use their oc's.