• Published 17th Oct 2015
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Kiss The Chef - Lord Weesus Christ

Mise en Place is an up and coming chef with a hidden and dark past, filled with things he rather forget. So what will happen when Mise gets hired to be the personal chef for a certain orchestral cello player and her dubstep loving roomate?

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Chapter 2

After cleaning up and making sure everything was in order Mise made his way home to his Uncle Ironsides’ house. His uncle was the local scrap yard owner and was known for collecting unique and weird things. He was older man with the same black and white hair as his nephew and a beard to match. He was also well built, due to his job in the scrap metal industry. Mise went inside the home and set his stuff down. He went around out back to find his uncle tinkering with something very big under a tarp.

“Hey Uncle Ironsides, I’m back.” Said Mise as he walked past the piles of scrap metal “Hey there Mise, how was your first day at your new position, or job, or whatever it is you call it?” Asked Mise’s uncle. “It was, interesting, to say the least, but enjoyable nonetheless. I think I’m really going to enjoy working for these girls.” Mise said this earned him a curious look from his uncle.

“Wait, you didn’t say anything about girls let alone more than one, how many are we talking here?” asked Uncle Ironsides “Two and why is it such a big deal that my clients are girls.” asked Mise, getting slightly defensive. “I’m just looking out for you is all, I just don’t want to see you go through what happened last time.” His uncle said in a somber tone.

Earlier that year

Mise was just getting ready to clean up after a long day of cleaning and organizing his parent’s restaurant basement storage. As he was heading back down to turn off lights he felt someone grab his shoulder. He turned around and came face to face with his long time crush and equally long time family friend, Crystal Waters.

Crystal lured Mise into the kitchen and asked him to help her with something, to which Mise obliged. When they were both in the kitchen, crystal closed the door behind them. Then proceed to try and seduce Mise, whose crush she was well aware of.

It proved not difficult at all. But just as they were about to go all in, the door suddenly swung open to reveal Mise’s and Crystal’s parents. Crystal quickly began throwing Mise under the bus and falsely accusing him trying to rob her as well as have his way with her.

Mise was completely shocked, but was swiftly taken down to the police station for questioning and held out of suspicion. He was later released, but by then the damage had been done and his parents made arrangements to pull him out of school and send him to live with his uncle in Canterlot.

“Uncle Ironsides, I thought we had been over this already. I’m not the same pushover I was back then. Besides the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. But let's not forget her...but seriously I candle myself, although Vinyl might be a bit of a handful” Mise said as shivered at yet another memory from his past.

Mise was now visibly depressed, angered, and shaken. The thoughts of his past combined with as he thought about how the person he had known for so many years turned on him and in turn ruined his life back home were starting to overwhelm him. Seeing this, Mise’s uncle tried to calm down his nephew “Mise, listen to me, I know you’re not the same type of person you were back then, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying.” Uncle Ironsides said.

“I know, but I just can’t get over what she did to me.” Mise said “I understand Mise, but the past is in the past. That reminds me I have something for you.” Mise’s uncle said trying to change the subject. “Really, what is it?” asked Mise, now excited by the thought of a gift from his eccentric uncle

Mise’s uncle walked over to the large object he was tinkering with earlier. “This!” said Uncle Ironsides as he pulled the tarp away to reveal a large metallic vehicle, with a large turret gun on top and tread tracks on either side. “Is that what I think it is?” said Mise completely in awe at what his uncle was showing him.

“You bet it is, it’s a vintage, fully functioning, Panzer IV tank!” his uncle said very “A...And, you’re just going to give it to me, just like that?” asked Mise, still in shock. “Well how else are going to get around? Just as long as 'you know who' doesn't find out you're good” asked Uncle Ironsides.

Mise said nothing, and just stood there staring, at what was essentially, his new car. “Well I’ll let you two get acquainted, I’ll be inside if you need me.” Uncle Ironsides said as he went inside “Yeah…yeah…sure…sure.” Mise said as he just waved his hand in the air almost as if he were in trance.

Mise spent the rest of the day fooling around with his new tank, playing around with the controls, and even learning how to drive it. “Mise, it’s time to come inside, you start at your new school in the morning.” Mise’s uncle called from inside the house

“Ugh, do I have to. I’m not done trying out my tank.” Mise whined “Mise if you don’t come in here, I’m going to stuff you in that gun barrel and you can fly to school tomorrow.” Uncle Ironsides said “Fine, I’ll be right in. Just give me a minute.” Mise said.

The next morning Mise got up early to get both himself and his tank ready for school. His uncle had contacted Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna about allowing his nephew to drive the tank to school. At first they were very hesitant, but after Uncle Ironsides explained that it was decommissioned and the machine guns and other small weaponry had been removed already, they gave in.

After getting dressed and having breakfast, Mise went outside and climbed in the tank. His uncle showed him how to drive and maneuver it, so he felt fairly comfortable driving it to school. “Alright Uncle Ironsides, I’m off to school. See you later.” Mise said as he started up the panzer.

“Alright Mise, I’ll see you then. Try not to hit too many cars on the way there.” Uncle Ironsides joked. And with that Mise set off for school, cruising down the road singing to himself as he did so.