• Published 17th Oct 2015
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Kiss The Chef - Lord Weesus Christ

Mise en Place is an up and coming chef with a hidden and dark past, filled with things he rather forget. So what will happen when Mise gets hired to be the personal chef for a certain orchestral cello player and her dubstep loving roomate?

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Chapter 1

Mise was walking down the street to meet his new clients at their house. He was wearing his favorite black chef's coat, with black pants, and black shoes. His black hair was slicked back and goatee was kept well groomed and trimmed. He had gotten a call earlier in response to an ad for a personal chef he had placed in the local newspaper.

After about 20 minutes of walking, Mise arrived at the address he was given over the phone, what he found was not what he expecting. What he saw was a normal sized bungalow, but it was the fact that it was split down the middle with a giant black line and decorated in two different styles that really took him back. “Man, they take keeping things separate to a whole new level. I just hope this doesn’t get in the way of my job.” Mise said as he thought out loud to himself.

He walked up to the door, which was also split down the middle, and knocked on it. He waited there for a few seconds until a girl roughly his age opened the door. “Hello, can I help you?” asked the girl as mise simply stood there mesmerized.

Mise was at a loss for words, he had seen many beautiful women before both in his various lines of work and life endeavors, but something about her was different from the rest, he couldn't figure it out, something...from within, almost as if it were something radiating from within her spirit just connected with Mise on a level he didn't know existed.

The aforementioned girl had light grey skin, long black hair, and bright lavender eyes. She was also wearing a purple waistcoat, pink skirt with a treble clef on the side, and a pink bow tie and spoke with rich English accent. Before the girl could suspect or call Mise out on why he wasn't saying anything, he quickly snapped back into reality and managed to keep a professional composure despite the overwhelming feeling he just endured.

“Yes, my name is Mise en Place, but may just call me Chef Mise, I got your call in response to my ad in the paper.” said Mise as he pulled out a newspaper clipping and handed it to the girl who smiled warmly. “Ah yes, I remember now. My name is Octavia Melody, it a pleasure to meet you. Please do come in.” said the girl now identified as Octavia as she looked up from the article.

As Mise followed Octavia through the house, he noted how, just as on the outside, the inside was split down the middle. One side was neatly decorated with classical and orchestral designs while the other side was decorated with speakers and wires and a large turntable in the middle.

"I don't mean to tell you and your roommate how to do things, but don't you think two have taken this whole 'this is my side and that's your side' thing to a bit of an extreme?" Mise asked as he looked around "it would seem that way, but trust me it's the only way to keep the peace around here. It's a double edged sword really..." Octavia said as mise nodded 'I know how that can be...' Mise thought to himself as he followed Octavia.

“And here is the kitchen, everything you need should be in there already. feel free to have a look around, i'm sure with your credentials you like to have things to an exact standard” Octavia said as Mise stepped in and began to scope out the kitchen and everything seemed to be in order, except for one thing.

“Why is there a giant speaker where the dishwasher should be?” asked Mise with raised eyebrow “Ugh, I thought I told Vinyl to get rid of that.” said a very irritated Octavia “You see, the good thing about Vinyl as roommate is that she does the dishes…” said Octavia. “Ok, so what’s that have to do with this?” said Mise pointing to the large speaker.

“That’s just it, she cleans them with…wubs.” Octavia said as she pinched the bridge of her nose. “Wubs? Your roommate does realize how she's paying for my services” asked Mise as he made sure they were both on the same page.

“Yeah, you crank that base up to 11 and it’ll clean the dishes on a microscopic scale.” called a raspy female voice. the pair turned around to see a girl who was leaning up against the door frame.

“Vinyl, I told you to get rid of that thing. Our new chef I hired can’t wash his dishes with that…thing.” said Octavia crossing her arms and pointing to the speaker

“Oh come on Tavi, I’m sure ‘Chef Boyardee’ over here can manage.” said the girl, now identified as Vinyl.

“Its chef Mise, and I will do them by hand but I get paid by the hour. So it’s you choice.” Mise said as he cracked a smirk at Vinyl. “Ugh, fine I’ll put the dishwasher back.” Said Vinyl in a defeated tone.

Later that day, as Mise was getting everything ready, he noticed a framed pictured sitting in the window sill, that oddly enough he never noticed before. He picked up the picture and it showed three kids about 8-10 years of age, two of them he identified as being Octavia and Vinyl, and the third one he couldn’t identify.

The boy in the picture had dark blue skin, silver hair with a light blue highlight, and his eyes were sky blue and was being hugged from both sides by Octavia and Vinyl ‘reminds me of uisce and tara...I often wonder what might happened if the events of that day never happened....where would I be...where would they be...would we even be alive?’ Mise thought as his thoughts darkened and deepened as he stared out the window.

“How is dinner coming along in here?” Asked Octavia as the sound of her voice pierced Mise's thoughts. Mise snapped out of his trance and turned around to see Octavia and Vinyl walking into the kitchen to check on the night’s meal.

“Oh, uh, it’s coming along great, the roast is in the oven right now and the sauce is on the fire.” said Mise as he stealthy put the picture back without either of the girls noticing “Fire, what fire!?” said a frantic Vinyl as she ran to the pantry to grab the fire extinguisher as mise put his hands up defensively “Whoa, Vinyl calm down, it just a figure of speech us chefs use.” Explained Mise as he tried to calm her down.

“Oh, yeah, well I knew that.” said Vinyl as she tried to play off her embarrassment while Octavia snickered and Mise simply rolled his eyes and returned to cooking. While they were waiting for the meal to cook Mise went on to explain the various phrases used in kitchens by chefs and what kitchen life was like.

“So Chef Mise, how did you get to be a chef in the first place, and very good one at that?” asked Octavia, intrigued by what it was Mise was telling her, while Vinyl just sat there with her head on the table.

“Well before I came here to Canterlot, I worked in my parent’s restaurant doing prep work and putting away deliveries and such, and I eventually got the bug for cooking and I enrolled in cooking classes and got to train under a very prestigious French chef, who my father was good friends with.”

“That’s quite the story, Chef Mise.” Octavia said with smile as mise nodded. and just as she said that, the timer for the roast went off.

“Well the roast is cooked to perfection, and sauce looks great.” Mise said as he got the two plates of food set up for Vinyl and Octavia. Hearing this, Vinyl sprung up from her stupor like a spring loaded trap.

“Food, glorious food!!” Vinyl said she wasted no time scarfing down the meal. Mise and Octavia just watched in shock as Vinyl polished the plate of set before her. “Wow, I think that’s some kind of record.” said Mise as looked down at his watch. “You can’t be serious?” asked a concerned Octavia. “Eh, I’ve seen worse.” said Mise as he brushed off Vinyl’s eating display. 'Lady if you've seen the things I've seen...well you'd be either insane, alcoholic, or dead'