• Published 12th Dec 2015
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Home Alone with Sweetiebelle. - No One and Nobody

When everypony is invited to the Crystal Empire for Hearthswarming eve, how long will it take for them to realize that they are missing a certain blankflank? Set pre-Crusaders of the Lost Mark.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Rarity's Realization and the Introduction of Two Thieves.

"Alright Marv," said Harry pointing a hoof at Carousel Boutique, "That's one of the houses we're gonna rob."

Marv scratched his head, "Why this house in particular? What's wrong with the mayor's house?"

Harry clonked Marv on the noggin.

"You knucklehead! This house belongs to Rarity, the Element of Generosity! Do you realize how famous we'd be if we pull this job off?"

Marv thought for a moment.

"Very," he said, with a silly grin on his face.

Harry sighed.

"Marv, you have an amazing talent of understatement."

Marv smiled.

"Thanks Harry."

"Well first, we'll loot this place. Then we'll move to Fluttershy's cabin, then the Apple Family Farm, then Sugarcube Corner and then the castle."

"And then," Marv said with a stupid grin, "Rainbow's place, right?"

"Marv?" Harry said, grabbing Marv's ear, "We're both earth ponies."

"Oh yeah," Marv said.

"So we will wait till tonight to spring our plan."

"Oh Applejack!" hollered Rarity as she jumped onto the train as it departed from Ponyville station. The train slowly accelerated away from home, "Have you seen the Cutie Mark Crusaders?"

"Rarity," Applejack said, "I'm glad you made it. I think they're in the snack car with Granny Smith and Big Mac. Speakin' a snacks, have a apple fritter!"

AJ shoved the pastry into Rarity's mouth.

"HNG! HMMFF!" Rarity exclaimed to no avail.

"Can't hear ya Sugarcube."

"Why it's so simple Applejack," Pinkie interrupted.

She shoved an apple tart into her mouth.

"See wans to know phwere Sphweetiebelle is. Cauphe see's mad at hew."

Applejack wiped crumbs off of her face, mane and hat and said, "But the CMC said that Sweetiebelle wanted to walk here with you."

She pointed a hoof at Rarity, who swallowed with much difficulty before screeching,


Rarity dashed to the window but it was too late. The train had gained enough speed that jumping would've been suicidal. Rarity stared as home, and her sister, faded away into the distance.

"NON-STOP TO THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!" came the conductor's voice loud and clear.

"We have to stop the train!" AJ yelled as she and Rarity made a mad dash for the engine.

"BUT YOUWLL MITH DE TWEATS!!!" screamed Pinkie, holding aloft a forgotten apple pie.

Sweetiebelle surveyed her surroundings. She had figured out that Rarity must have left her by accident based on the evidence that all her suitcases were gone.

Rarity must have thought I left with the girls.

"Alright," said Sweetiebelle, sitting herself down at the kitchen table, "This isn't so bad. Rarity forgot all the food she was baking so I'll have plenty to eat. I can get along by myself. First things first, I wanna decorate for Rarity when she gets back; and part of decorating is cleaning up any messes. So I'll go into town and buy some cleaning supplies and decorations... And a toothbrush, since I packed mine."

Sweetiebelle feasted on a lemon tart and then headed out the door.

"Silent night, Luna's night, all is calm, the stars are bright," Sweetiebelle sang, walking down Manestreet.

"What can I get you," asked a sales clerk to Sweetiebelle.

"A broom, some dish cloths, soap, streamers, balloons, poinsettias, oh and a toothbrush."

"Right," said the pony, not daring to ask the young filly why she needed such a strange array of items.

Turning to the two stallions behind Sweetiebelle, she asked, "Is she with you two?"

"No," said Harry, "We're actually here for some... uh... equipment."

"What kind of 'equipment'?" asked the clerk.

"Grappling hooks, glass cutters, gloves, sacks, maybe a stick of dynamite or two," said Marv, "Oh and a diet soda."

The clerk rolled her eyes.

What a bunch of weird stuff to be needing. thought Sweetiebelle, staring at the shifty-looking ponies.

Sweetiebelle inspected their cutie marks.

Nothing to do with rock-climbing, she thought, Maybe construction, or demolition? They actually look like cutie marks in... Hmmmmm.

For there on their respective flanks was a stick of TNT and a set of blueprints.

Sweetiebelle gave the clerk the money and thanked her. Then she took the supplies and trotted away.

The clerk handed Harry and Marv the items they had asked for. They payed promptly and left.

"I've never seen them around Ponyville before," Sweetiebelle murmured as she watched the ponies leave, "As Pinkie would say, 'Time to find out everything about them and make some new friends!'."

A slow smile crept across her muzzle.

This could be very fun.

Very fun indeed.

"YOU!" screamed Rarity as she and Applejack burst into the train engine, "You have to stop this train and turn it around!"

The conductor looked up from his work for a moment, with a look of boredom.

"No can do ladies," said the stallion, shoveling another pile of coal into the furnace, "I'm on strict orders to get this train to the Crystal Empire ASAP."

"But there's a filly left home alone," Applejack implored, "We've got to get back and help her. She can't take care of herself."

"Well then-"

"Excuse me?" Rarity snapped, jerking her head to look over at her friend, "Are you implying that MY sister cannot handle herself?"

"Uh," Applejack said, backing up slightly, "No- Yes- That's not the way I meant it."

"Then how did you mean it?"

"I meant that, (gee is mah face red) (is it hot in here or is that just me?)"

"Speak up."

"I-i-i-it's just that well... if it had been Applebloom,"

"MY SISTER IS PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF WATCHING HERSELF FOR SEVERAL DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rarity screamed, "More so even than Applebloom. Sweetiebelle never wandered off into the fire swamp alone!"

"But Applebloom learned her lesson!" Applejack countered, "And I just felt that Sweetiebelle hasn't had as much experience as Applebloom takin' care of herself."

"SHE DOESN'T NEED EXPERIENCE!!!!!" hollered Rarity, "She does things right the first time."

Rarity advanced towards Applejack, who held her a hooves-length away.

"Rarity," Applejack said, dodging Rarity's ineffective punches, "I don't wanna fight with you. So I'm sorry for what I said 'bout Sweetiebelle. I reckon she could handle herself for a couple a days."

"Well then, I'll get back to shoveling," said the conductor, doing just that.

"But that's not-" started Rarity.

"See why I said what I said," Applejack whispered to her as she dragged her out.

Applejack hauled Rarity through two train cars before she stopped trying to get back and kill the conductor.

"What happened to you two?" asked Twilight when they got back to their car.

"Sweetiebelle's been left home alone," said Applejack, putting a hoof on Rarity's shoulder, comforting her.

"Did you try to turn the train around?" asked Fluttershy.

"The conductor wouldn't listen," said Rarity, refusing to admit her mistake.

"Aw that's no sweat," said Rainbow, "I'll just zip back to Ponyville and we'll meet ya on the next train."

"This is the last train til Hearthswarming eve tomorrow," said Twilight.

"Then I'll get us a hot air balloon."

"Oh thank you Rainbow Dash," shrieked Rarity, catching Rainbow in a death hug, "You don't know how much this means to me. If there's any possible way that I can-"

"Yeah, yeah," said Rainbow, prying Rarity away from her, "Forget it. I'd do it for anypony. I'll be back in a dash."

Rainbow snickered.

"Or maybe even a RAINBOW DASH! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!"

Rainbow propelled out of the window.

Rarity sighed and sat back. Pinkie and Spike shoved more apple danishes into their mouths much to AJ's delight. Twilight turned back to her book and cup of tea. Fluttershy looked out the window and worried for Rainbow Dash.

"I hope she makes it through that big, dark, scary cloud bank alright," she said in a whisper.

The rest of the ponies started at the sound of a slamming door.

Rainbow Dash sat huddled by the door shivering.

"That was fast," said Spike.

"Your back already?" Applejack asked.

"I think she got caught in the storm," said Fluttershy.

She was unheard over the flurry of questions.

"Where's Sweetiebelle?" Rarity demanded.

"I don't think she's been back to Ponyville yet," Fluttershy tried again, with equal success.

"Uh, girls," interjected Twilight, having finally have looked out her window, "Something tells me Rainbow didn't get very far."

Fluttershy rolled her eyes as all the other ponies looked out windows.

"That is a nasty-looking storm," said AJ.

"Thanks Captain Obvious," said Rainbow, standing after having regained her composure, "That cloud bank is like nothing I've ever seen. I tried flying over it and I couldn't. I don't think it came from Cloudsdale."

"Where could it be from then?" asked Twilight, "I thought all major storm production was done in Cloudsdale with it being the biggest pegasus city out there."

"I've heard stories about storms from the Everfree forest from time to time," Rainbow said, "Apparently they occur naturally, or as naturally a storm can in such an unnatural place. These storms can't be cleared up by pegasi. Usually they just let them run their course. I haven't heard of a really big one since the days before I was even born. They usually clear up in a week or two though."

"BUT MY SISTER'S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT STORM!!!!!" screamed Rarity, collapsing into Spike's claws.

"I can try my magic on it," Twilight said.

She stuck her head out the window and fired a bolt of shimmery, magenta magic at the clouds.

The clouds ricocheted the magic off them and back at the train. It just barely missed the train itself, landing harmlessly in the snow. A dark, scorch mark was left behind.

"That didn't work," said Spike, helping Rarity onto a chair, "Why?"

"I suppose that it's these clouds," pondered Twilight, "They're probably made with the magic that's ever present in the Everfree. I haven't studied that forest enough to understand it's magic, or, how to beat these clouds. The only pony I know who would be able to do that would be..."

"Zecora," interrupted Applejack, "But she's on the other side of that wall, like Sweetiebelle."

Rarity started to cry.

"I think the best course of action would be to get to the Crystal Empire and get Cadence's and Shining Armor's help," concluded Twilight, "I think Sweetiebelle will be fine until then."

She put a hoof on Rarity's shoulder.

"Don't worry, we'll get her back."

"WONDERBOLTS!!!!" screamed Pinkie Pie.

"Where?" asked Rainbow, her head turning back and forth.

"What are ya talkin' 'bout Pinkie?" asked AJ.

"Captain Obvious!" Pinkie exclaimed, "I was trying to remember where I'd heard his name before and then I remembered! He was the captain of the eight division of the Wonderbolts in the year six thirty-two. He worked with Commander Easyglider."

"How do you know this?" Rainbow said, tilting her head to the side in confusion.

"I didn't tell you?" Pinkie asked, "I wrote three more verses to my rap about the Wonderbolts after you passed that test."

The ponies stared at Pinkie.

"What?!?!" she asked.

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