• Published 17th Oct 2015
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Aegis - AIRS

A story of a mare depicting her life from a mere child to who she is today. You will follow her through times with friends and that sad moment in everyone life that you just need to cry.

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The Wasteland

Aegis had been walking along the barren land for 2 weeks now. she had lost weight, put on little muscle, and her legs burnt with the strain of walking...

Aegis' eyes were hollow as she walked, and she didn't look up in the direction she was walking. She just levitated a stick in front of her in a straight line so she doesn't end up doing a massive circle. At this point, she didn't care where she was going, as she was focused on the stick. Just then, she felt something cold drip onto her back. Aeigs' head instantly flicked up and noticed the clouds which hadn't been there earlier. The clouds were dark, VERY dark. This was going to be a storm and a half. She looked at her surroundings and to her convenience, there was a cave. She began to walk towards it and found that it wasn't too big. It was maybe a three meter by three-meter entrance and it didn't seem as if anything was already living in there, as there was no physical trance that she could see.

When Aegis entered the cave, it was both dark and damp, but It didn't bother her. Shelter was shelter, and that is what she needed. This was her chance to take a break, catch her breath, and a half decent sleep wouldn't hurt either. As she stared out into the lands, she looked at the bigger picture. The mountains almost looked as if they circled the wasteland, giving the feeling like there was no real way out. Aegis let out a sad sigh and laid down. She rested her head on her hooves and stared out as the rain started out light like it would then leave within the minute and then it went full monsoon mode. At that point, the rain was coming down heavy. Luckily for Aegis, the entrance of the cave had a slant that would stop water from seeping in.

She stuck close to the wall and waited and waited and waited. She didn't know how long she had been waiting, and it was dark now but she couldn't sleep. The rain was keeping her up, and there were puddles everywhere. Her head was still on her hooves, and her eyes were closed as she tried once again to fall asleep. She had no luck, and the rain was starting to piss her off. She lifted herself up and trotted deeper into the cave. She didn't go too far, but far for the noise of the rain to thin out heavily. She didn't know exactly how long the cave went for, or if it could lead her to hidden treasure, but that wasn't necessary at the moment.

It took some time for Aegis to fall asleep, but It was way better of a sleep then she could have imagined and it was not a light sleep. She was passed right out, as she didn't get much sleep earlier. Aegis, however, had no idea that shit would soon hit the fan.

When Aegis woke up the next day, there was no way of telling the time or if it was even actually the next day, to begin with. She woke up in what looked like a prison cell, except all the walls were hard stone and the cell door was made out of the same material. It didn't take long for all this information to enter her mind. She looked down and saw herself on a straw bed, which was no better than hard cold rock. She slowly got up losing the heat she gained from being in a ball for so long. She pressed against the wall with her hoof, hoping to find a secret button that would open the cell. She checked every inch of the walls, but there was nothing to be found. In a last ditch effort, she attempted to push and break the stone door that kept her in, and once again nothing happened. she moved back to the ruffled straw bed.

Aegis was now in pain. That's when she knew she did something wrong. She thought the door was going to break as she rammed into it, but when it didn't, she ended up bruising underneath. Unfortunately, she was also already sensitive from the blow she caused to herself. That's when she noticed that the door was locked with an actual lock. How inconvenient.. Aegis had absolutely no clue how she ended up there. Her coat was dirty as well. It was a dusty type of dirty, and she wasn't dusty before. She sat down in the back of the 'cell' and looked around once again examining the place to see if she had missed anything.

Sadly, she hadn't missed anything and was stuck in there. She walked to the cell door.

"H-Hello" She stuttered slightly, a little scared at first. "H-hello!" she called out into the cave. There were torches on the wall lighting up the place, and out the corner of her eye, she could see other cells.

Who had put her in there? It was now getting to her, and panic had set in. She slowly stepped back into the cave hyperventilating. She then heard a voice. It was not the voice of a pony, as the voice was much more scruffy. She had no clue what it was but it walked up to the side of the cell and threw in a singular carrot. She quickly moved to get it but it was tugged back out of the cage and she, unfortunately, ran into the door again as she could not stop fast enough.

A paw suddenly grabbed her and she struggled in its grasp, as she was pulled against the cell door. A moment later, she stopped struggling and gave up, as it would not let go. While she got a good look at what put her in here, she had no idea what it was. It, however, was a Diamond Dog.

NEVER think that it can't get worse. It always can....

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