• Published 31st May 2012
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Jumper: A New World - PTTN

What happens when a Jumper is unknowingly sent to Equestria?

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Jay awoke to the smell of breakfast, and he could have sworn that it smelled like oatmeal. He grabbed his sunglasses from where he threw them on the bed the previous night (having almost crushed them with his carelessness in getting into the bed), and popped just in front of the bedroom door.

He hadn’t realized how hungry he was until he opened his door, and the smell from the kitchen below wafted through his room, slamming into him like a wall of pure incense. He hadn’t eaten anything for almost a day! That’s crazy talk!

Carrying himself down the stairs towards the smell, his hooves gliding down each step, he found himself staring at a purple and green scaled creature sitting at the stove, wearing a small apron. It was almost comical. In fact, if Jay had been in his own world and saw someone in this exact situation, Jay would have ripped the poor guy a new one. It just seemed so easy.

“Twiliiiiight? Why is there a small lizard wearing an apron, cooking?” Jay shouted, without breaking his gaze away from the creature, who had turned to meet his gaze.

“Hey! Who are ya calling a lizard?” the purple creature said, clearly annoyed at Jay’s lack of observation. “And, for your information, everypony said they liked my apron! Even Rarity!”

And that was it. Jay had just barely controlled his laughter as he had entered the room, but this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Jay almost busted a gut from laughing so hard. Getting back to his hooves, small waves of laughter still coming up, he couldn’t help but break up in laughter again. The small purple creature was still glaring at Jay, his face had become a deep red color and he was visibly pissed, and he was STILL in his apron. A small, pissed off lizard in an apron was just too much to handle for Jay.

‘It’s that stupid apron! This is almost like the time I dressed my dog as a pumpkin for Halloween!’ Jay managed to think to himself between rolling fits of laughter.

At that moment, Twilight strolled through the door from the library, looking at Jay on the ground, laughing, then up to the small dragon on the stove. Even she had to bite her tongue as she noticed the miniature apron draped on the dragon's neck.

“Good morning, Spike. I see you’ve met our new guest.” Twilight said, enthused at the scene before her. “Jay, this is Spike. He’s my number one assistant.”

Spike turned back to his cooking, a bit of his pride restored from the complement.

“And I’m a dragon, for your information..” Spike mumbled under his breath, just loud enough to where Jay would have missed it if he had still been laughing at Spike.

“Well, *gasp* it’s nice to meet you, Spike.” Jay said sounding as sincere as one possibly could while trying to recover. “But you mentioned a Rarity... Who’s that?”

Twilight looked over at Jay with a shocked expression. She opened her mouth to answer when Spike beat her to the punch:

“She’s the best fashion designer in all of Equestria and the most beautiful pony Celestia’s sun has ever - eep!” Spike’s voice squeaked like a mouse at the last line as he caught himself, quickly shifting his gaze downwards to avoid eye contact with anyone. Jay could have sworn he made out a slight blush on the baby dragon’s scales as Jay realized Spike’s little schoolpony crush. Jay couldn’t help but smile at this.

Twilight, however, had apparently been oblivious to Spike’s slip up (‘Or Spike is as horrible as he is at trying to hide it as it seems he is.’) as she had given Jay a once-over.

“And being the fashionable pony that she is, I would recommend avoiding her.” She stated matter-of-factly. “She would give you a long lecture on why sunglasses aren’t ‘in’, then she would probably faint at the sight of your mane.”

Jay couldn’t help but feel insulted as he mentally decided to look himself over in a mirror the next time he was alone. “Are you going to feed me or insult my image this morning?”

Jay heard Spike’s shit-eating chuckle. “Now you know how I feel.”

Spike had already landed a spot on Jay’s ‘New World, New Ponies Who Annoy Me’ list. It was an impressive start: second day in this world and Jay had already found somepony he wouldn’t mind dropping from a tower just to see their reaction. Maybe catching them, maybe not. That was more of an on-the-spot decision.

Planting himself at Twilight’s table, he eagerly awaited his food.


The taste was still there. After an hour of scrubbing his tongue raw, Jay still could not get the taste of whatever it was he ate out of his mouth. His comparisons of the taste of the unknown food were rather explicit and freaky combinations.

For some reason, it didn’t occur to Jay that the food would be any different in this new world, however he did notice the distinct lack of meat in whatever it was he ate, and couldn’t help feel saddened at that thought. Ponies just don’t like succulent bacon. Their loss.

After his vicious scrubbing, Twilight had waved him out of the library fast, saying stuff like, “Make yourself useful around town.” and, “Come back at dusk.” Those were the only lines that were decipherable to Jay, as most of what Twilight was saying was incoherent bordering on ‘Was she even saying real words?’ Without hearing anything else, Jay had been pushed into waking town, on his own. A nice stroll couldn’t hurt.

Looking up to the sky, he saw several pegasi pushing and kicking clouds, effectively clearing the sky. Another pang of sadness hit Jay as he felt is still useless wings shuffle at his side as his muscles slightly contracted.

‘I’ve really gotta get these things working.’

With a sigh, Jay continued his walk through town. For whatever reason, he found himself on the outskirts of the small village without a remembering how he got there. Apparently his ‘stroll’ had gone to auto pilot and taken on a mind of it’s own.

Looking around him, Jay noticed an apple tree (well more like several hundred apple trees). This tree was perfectly placed among its’ brethren.

‘Perfectly placed for a nap, that is. Exercise like that deserves some rest’ he thought as a yawn escaped him.

Checking around him again for any stray eyes, he jumped into the shade of the tree when he noticed he was alone. He assumed the position of an experienced napper, getting as much comfort as he possibly could while leaning on tree bark. Jay shut his eyes, and let blissful sleep consume him.


A nice, huge, juicy strip of bacon sat in front of Jay. It was absolutely massive; at least the size of a tree.

Jay’s hunger from the morning carried over with him. That weird, vegetable based vomit just hadn’t cut it for his stomach.

All it took was one glimpse at the large bacon strip and Jay’s self-restraint was shot. Wanting to taste it AND savor it at the same time, Jay stuck his tongue out, running up the side of his delicious morsel.

“Hey you!”

Jay could have sworn he heard a voice from somewhere off in the distance. It sounded strangely familiar to him, but at the same time, he was lost in the high that was the taste of bacon.

“What in the hay are ya doin’?”

There it was again, that strange voice. It was getting louder. As his tongue hung from his mouth, still attached to his prize, he strained his ears to listen.



Jay’s eyes snapped open as his wonderful dream came to a screeching halt. He noticed he was belly down in the grass under the tree he picked for his nap.

Even more shocking to him was the fact that he was licking said tree, and with his luck, he heard hooves rushing up towards him.


“What are ya doin’ on mah farm, ya crazy foal?!”

Jay turned to observe an orange pony charging him through his tinted lenses, recognizing it was the one from the clearing earlier.

‘What was her name again?’ He pondered to himself, casting away the fact that he was about to be impaled onto the side of a tree. ‘Applejuice? No... Applejooce? Wha- no, that’s just the same damn thing spelled differently.’ Jay frowned, his mind coming up blank. ‘Applej....ewce? No, damn it, stop that!’

He thoughtfully turned his head at the oncoming pony and, seeing how he was already in trouble, let a small smile replace his frown.

‘What the hell, why not?’ His prone form vanished into thin air in the blink of an eye, leaving a bit of distortion behind him. He materialized several meters behind the startled farmer pony, in another one of the trees.

‘Applejack!’ he thought, watching from above as Applejack rubbed a hoof in her eye, trying to clear her vision for some odd reason. ‘Heh, what a weird one, she is.’

Noticing he was now sitting in an apple tree without the threat of impalement looming on the horizon, he casually snatched an apple from its’ hanging branch and took a bite out of it. Jay couldn’t help but smile, who knew fruit could taste so good?

As he bit into the apple again, he jumped, with the memory of an alley he saw earlier at the edge of Ponyville in mind.

Appearing in the alley, he bit into the apple again, relishing its’ flavor. Looking up, Jay noticed that the sun had only slightly shifted in the sky, giving him the assumption that he might very well be the best power napper in the world, and, more importantly, that very little time had passed. With that, he poked his head out of his alley and peered around the corners of the buildings around him.

It seemed as though in the short time Jay had been gone, the town had fully awoken, as its’ market was bustling with activity that had been absent at the time Jay had been so rudely thrown out of the library.

Sighing to himself, he receded into the alley, the light slowly fading as he moved deeper. Just as he hit the wall, signalling the end of the alley, he jumped, appearing on a hill he had seen over the rooftops of the small houses.

Jay planted himself at the top of the hill and watched the anthill of activity in the town with the perfect vantage point.

“Hey! You’re that one with the weird eyes! Where’d you come from?” the scratchy, yet familiar voice said behind him. “I, literally, just flew over, and no one was here!”

“Musta’ missed me.” Jay responded lazily.

“There’s no way I could have!” Rainbow Dash responded confidently. “But now that you’re here, you still owe me a race! Ready to get your butt-”

Jay stopped her there with a raise of his hoof. He didn’t bother breaking his gaze away from Ponyville, the sight of the activity was calming to him.


She apparently had not expected to be interrupted or declined with such ease. “I knew you’d chicken out! Chalk another one up for the best flier in Equestria!”

“Yep, and it only took all of five seconds. Congratulations.” Jay still hadn’t turned to Rainbow Dash, his gaze still on the town, but instead of focusing on the activity of the town, he was putting together what he would say next. Jay knew her type: Competitive. Just like him. Not one to turn down a challenge. Jay turned to face her, fully aware that he just had to push all the right buttons...

“Fastest flier in Equestria is a huge claim, ya know? I’m pretty sure I saw somepony (‘That just feels so weird.... somepony. Weird.’) doing some pretty crazy aerial stunts this morning. I don’t know exactly who it was (‘Of course I don’t, I don’t know anypony here.... There it is again!), but she looked like she was beating a lot of the other ponies she was racing.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes narrowed at him.

‘Heh, got her.’

“Was it Cloud Kicker?? Or Rain Drops??” She said. a with a bit of force behind both questions.

Jay simply shrugged.

“Because I’m waaay faster than those two could ever be!”

Jay smiled at her. “I suppose I’ll have to be the judge of that. I’m the one who saw the other mare racing.”

Before Jay could even detect a response, Rainbow Dash shot up in the air.

Jay nestled himself into the grass, content with his ability to successfully find something to entertain himself with for the afternoon.


And entertained Jay was. He watched Rainbow Dash from the ground as she regaled him with her speed and technique, doing corkscrews and loop-de-loops gracefully in the air.

Jay couldn’t help himself but stare at the prismatic pony as she whipped passed his hilltop perch.

At one point, she had descended and started to describe her signature move, the sonic rainboom. Rainbow Dash stated that when she hit a certain speed, breaking the sound barrier, she would release a rainbow like pulse that would emit a huge *boom*. Sonic Rainboom. She had, however, only ever completed a sonic rainboom three times in her life. She seemed pretty confident in herself.

“There’s no way I could believe that!” Jay said skeptically. He could do some pretty unbelievable stuff himself, but for a being of flesh and blood to break the sound barrier without being torn to shreds? He found it highly unlikely.

Ready to defend her honor, Rainbow Dash jumped up with an enthusiastic, “Watch!”, shooting straight upwards.

Jay watched as the mare climbed up into the air, higher and higher. He thought that Rainbow Dash would have to turn around at some point, but she just kept climbing into the air, looking for the best possible way to build her momentum.

Higher and higher.

‘There is no possible way anypony can be safe at that kind of altitude.’ He thought to himself, worry and doubt creeping into his head.

Rainbow Dash still had not turned to drop, apparently requiring more height to reach the apex of her momentum building climb.

‘What the hell is she doing?’

At long last, she turned to drop, building an amazing amount of speed as soon as she turned around. Jay released the breath he had been holding.

Her climb had paid off, as she was hurtling straight to the ground.

‘Huh, throwing some corkscrews in the dive? Impressive.’

Jay couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like to fly like that as he looked on.

It almost looked like....

‘Why is her back towards the ground? That’s no way to achi-’

Jay caught himself mid-thought, recognizing Rainbow Dash in a state of unconsciousness. She was now in a free fall, hurtling to the ground, out of control.

With no wings to go and help Rainbow Dash, he contemplated his next move carefully. Jumping up there to save her would risk further exposure, maybe to the whole town.

But as of right now, it was the only thing that popped into Jay’s mind.

‘How does one jump into the sky? It all looks the same!’

He pictured the patch of sky underneath Rainbow Dash that she had yet to pass. He was praying to every superior being that he got this right.

He sent himself into the jump, appearing in the patch of sky he imagined that could have easily been mistaken for a wind tunnel. Gale force winds pelted Jay’s face as he, too, began his speedy descent to the ground.

Jay tried to maneuver his body in his free fall, only managing a flailing of his limbs as he started to spiral out of control. It was in his flailing that he luckily spotted Rainbow Dash’s limp form directly below him and moving faster than him, having a much faster starting velocity.

Jay pointed himself downwards, straightening his rear hooves and pressing his fore hooves to his sides, along with his wings, trying to make himself as aerodynamic as possible.

As soon as he was satisfied with his positioning, he made five instantaneous jumps, each one spaced about four feet apart and successfully accelerating him faster and faster.

Jay realized that five may have been a bit over kill when he slammed, head first, into Rainbow Dash’s body, eliciting a pained groan that also told him she had woken.

Even with Rainbow Dash’s flying skills, there was no way she could stop the both of them in time and prevent a messy disaster, which also meant there was no way Jay could try to explain how he flew up to wake her because of what he was about to do.

He wrapped his fore hooves tightly around Rainbow Dash’s torso, pulled up the image of his hilltop, and jumped.

The two of them appeared right on the top of the hill with a loud crack, some of the momentum from the free fall carrying over with the jump and causing the two forms to sink into the hill a bit.

Jay lay there next to Rainbow Dash for what seemed like hours, but in reality, had only been a couple of seconds. She turned to him with a dazed expression.

“If you’re a pegasus, then how-”

Jay got up before she could finish. He stood over her, looking her directly into her eyes through his shaded lenses. How his sunglasses managed to stay on his head, after all of that, Jay hadn’t the slightest clue. He hesitated for a brief moment before he vanished, leaving behind his tell-tale distortion and one confused-as-hell flier, lying in a sunken crater, on a hilltop.


The sun had long since dropped below the horizon line. One can always find beauty in a sunset.

Jay was supposed to have gone back to Twilight’s by now, but for him, the cat was most definitely out of the bag. If one pony knew, then surely half the town must have known.

Jay considered this, then took into account the fact that there wasn’t a mob of angry, electricity wielding ponies running up to greet him.

That was always a great sign.

He had found himself a nice little rock far outside of Ponyville to crawl under and hide for the duration of the day after the events that transpired with Rainbow Dash. She apparently had kept her mouth shut about a teleporting pegasus fitting his description, as no one had tried to kill him yet.

Yet again, another great sign.

He sighed and resigned himself to whatever fate awaited for him at Twilight’s tree library. Assuming that everypony would be turning themselves in for the night, he jumped right into town, appearing in the same alley in the marketplace as earlier on in the day. Once again, he peered around the corners of the buildings and was gratefully rewarded with absolutely nopony in sight. It was a marvelous sight, indeed.

Jay took that as his cue, and made a beeline jump straight in front of Twilight’s tree, appearing right in front of the door.

“Ah swear to ya, Twi, there was a pony in mah orchard one second, then he was gone the next! He just vanished!”

Jay’s ears perked up the sentence, recognizing the voice as that orange farm pony, Applejack. Strangely enough, the lights were all turned off inside the library, and something inside Jay just screamed ‘trap’. Neither of the two inside had heard Jay’s approach.

‘At least, I hope there are only two in.....’

“Ah never got a good look at ‘im, but Ah know what Ah saw!”

Suspicion immediately washed off of Jay. Applejack had had no idea who she had been talking about, so there was a good chance that she wouldn’t recognize Jay. ‘Right?’

The lump rose back to his throat.

“Ok, I believe you, Applejack, we’ll have to discuss it later, though! He’ll be here any minute, so get ready!” Applejack mumbled something incoherently in response.

Now Jay’s curiosity was piqued. ‘Get ready for what now?’

No longer able to hold back, he knocked on the door, and heard a chorus of shuffling and shushing behind it.

Taking it as ‘Come in’, he made his way through the door, walking right into a pitch dark room. His sunglasses covering his eyes didn’t help at all.

With no forewarning, the lights flashed on, momentarily bathing everything in a bright, white flash.

“SURPRISE!” shouted a combination of pony voices.

Jay had to double take at the crowd, noticing that everypony from town had somehow managed to fit into Twilight’s home. Even Rainbow Dash had shown up, awkwardly standing in the back of the crown, avoiding his gaze.

The pink one (‘Pinkie Pie, wasn’t it?’) sprung out from the side of his vision sporting a party hat and several of those noisemakers.

“Welcome to Ponyville!” She said (‘Shouted.’ Jay reminded himself.) with a huge, genuine smile plastered on her face. “I saw you in that bed and I was like ‘I’ve never seen this pony before, and I know everypony in town, but I don’t know this pony, so he must be new!’ and then you woke up and I was like ‘GAAAASSP!’ because I had just realized that I needed to throw you a “Welcome to Ponyville” party and then I ran out the window as fast as I could to get it set up!”

Pinkie was going a mile a minute, and Jay caught maybe every fifth word that came out of her mouth. He instantly pegged her as annoying in his mind, but it wasn’t that annoying that made him want to set fire to small children, it was the annoying that seemed to make everyone laugh, and Jay was definitely ok with that.

Before anything else could happen, he was enveloped in a purple aura, yet again. Jay knew it for what it was, this time, as he was slowly levitated above the ground and turned to face Twilight, who bore a bewildered expression, and Applejack, who had a glare that could melt ice.

“That’s ‘im, Twi! Ah know ‘im from his fancy glasses!” She shouted, a little louder than necessary.

Twilight looked at him even more confused than before. “You’ve got some explaining to do.”