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Cheerilee's students think she is no fun because she won't join them on a camp out, but when she tries to stop the Crusaders from going into the Everfree Forest, she finds herself "cursed" by the local flora. Confused by her apparent return to youth, Cheerilee must find a cure for her affliction without arousing suspicion.

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Aw, cute.
Nice read too.
You deserve an upvote!

"Note to self: Talk to Filthy Rich about his nasty daughter."

hm could be more describing. Any way, way to go. Good job.

Ha! That was fun to read.

Take a thumbs up from me too!

I'm liking this premise. I'll give it a read in the morning.


Enjoyable read, thanks for posting!

Nice little story!

Oh, and I found a possible mistake:
"She didn’t want to waste any time, so she planned to make her mistake after the Crusaders had absorbed themselves into the music."
Cheerilee wants to make a mistake? Shouldn't that be "escape"? :ajsmug:

The premise of the story was good, but the execution could have been better. The characters didn't seem to have much depth to them, because almost all the characterization was through dialogue, and it was pretty heavy-handed. Like Scootaloo was playing the strawman hater, and did nothing else the whole story.


Thanks, I fixed it.

:flutterrage: this deserves MOAR views, MOAR up votes, and most importantly :flutterrage: MOAR :flutterrage: CHAPTERS!!!:flutterrage:

Haha. Very well done. I liked it.

Urge...to...want...cheerilee...to bitch slap diamond tiara for how slutty she is....:pinkiecrazy:

"No two ponies have the exact same cutie mark" -Scootaloo
I'm lookin' at you, Doctor Whooves & Colgate/Minuette..:flutterrage:
Otherwise, great story. I'm pretty sure everyone wishes their teacher would get younger..:trollestia:

This was an awesome story, was absolutely hilarious. :pinkiehappy:

Will there be a sequel? :rainbowhuh:


Probably. The story was meant to be stand-alone, because it was a request fill, but there have been a few requests for more, so I might write something this weekend.

I kind of like it by itself. It's rather nice. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Heard this on Reading Rainboom. It's a cute story with a lot to like (library commando Twilight comes to mind), but I can't help feeling you didn't explore the central idea to its fullest extent. Everything wraps up pretty easily, with little to no conflict and more or less no aftereffects. For instance, Cheerilee's realization of how Diamond Tiara acts when there are no adults around; she might have something to say about that. The setup as well I thought was handled rather poorly, more or less blindly shoving the premise onto the reader. But, I upvoted, because this story gave me genuine laughs, and those are hard to come by.

that was a fun story, I liked how the Cutie Mark Crusaders interacted with thier de-aged teacher, and how Rarity thought younger Cheerilee was 'boring'. A really fun read! :pinkiehappy:

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