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Fifty thousand years ago, ponies were wild animals running free across untamed meadows and plains.

The gray foal lives with his herd, including his friend the buckskin filly, the lead stallion, and his mother. He bears witness to the thing that will change the history of Equestria forever.

Published as an entry for the Hazardous Writing Materials group prompt "History."

Photograph taken by the extremely talented Sarah Koutnik. Check out her amazing work at Sarah Koutnik Fotografie, please.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 24 )

Very interesting take on Equestrian Pre-History. The Ancient Astronauts twist is very common, but in this case actually explain a lot about the world of Equestria.

"foal laid on his"

Well, that was not quite the sort of story I was expecting! :D
Good, though. :)

6514068 Fixed! Ugh, kind of annoying when the very first sentence has a grammar error. Just the same, I dislike the lie-lay conjugations. People say "laid" when they mean "lay" all the time and it never causes confusion. Honestly, the two verbs really mean about the same thing. If you "lie" down, you're essentially "laying" your body down. As I'm more of a descriptivist than prescriptivist grammarian, I still think "laid" sounds better, but I'll go with grammar rules for today. :twilightblush:

"Ugh, kind of annoying when the very first sentence has a grammar error."
Aye, but that's the only one I noticed, at least. :)

"As I'm more of a descriptivist than prescriptivist grammarian, I still think "laid" sounds better, but I'll go with grammar rules for today."
Sorry. :)

Beautiful, and deserving of more attention.

Somehow, the title makes me think of an inkblot test…

6516466 Crap, I remember that character. But I can't remember her name nor where she's from! :raritycry:

6516932 Daria. From the TV Show "Daria." Here is an unbelievably appropriate clip:

Well, that was different.

This reminds me of the Arthur C Clarke story, 'Encounter at Dawn', not to mention the story it in part inspired, '2001: A Space Odyssey'.

I half expected the falling fruit to do a transition to Equis from space just before a pony in a spacesuit flies across the field of view with bursts from her Magic Manouvring Unit to land on the surface of an orbiting space station.

Here is some appropriate background music.

Exquisitely done, explaining quite a lot about Equestria and ponies alike. I'm quite glad that I stumbled across this story. Thank you for it.

6982576 And thank you for reading it. :twilightsmile:

At first, I was like: ALIENS!

But then after reading some more I was kind of like: Aliens.

Good job.

Beautiful fanfic!
PS : And the cuteness level of the foal on the photo is over 9,000.

Critically speaking, the only thing that I can point to as a 'weak point', would be the interesting transition from IX to X. It was a bit abrupt, IMO. That said, it was pretty interesting story behind the Grey Foal. I don't know, perhaps it's because I like my ponies to have more equine traits than they are often portrayed with, but it was nice change of pace.

Awesome. In my Equestria, the ponies use a term I translate as "The Primal Plains" to describe the environment of their pre sapient ancestors. I also assume alien (technically ultra-telluric) influence to explain the change from being mere horses to being modern Ponykind.

That is a really good origin story for Equestria!

They turned. Nolras stood there. “It is true. We interfere, we harm these creatures. But the experiments in this sector caused the effects. The planet slows. The sun will cease, the weather will cease, and the flora will not provide. The creatures of this world will expire. We intervene because we must, or else they will perish in only a few thousand cycles.”

Oof. Yeah good reasoning for augmenting the poners.

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