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I'm nothing too special, just a simple writer hoping to entertain a few others.


Diamond Tiara: School bully, spoiled brat, doesn't deserve friends... but what if she is simply misunderstood? Life can be difficult when you're expected to be nothing but perfect.

Diamond Tiara feels like a failure, but yet keeps trying to be perfect for her mother. After one rather rough day, she decides to write and reflect on a few of the rougher parts of her life and how hard it is to please her mother.

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Comments ( 4 )

A bit generic, but I like it nonetheless. Thumbs up.

Cute story. It's nothing grand, but I'll take it. I found a couple of conjunction problems. You're gonna need to proofread the story and clean up a bit. Other than one minuscule nitpick, it's solid.

Diamond closed her window and walked over to her closet and pulled out her favorite stuffed animal, a pink teddy bear she called Pearl. Quickly as she could, the filly walked over and climbed into her bed, ready to sleep. She hugged Pearl very tightly and, the pain in her heart finally fully surfacing, cried herself to sleep.

:applecry: :fluttercry:

That is all.

Ouch. Banned for life from her own legacy. That's harsh.

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