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The Abyss

I'm back and I'm finishing my stories! If you like what I'm doing, please consider supporting me on Patreon and vote on what I write next!

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Well... That was fun. :pinkiehappy:

So hot. 10/10

Christmas has come early everyone

...or should I say "cum" early? :raritywink:

6757554 *Throws an apple at SparkBrony*

6757516 IGN best clop ever


What am I gonna do with all these apples? :rainbowhuh:

6757806 *Opens mouth wide* Ohhhh!! Over here, over here!

6757811 *Throws another apple at Star Cloud*

6757840 *cries while munching* You guys... You guys are the best :raritydespair:

what a nice way to lose the virginity

The build up is brilliant, gets you ready for the main course eh? And Thunderlane is just a big ole dolt, but he is an admirable one.


*Dumps basket of apples on Star Cloud's face* :rainbowlaugh:


Good writing, good pacing, excellent sex scene... You never fail to entertain, Abyss.

6758814 Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

God I'm starting to recognize the names of people who comment on these sort of stories...

Excellently written, all things considered. Better than anything I could've done, that's for sure.

Super sexy! Could have used a bit more 'winking', but I say that for every story I read.

When he looked down and saw her mouth full of his cum, she swallowed it all in one gulp, then opened her mouth again to show that it was empty. He simply stared down at her, his mouth forming a small ‘O’.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who finds this gross... Not enough to get me out of the mood, but enough for me to pause. Just wondering if it really is as loved as I think it is, or if it just seems that way. Strangely, it's not the swallowing or anything that I find gross, just the showing it off before swallowing.


Okay well! That was a nice opener. GO FOR IT RUMBLE~

loved the pacing, kept me super into it, keep up the great work!!!

Meh. Should have left Rumble as is and not aged up. :raritywink: This should have the alternate universe tag.


Should have left Rumble as is and not aged up.

Absolutely not. I don't like foalcon, so I'm never gonna write that.

This should have the alternate universe tag.

No. Why should it? It's not an alternate universe at all.

it was good that rather if cloudchaser than her.:twilightblush:

Night Glider first bluntly tells the brothers to come to her house, then later asks them whether they have plans and coyly invites them (again).

She leaned in close, lightly nuzzled him just below the ear, and whispered, “My place is out on the water, down at the very end...” She leaned up against him and pointed out across the bar, her hoof centered directly on the farthest, and biggest, house out on the water. “That’s mine, riiiiight there... I want the two of you to come over in a half hour.”

Three paragraphs below:

“So... do you boys have any plans for tonight?” She looked between the two of them, smiling as they both shook their heads. “Why don’t you two come down to my place to, oh... you know... watch the sunset? I’m in house eleven, all the way down at the very end.”

Is the repetition intentional, or did something slip by editing?

6760080 Intentional. She was talking to Thunderlane first, then she addresses both of them.

6760027 But Rumble is aged up, so it isn't the same universe! :flutterrage: I might be nitpicking! :scootangel:

6760279 I think you are nitpicking a little too much. Just because someone is aged up doesn't mean that it's an alternate universe, merely the future. And what about the stories based off of earlier seasons? The characters are younger in those stories, or hell, they could have been written as being older. Those don't need the alternate universe tag, so my story doesn't either.

everytime he hilted inside of her, and every time he hilted inside of her

Not sure if intentional or not.

6760882 Yes, that was intentional. I had to double check, though. :twilightblush:

That was wonderbar.

Damn! I'm exhausted just from reading this.

This was a pretty good story and would intrigued if this turned out to be more than a one night stand.

>rumble unsure about threeway with other guy

Just remember, it's not gay if it's in a threeway, with a mare in the middle and some leeway

Abyyyyyyss~ ;~; I thought when she said that they had to finish her, then she would make them eat out her messy cunt~ bonus scene maybe?:trollestia:

Also what happened to those messy panties?:twilightblush:

I'm such a disgusting fuck aren't I? Meh I'm fine with that

6761990 Oh yeah, its fine that the other dude is your brother, right? I know your quoting, but it still is pretty weird.:derpytongue2:

I can easily see how this got featured on severall sites, great story

Well, I do have to say at least one thing - wow.
And then more things - while it's nothing more than a shameless clopfic, it is a really well written one. Enjoyable right from the start, and the scenes themselves were pretty damn hot.
Seriously, great job! No wonder this got featured.

wish Night Glider and Sugar Belle had their own tags by now... :flutterrage:
Their stories are hard to come across...

I think you accidentally activated derp mode right here:

end every time he hilted inside of her, and every time he hilted inside of her, he pr...

But yeah, me like

6762855 Nope, that was intentional.

ok this story is really good ok super good.
it rates a 10 out of 10 in my book.

Shipping time!!!!

Cloudchaser says "  ・・・。 "

How can I trust Thunderlane? That...that monster...
This isn't 'The Camel'.
Alright then...

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