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Middle aged trans women who got into the show through her kids.


Flash comes to sit by the statue every night to feel closer to Twilight and to see if she returns. Sunset Shimmer comes to the statue to do the same thing. The discover each other, talk, heal old wounds, and discover that the portal was left open. Feeling homesick, she convinces Flash to come to Equestria with her for a quick look around.

And for any who don't know, this, and all my stories are connected. They all take place in the same universe and have the same underlying mythology. So to understand everything, you have to read all of them.

I'm rating this "teen" for some minor sexual references.

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This has potential. It could use a little editing, but it definitely has potential. I'll track it for a bit and see where it goes.

Love this idea. Can't wait for more

....she DID warn him about their...fashion sense...right?

6517878 That'll be addressed in part 2 and is why I rated this "teen".:twilightblush:

Just so there is no confusion, I want you to know this is not an adventure story. This story is about finding closure for Flash and Sunset, exploring Sunset's and Flash's back stories and moving the overall narrative forward. So if you are looking for a big adventure story, you may want to stop reading now, but hopefully you won't.

Interesting. I wanna see what happens. Tracking.

Hmmm. I like it. Please sir may I have another

I like this! I'll upvote and track for now. If it gets even better, I'll definitely favorite! Good stuff!

Nice to see people still write Flash without butchering and torturing him.

But, and I can't believe I never thought of this before, but things just stick to out hooves

No, not quite. As a princess, she would be an allicorn

Here's some little errors. Otherwise, great chapter! Did not expect the ending!

While the "your mind cannot grasp the True form " is an original take here, I don't see the reason ; Equestrians are not four-dimensional beings or similars, are they?

So nobody ever bothered to explain it to Flash, ever? After all the pony-ups and everything, he wasn't let into the loop? Because the whole "by the way, I'm a pony" thing would've been useful information ESPECIALLY right before he went through the portal.

(Yeah, I'm guilty of this one too in one of my fics, but in my case it was for comedy value. Also, Flash is kind of an idiot.)

...the whole bit about Sunset's "kibbles and bits" was kind of...overdone just a tad. Might wanna dial that back a notch in editing. ^^;;

He knew Twilight as a cute, Japanese girl.

Wow, you just pulled that RIGHT out of fucking nowhere. Just...WHAT?

Another question suddenly came to Sunset. "How do I look back in your world?"

"White, emerald green eyes, red hair. Typical celtic woman. I guess I shouldn't say typical. But, Irish."


You know...I think you thought you had a good idea when you started this story? But then you overcomplicated it by trying to cram the real world down its throat.

This out-of-left-field "your mind cannot comprehend" and "what Flash sees isn't what the audience and Equestrians see" thing doesn't work for me. Sorry. Untracking. Best of luck with the rest of this.

6536898 ok. But if you would have read my first story you would have seen where all of it came from. All my stories are tied together.

6536577 no, but how could crossing a dimension rift put clothes on somebody or take them off? For me it's more interesting and dramatically pleasing to put them in the real world. All my stories are tied together. So if you want a better understanding of what the mythology is, read my first one, "Even Mountains Erode Over Time".

Kibbles and bits. Snark.

6537169 this isn't a comedy, but I wanted to throw some funny elements into it. Also "exposing her genitilia" or "vagina" sounded too clinical and "showing her (insert slang term for a woman's genitals here)" sounded too crude and vulgar. Glad you liked.

If, for whatever reason, he wasn't seeing sunset as she was, then maybe he could force himself not to think of Twilight as a pony.

you need to capitalize Sunset.:twilightsmile:

Good chapter...it's definitely got the feelz...

Let's just hope Flash Sentry doesn't run into pony Flash Sentry.

Or maybe Twilight will run into Flash and thinks he's the pony Flash, or that maybe he's gone AWOL from his guard duties :pinkiecrazy:

Man, Flash Sentry knows the horse statue thing is a portal to another dimension, but he never even thought to ask about what would actually happen? I think he just got trolled, and Sunset is doing a terrific job of it with her exposure.

Equestria Girls having typical skin colouring but humans having purple and green and blue skin tones and so on to an Equestrian observer is, well, unusual. I wonder if Flash even has a Cutie Mark that Sunset can at least see.

A bit of a weird way to just end the story, I guess.

6556389 All my stories are tied together. So the themes and events will be picked up later. Kind of like the Avengers movies.

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