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An unspeakable act of violence shatters the fragile barrier concealing Octavia's secret life from the world.

Naturally, she drinks.


Dedicated to psp7master.

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...Well then
Interesting Latin, by the way.

This is such a strange story.

It's very well written, everything has weight, everything has meaning... but I almost feel like I shouldn't be reading this, shouldn't be intruding on Vinyl and Octavia's home life. And the strong anti-homosexual attitude around them, as well as the religious undertone, make it feel too real.

And I think that's kind of the most solid thing I can say about this. It doesn't feel like a pony story. It's unusual and it doesn't fit and that's fascinating.

So you uploaded this and I missed this. Still as powerful and sad as the first time I read it.

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