• Published 10th Oct 2015
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My Little Donkey and the Stork's Dream - Catkitty

Are fairytales for foals just fairytales? What can Sunny expect from looking for a legendary land, and for the friendship? History of a young donkey who never stopped dreaming.

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VI - Friends

The next morning, after breakfast, Sunny did the dishes. He sat in front of a book.

"What are you reading?" Twilight asked him.

"The book titled 'Arithmetic on binary numbers using the Boolean operators'," he replied.

"It there a book like that?" miss Sparkle got surprised.

"Yes. It was standing on the most dusty shelf of the 'Mathematics' section," the donkey replied.

"Are there any dusty shelves here?", the astonished unicorn asked.

"Not any more," Sunny Ray smiled.

"Sunny," Twilight began after she glanced at the clock, "My friends will visit us in a quarter."

"In a quarter?!" the donkey got frightened, "You could tell me earlier. I would clean up here."

"But there's nothing to clean any more," Twilight said, "Look, floor, walls, furniture, CEILING, everything shines."

"And me? How do I look?" Sunny got uneasy.

"Clean, combed. You look good," the unicorn said.

"OK. So let's back to book," the donkey said, while opening the book on the chapter 'Dividing non-negative integers with the negation of logical product'.

Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door.

"Please come in!" Twilight shouted.

"Hey, Twilight!" her friends were saying in sequence.

"Hello girls!" she replied.

In another part of the library Sunny Ray was standing in front of the mirror.

"It will be fine. You will handle it. They are just p... p... ponies."

"Sunny?" Spike began curiously after attending the room, "All right?"

"Oh! Hey, Spike..." the donkey said without turning away, "Spike?!" he shouted after glancing at the dragon.


"You are so arrayed..." Sunny said, looking at a clean, shiny dragon with a bow-tie on his neck.

"Me? No..." the dragon denied.

"I do not care why. That's your business," he said with a smile.

"OK..." dragon sighed.

"Sunny!" they heard the voice of Twilight, "Could you come here?"

"I'm coming!" Sunny shouted and runned toward her voice.

The donkey came up to friends. Afterwards Twilight spoke:

"Get to know each other. This is Sunny Ray."

"Hi. I am..." Sunny began.

"We know. Twilight told us. A donkey." one of the ponies interrupted.

"Oh... well... you continue, Twilight," the donkey said.

"Thank you," the unicorn replied, "Sunny, I present to you Applejack."

"It's me. I am a farmer and with my family we grow apples," orange, freckled pony with mane and tail colored blond introduced herself, "Welcome to our humble abode."

"Thank you, Applejack. I like apples, right behind carrots," the donkey said.

"She's Pinkie Pie," Twilight continued.

"I help in the confectionery. I like to bake cakes. I like to eat cakes. I also like to talk. When I can not say it's terrible..." the pink pony said with one breath.

"Nice to meet you, Pinkie Pie. You know I also like to bake?"

"She is... " Twilight began.

"Rarity..." Spike whispered; he had been standing with them for some time.

"I design clothes," mulberry-haired, chic unicorn-lady with white coat presented herself, "It is very nice to meet you."

"It is also really nice to get to know you, Miss," Sunny said, bowing slightly.

"This is Rainbow Dash," the unicorn continued presenting her friends.

"I'm responsible for the weather in Ponyville," the blue, rainbow-haired pegasus told briefly about herself, "But I like sport much more," she added, "It's nice to meet you."

"I am pleased, Rainbow Dash. Today you did well. We have beautiful weather," Sunny praised her.

"And this is..." Twilight wanted to continue, "Where's Fluttershy?"

At the same time the door opened and the pink-haired pegasus with a light coat entered the house.

"I'm sorry I'm late, but I had to help a little squirrel," she said quietly.

"No worries," Twilight said, "She's Fluttershy. She cares of animals."

"H... hel... hello, F... Fl... Fluttershy. It is nice to meet you." Sunny Ray stuttered.

The young donkey apparently liked Fluttershy.

"As now we know each other already, can you tell us your story?" Applejack proposed.

"Okay. Where should I start?" the donkey asked.

"Preferably from the beginning," Twilight replied.

"So..." Sunny Ray told ponies his story, and after then they all talked together.

They discussed so together happily for an hour. However, there was a pony with which Sunny Ray didn't exchange too many words - Fluttershy. Sunny came to deal with a massive barrier - shyness.