• Published 10th Oct 2015
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My Little Donkey and the Stork's Dream - Catkitty

Are fairytales for foals just fairytales? What can Sunny expect from looking for a legendary land, and for the friendship? History of a young donkey who never stopped dreaming.

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IV - Library

They came to the library. Went inside.

"So many books!" Sunny shouted happily and involuntarily.

"Do you like to read?" Twilight asked.

"So much!"

"I start liking our guest more and more," Twilight Sparkle whispered to Spike.

"And I less and less," the dragon replied.

"Whatever..." she sighed, "Tell me!" she asked excitedly.

"Me?" the guest asked.

"Yes, you, Sunny Day," she replied.

"Sunny RAY," the donkey smiled.


"No worries. Well, where do I start?"

"From the beginning," unicorn replied with a smile.

"Okay, so..." he began to tell its history.

He was talking by a quarter. Twilight listened with interest, Spike fell asleep for after two minutes. Guest finished talking. Unicorn woke up the dragon.

"So now you're alone and you do have nowhere to go?" Twilight asked the newcomer.


"It's getting dark. Maybe you spend the night here?" she suggested.

"What?" the donkey asked with surprise.

"WHAT?!" the dragon asked with dismay.

"You won't be sleeping outside, though," she claimed calmly.

"But it does not bother me."

"Stop..." she sighed.

"I do not want too overuse your hospitality."

"But that's no problem for US," she said while poking Spike, "Right, Spike?"

"Eh... Have it your way," the dragon said.

"So, will you stay?"

"Well... fine..." the guest, convinced by pony suggestions and not wanting to hurt her feelings, agreed.

Twilight prepared a dinner. The three of them ate it. She prepared a lying for the newcomer. The guest thanked her and said that she needn't had done it. In the end, everyone went to sleep.

But there was something which disturbed the sleep. The guest was terribly snoring...

"It will be a long night..." half-asleep Twilight whispered.

"I knew it would be like this," Spike sneered.

Finally, everyone managed to fall asleep.