• Published 10th Oct 2015
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My Little Donkey and the Stork's Dream - Catkitty

Are fairytales for foals just fairytales? What can Sunny expect from looking for a legendary land, and for the friendship? History of a young donkey who never stopped dreaming.

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III - Two Characters

The donkey was going north. He walked through the meadows. He walked through the fields. He walked through the woods. Were the weather bad, good or rainy, where there either wind or hail, he kept going forward.

He walked one week and the next, and the third and fourth. He had met no one along the way. He was so alone.

One morning, as usual, he got up and started walking. He walked just quarter of an hour. Suddenly he saw two characters in the distance.

Our wanderer was so happy. After all, they were the only creatures he had seen since four weeks. "This is probably... I know this figure from somewhere... Is that... A pony! Yes, a pony! Actually, it's a unicorn ... SHE is a unicorn. And the second creature... is a small... dragon... Yes, a dragon!" Sunny was thinking so.

He sprinted toward those two characters. They didn't seen him as a stallion had been following them. He walked gingerly to that two and asked with his learned for a long time Equestrian:

"Excuse me…"

Unicorn and dragon jumped with fright and turned away.

"Oh, sorry! I did not mean to scare you."

"Nothing happened," said the purple unicorn uncertainly.

"Can you tell me what is this land?" asked the White-Eared.


"Twilight," the dragon whispered to the pony, "How can he not know?"

"Equestria..." she replied finally.

"Equestria?!" Sunny asked incredulously.

"Umm... yeah... Equestria..." the surprised unicorn told him.

"Hurray!!!" the jack shouted and began to thank while jumping with joy, what was making the other two consternated.

"Excuse me for asking," the pony began hesitantly and with distance, "You're not from here?"

"Ah, right, I did not introduce myself. I'm so dopey. I am Sunny Ray - donkey."


"And who you are?" he asked.

"Well... Ahm... I..." the surprised one tried to assemble words, "I am Twilight Sparkle - a unicorn. And he is my assistant..."

"Spike. I am a dragon," her assistant finished.

"What are you doing here?" Twilight asked curiously.

"Want to know how I got here?" the white-eared donkey asked.

"Say 'no'! Say 'no'! Spike was whispering.

"Yes," she replied with a smile.

"Shortly: I come from Asinestria..." he began.

"Asinestria?" she asked curiously.

"Yeah. Asinestria - a land where donkeys live, four weeks south of here," Sunny recited.


"Well, I come from Asinestria and from the beginning I did not fit there. My parents are missing. I got alone. I read that in Equestria everyone lives well and no one is here rejected, and I decided to leave country, and i walked alone for four weeks. I came here and met you," he finished.

"Wait! You walked ALONE for FOUR weeks?" Twilight asked incredulously.

"Yeah..." said the donkey uncertainly.

"You must be tired," Twilight said.

"Well... er... a little..."

"What's your point?" the dragon asked the pony concerned.

"Do you want can stay with us for a moment? I'm curious about Asinestria," the unicorn proposed.

"Um... I do not want to dictate..."

"That's no problem," Twilight said.

"For me, yes - a problem," Spike muttered.

"Finally - yes..."

"That's great!" Twilight squealed happily.

"No!!!" the dragon shouted in his mind because he wasn't convinced about the newcomer.

"Then follow us," the unicorn advised.

"Fine," the newcomer said.