• Published 10th Oct 2015
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My Little Donkey and the Stork's Dream - Catkitty

Are fairytales for foals just fairytales? What can Sunny expect from looking for a legendary land, and for the friendship? History of a young donkey who never stopped dreaming.

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I - A Ray of Sun

It was a warm spring morning. The horizon loomed the first rays of the sun. In Asinestria the day was going to be beautiful. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of this land did not appreciate beauty, only the work. In that gray, busy place, however, lived a couple of donkeys, which was experiencing a great joy on that day.

With the sunrise, their son was born, a small, gray, cute donkey with a white left ear. Since the beginning he showed brightness and joy. He was for his parents like a ray of the Sun, so they gave him the name Sulari Raḑ, which would sound "Sunny Ray" in Equestrian.

The donkey was growing from month to month, from year to year. He grew sharper. In the school he had the highest grades, as in mathematics, so with music. Still, he held his childlike joy he showed at every step. Because of this "childish" behavior (and the white ear) was ridiculed by his peers.

"Guardait!" one of the donkeys shouted, "Vade Ialburiclû."

"Look!" one of the donkeys shouted, "The White-Eared is coming."

"Straniouir! Straniouir!" another one was repeating mockingly.

"Stranger! Stranger!" another one was repeating mockingly.

Because of conflicts with peers Sunny ceased to go outside. He was sitting at home all the time, helping mom and dad, constructing, reading books. In one of the dozens of books he read Equestria, the land of ponies, unicorns, pegasi and alicorns, was described. Content claimed that the inhabitants of that place were nice to each other, lived in harmony, accepted others' vices and helped get rid of them. Our donkey wanted to become a pony.

"Suli!" he heard a familiar voice.

"Sweetie!" he heard a familiar voice.

"Xic, mami?" he asked.

"Yes, Mommy?" he asked.

"Vaid ên obiadu!" the donkey-mother replied.

"Come to dinner!" the donkey-mother replied.

"Feci tue dileţe rodice!" the dad added.

"I've cooked up your favorite carrots!" the dad added.

"Ge vadu!" the donkey exclaimed while rushing to the table.

"I'm coming!" the donkey exclaimed while rushing to the table.

He'd eaten his carrots happily and spent the rest of the day with mum and dad, who were also his only friends.

He lived quietly with his beloved parents. He admired the beauty of the world, what distinguished him the most from the other donkeys. With the family he forgot about the sorrows of everyday life. There were no signs that the situation was about to change.