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Amateur Brony Analyst, Pokemaniac, Military Expert, Gamer, Writer, and Fanboy. Specialized in Sci Fi and Action fan fictions.


War. Some ponies think it's a glorious thrill filled with stories of honor, justice, and adventure.

It's not.

Between the blood underneath my treads and my scarred wings war is no longer something I live for. With Equestria in a full Civil War both the NLR and the Solar Empire will stop at nothing to claim this land all the while destroying lives in the process. I fight for peace and the promise of a united land. It's time to set things right. For a united Equestria and the Peace Corps.

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Game theory, key frame, ink rose,

I know something was up here but I didn't confirm it till I saw firebrand

6504727 Just wanted to add my friends into the mix. I'm quite well known among the MLP analysts

6504875 you are ? What's your name ?

I'll look you up real quick

6506161 Sky Buster/BusterBuizel

6506669 gotcha

An might I say what a amazing story

6506669 and now the main characters name make sense

6506669 and now so doe game theories

Also you my friend have a new sub

6506690 :twilightblush: WHY THANK YOU! I just started playing the open beta today as well! I rolled out this story just in time for that

6506702 open beta ? What beta ?

Also do you rp with any of your ocs ?

6506711 The open beta to this game which inspired the fan fic? http://aw.my.com/us

6506924 yeah I saw it on youtube

And is that a no or a yes to my second question ?

6506928 Yes but only on my Skype/dA

I wonder how many chapters will be posted here and then stop, and only get posted on Deviant Art? Nice idea by the way.

this was awesome i hope you make more :fluttershysad:

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