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It was the perfect day in Equestria. The sun was shining brightly, the ponies blissfully lazing through their daily routines. That is, until GLaDOS appears.

Destroyed by Chell on Earth, GLaDOS now finds herself in Equestria, in a brand new body. One that is far more powerful than her previous one. She then kindly introduces everypony to her old friend, deadly neurotoxin.

[Takes place after Portal 1]

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 46 )

Obvious trollfic is obvious.
I wrote this while under heavy dosage of God knows what a short while back when I was sick. I don't have a clue as to why I decided to post this. Probably because it's a touching tale of friendship, trials and tribulation.


Or don't. :pinkiehappy:

As always, your "thumbs," comments and favs are greatly appreciated!

i haven't even read it yet and i already hate you for it.

671966 I somehow dont care if Troll fic. Must read and like anyway.

For you, a Thumb up. From the Emperor himself.

I love happy endings!
Spike who?
Great story!

I demand the last five minutes of my life back.

No more Spike? Sounds like a plan, bro :yay:

Have my thumb. I don't know why, but you deserve it. :pinkiecrazy:

You killed everypony?! YOU BASTARD. :raritydespair:
EDIT: Oh wait, nevermind :derpytongue2:

As usual, another great story. Good work. :pinkiehappy:

Damn you Milk!
Im running out of extremities!!!:raritydespair:

*cuts off pinkie*


WHAT?! Didn't you say that romance fic with Lyra was next????? :twilightoops:
Either way, this was good. You at your troll-iest :twilightblush:

677742 Spike? You mean that dinosaur from "Land Before Time?" I don't remember one on this show... :rainbowwild:
677812 Uhh... Uhhh.... Well, I WAS writing it, when I suddenly decided to post this. CURSE YOU AND YOUR MEMORY.
677805 *takes pinkie* I'll put this in case with the others...:moustache: Your likes and comments are greatly appreciated as always
677765 You and me both, buddy

677704 I AM HONORED *Bows humbly*:moustache:

Anything related to Portal at all... I instantly down vote it!

What? :rainbowlaugh:

"Oh, except Spike. Spike died." :moustache: :facehoof:

677858 Whoa, watch out. Someone downvoting a story based on disliking the subject material rather than the story's merit.
Well... Gears of War is still a great game, so I guess I don't really care :derpytongue2:

677877 :rainbowlaugh: Classic.

BTW, You have now gotten me to want to watch Land before time again, making me spout the words "I'M SO FUCKING OOOOOOLD" Once again. Good work, Soldier.

:unsuresweetie: You sure this is a troll fic? doesn't sound like one.

:pinkiecrazy: Me gusta by the way.

Sooooo was the cake a lie or did celestia get some:trollestia: :unsuresweetie:

677968 I did want to put something about cake and Celestia in there. I regret it in the long run :rainbowwild:

Chapter 1: :rainbowhuh: Wait what? Should I be sad?"

Chapter 2: :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Oh, that punch-line!:rainbowlaugh:

677991 Man this fic is 20% less cool with no fat celestia:trollestia: eating cake

678025 MUST. FIND. ROOM TO FIT IT IN :rainbowdetermined2: <== Incredibly over-determined face

678061 Good luck solder:rainbowdetermined2: HOOOORAHHH

I don't get it :twilightoops:

Couldn't you have put "Except everypony. That means Spike died."

I remember what that thing you destroyed was. It was put in to stop me from releasing deadly neurotoxin after I released deadly neurotoxin. So please wait while I warm up the neurotoxin emitters...

BTW, I'll read this one soon. :)

682499 My sentiments exactly while writing this...this... I can't really call it a story, can I.

It has a plot.

More than you can say for this, but maybe that's a good thing?

682533 I read the first sentence. It is now my favorite story of all time.

You've earned a WTF moment. so, here it is.



Eh, good but I'm actually kind of disappointed it's a trollfic, I read description and really liked the idea.

696601 I was considering writing an actual crossover after this whole thing. I enjoyed making the first chapter too much not to entertain the idea

I second this statement...

731807 I want those five minutes I wrote it in back too. Easily could've been spent writing something GOOD for a change

678733 THIS, IS, NO, JOKE. :facehoof: Reference to a youtube video. :D

671966Obvious trollfic is obvious.

and yet all those green thumbs say otherwise:rainbowlaugh:

To sum up this fic in one word:


And then the neurotoxin got into the planets atmosphere and killed all life on Equus.

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