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Equestria Noire - PonyManne215

Detective Cole Phelps sacrificed himself, being carried away by a flood. Where did it lead him?

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Case: No Strings Attached

‘Racism, politics, bribery, sexual favors, blackmail, innuendo, a corrupt government. Sure these things were all present in my world, bright as day even. Not a day went by when I didn’t see some little kid from Oklahoma or some other faraway state sell herself on the streets. It was pathetic and heartbreaking how fast it was before some old guy in his fifties picked one of these girls up in their car and drove off. These girls were barely even fifteen. I would see them in the same exact spot the next day, ready for more. And what did they do it for, a quick buck? I noticed that after a few “engagements”, they would come back bruised, cut, and their spirits were shattered. It was like someone stepped on their dreams as if it were an ant. Half of the time, I couldn’t even chase the perverts down. What was sad was that most of these pedophiles would be someone working for the state. One time, I even saw the DA go and pick a girl up himself. My partners always told me it was best to leave it alone. What scared me the most was what the girls’ thought were. Why did they give up their bodies, their innocence, away so easily? Why would they let the evils of this world take them in one fell swoop and crush any sanctity they had? Why..did they let the leeches drain their hopes and dreams? I couldn’t figure it out. Some obvious reasons came up, becoming famous or rich was a major one. Some money to support themselves was another. But it just didn’t make sense. Why go through all of this agony? They could have just went to someone for help, for Christ’s sake. I wanted to help so badly, every bone and part of me told me to. One day though, my homicide partner, Rusty Galloway, told me the truth of the matter. “You just gotta let them be, Phelps. If they chose this road, they have to travel it alone. Don’t let yourself get involved, it’ll just screw you over in the end. Just remember to never get attached.” Hell, these words echoed through my head every single goddamn time I saw one of those little under aged kids strut around with a slutty dress that was too big for them. I wanted to cry, but it would help at all. So I took Galloway’s advice and didn’t get involved. I never got attached.’

Phelps didn’t sleep so well that night. Well, he slept fine at first, dreaming of his family and two daughters once again. But then it turned into a nightmare. He saw some new abusive boyfriend going out with Maria, his wife. He beat her and slapped her around like she was just some piece of meat. He didn’t treat Cole’s daughters any better. No, they were tossed around like a potato salad. He even recommended that they get a job on the streets. He told them to work as one of those forsaken ‘corner candy’. That’s what under aged prostitutes were called, pieces of delectable sweets that could be unwrapped, eaten, and tossed away like nothing.

He hated men like this. He even hated most of his co-workers because of this. Cole Phelps liked to consider himself and was definitely specified as ‘morally gray’. He never sided with a person immediately, but rather he took the neutral approach until a conclusion could be met. He never judged anyone on their looks, education, wealth, race, color, anything. He looked to all as equals until proven otherwise. That was why he was such a level headed detective compared to most other detectives in his city.

He despised the sight of it. The son of a bitch was smacking his love and mother of his children around. All Cole could do was watch from an omniscient view as the events unfolded before his gazing and observant eyes. He wanted to yell, to call out for them to run away. To his dismay, no noise had some from his mouth and he was put on mute.

The event was escalating though. His wife was now bleeding from the drunken madness of her new brutish boyfriend. She tried to pull out a knife on him but he laughed in her face. “You spineless whore, you think you’re really gonna hurt me with that? No wonder your husband left you, you worthless tramp.” Phelps’ wife was crying not only from the sheer pain she was feeling, but from the man’s hurtful and venomous words.

He just laughed again though. She couldn’t take it anymore as she lunged at him, leaving a large gashing cut across the right side of his shaved face. He reached up to it, not longer laughing. As he moved his hand in front of his face, his eyes changed emotions. The once, abusive and jolly man was now steaming. He was stark-raving mad. He yelled in a loud, furious voice. “You’re going to pay for that you little fuck!”

He moved his hand to his black leather belt, almost caressing it as his hand moved to something just below it. Phelps heard the noise that was all too familiar. *Snap* The noise of a gun holster being opened boomed in the frantically useless detective’s ears. The overseer was now futilely holding his hands to his head, trying to block the noise out. He had his eyes wide open though.

The violent man, whose face was just a shroud of black, aimed at Maria, the now cowering mother. The sound of the knife clattering across the tiled floor as well as her muttering made the shadow-faced madman smile. He then let out an amused chuckle. “You really are useless. I’m going to do you a favor that your shitty husband couldn’t.” As he finished his statement, he changed the gun from it’s safety position.

Cole’s wife was now begging for mercy at the top of her lungs. Her pleas were hopeless though, as the gun’s hammer dropped from it’s raised position, striking Cole’s heart as he knew what was to come. The man gave a final goodbye to Phelps’ wife as the smoke left the chamber. Time slowed for Cole as he bore witness to the event that would end his wife’s life, her very precious life.

The smoke was emitting from the barrel and muzzle, and the small little ball of steel was travelling at about fifty miles an hour. It’s speed was still of no importance as the time was still emphasizing the scene that was playing before the tearing detective. He looked to his wife as her face gave a something that he could read clearly. Maria’s face was sending a final message. It wasn’t to her killer though. Maria’s final message that was displayed through her present emotion stated this. ‘Why did you leave Cole, why?’


Phelps arose from his perfectly sized bed. A thunderbolt from outside pierced his ears, which was why he woke up. He wasn’t panting as he should be, nor was he sweating. These kinds of dreams had been bothering him from time to time now. He was just weary as the detail and reality of it was too vivid. He just wanted for them to go away. He wiped his forehead and got up. He looked at his watch on his hand.

“It’s four thirty huh?” He said to no one. It was early in the morning; the sun had not even begun to rise yet. The moon was still high in the sky, yet it was another day. Cole recalled the events of the day before. He had been somehow transported to a strange world full of colorful, talking ponies. He was not killed from the large body of water in that grimy sewer. And he had all of his things on him when he arrived.

After introducing himself, he was accepted into the population of the equines. He also solved a mystery that no one else had not seen which was fairly obvious to even an amateur detective. When he arrived at the white and pampered unicorn’s semi- French pavilion looking home, he recited lines from Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. She appreciated his favorite artist’s writings. He ate a good breakfast, talked about his world and her’s, and then he called it a day.

He had slept soundly until that nightmare. He got up out of the queen-sized bed, which was met to a pony’s size, and went to the bathroom. It was kind of Rarity to give him a new toothbrush as well as his own towels. Also, she started to make him some suits, much to her chagrin, which resembled some of his ones back home. She had complained the lack of beauty and fashion sense in them but left it alone after Phelps had asked her nicely. His one that he had been wearing was washed and pressed quickly while he hid in the bathroom last night.

He took the brush in hand and sleepily cleaned his teeth while his eyes were half-open. He felt like resting his head on something, like the towel rack next to him. So that’s what he did. As soon as he put all of his weight on it unwittingly however, it fell over, along with the now wide awake law enforcer. He surprisingly landed quietly, yet still there was a smart pain on his head. He rubbed it while still brushing.

After a few minutes of freshening his teeth, and the previous mishap, he spat out the toothpaste hastily. He gargled some mouth wash nearby and spat it out after swishing the mint-tasting liquid in his for a minute. He washed his face, cleared his eyes of the morning crusts, and rubbed his face off with a towel. Then he turned to the shower behind him and turned the water valve. He stepped into the hot steaming water and closed his eyes.

The warm wisps of air rose to the ceiling as the rush of the relaxing sensation overtook Cole. He felt all of the tension in his bones smooth and his worries slowly fade. In this moment, he could actually relax peacefully. He thought about happy things and general things such as his plan for the day, the finding of a new job, and some food. After almost drifting off for fifteen minutes, he exited and dried himself off.


He donned his suit, pants, and hat. Now he had all of the required clothes, he slowly made his way to his red tie. It was made of a velvet silk that seemed to shine in any sort of light; even the moon light. He picked it up and put it around his neck. He effortlessly and skillfully curved it and enclosed it until it was tied the right way. He pushed it into his inner suit coat and then put on his larger black coat, in which his items were mostly stored.

He slowly made his way down the stairs of the clean dress store. Models of new suits made for him lined the back walls. They looked magnificent, albeit they were placed on pony mannequins. He shrugged this informality off as he silently opened the front door, careful as to not wake his host or her little sister which he had yet to meet. The entire store was dark save for some candles around the room. Phelps stepped outside and closed the door very slowly. After hearing the click, he turned to face Ponyville.

The sound of a granite road being pelted by soft rain drops filled the air. The detective who was always enclosed with the stench of decay, rigor mortis, and flames, inhaled deeply. For some reason , he had always found the rain calming. He also loved the distinct smell that roads gave when they were wet. He moved his hat around a bit, readjusted his trench coat, and moved out of the cover of the Carousel Boutique.

Outside of Rarity’s Boutique
5:30 AM

The rain did not hesitate to fall upon him. He could feel the fabrics of his clothes get lightly moist from the small and silent raindrops. He looked up to the sky and smiled. The rain slowly streamed down his face. The night moon was going to fade soon, being replaced by a large, energetic sun. The clouds were white with a small shade of grey. They were only wisps of what the clouds looked like back home.

He turned his attention back to the main road and just walked. That was his plan for the early morning; a morning stroll through town. He felt almost mesmerized from the peaceful sounds of the rain dripping off of rooftops. He closed his eyes for just a brief moment to take it all in. He let out a loud content sigh and continued onward.

None of the citizens of Ponyville had yet stirred. Only sparse individuals would appear every so often. It was almost immaculate. The forever-staring eyes of ponies were not upon him for now. He could just walk without having to worry about scaring or being questioned by some curious pony. Phelps could see store windows lit from the inside. Shopkeepers were beginning to wake as to get the day up and running.

Cole had travelled a few blocks already, mentally noting where everything was. He took note of the hospital nearby, the general store, and the produce section. It was still raining and looked to probably continue for the rest of the day. Phelps was near the middle of town now. He could see the city hall that he had made a somewhat short speech in just the day before.

The detective stopped to sit down on a drenched bench nearby. After wiping it with his hands, he sat down to make himself comfortable. He gazed at the flowers at a stand glistening in the hail of water. It bobbed up and down with each passing second. He looked at the magnificent clock tower off in the distance. It’s craftsmanship resembled of Big Ben’s in Great Britain.

Phelps took note of the clouds beginning to part as red and orange light seeped through the tiny openings. The sun was begging to dawn and the moon was going away. If he could capture this moment in a photograph, it would make for a great decoration or memento. While absent-minded, he finally took note of the frantically fleeing mint-green unicorn running away from an aggravated earth pony.

“What?!” He quickly came to his senses and rose from the bench. Cole ran towards the ongoing chase that was about twenty feet away. The earth pony and the unicorn were fast, he had to give them that. But he knew that they would relent soon because he could continue to run for days. He had done so back in high school when he was a major part of the Varsity Track Team. He didn’t run madly like the two runners were, but was pacing himself rather nicely.

‘Alright Phelps, remember; one foot in front of the other. The slow turtle wins the race and the impatient hare runs tired.’ Detective Cole Phelps ran this mantra in his head as he jogged to the two, now panting, ponies. He had been forced to memorize this mantra as a runner for his school from his over-exerted coach. Cole always received some spittle and phlegm from the gaping mouth of his endlessly shouting red-faced manager.

After being punished and having to run about thirty laps around a twenty minute course in fifteen minutes, he learned to always remember that saying. The other varsity runners ran quickly in order to get the punishment over with already. Phelps ran at a slow pace, knowing that he would faint if he ran in over-drive.

After leading the team in the laps, he was off the hook and was free to be about his weekend. That was when he met his wife Maria. He went to his home to shower and then went to a bar with friends; using a fake identification card of course. He met the cheerful women at the Irish bar with two of her friends. Cole’s friends had tried and failed miserably at flirting with Maria’s girlfriends, but Cole just laid back to enjoy the sight. As he watched, Maria made her way over and they witnessed the comedic show together, forming a friendly bond that would escalate into something else in the future.

Phelps snapped back to reality. The unicorn and earth pony were now walking, albeit very tensely. The earth pony was still giving curses while the unicorn was hopelessly trying to run away.

“Get back here with my concert ticket!” The grey earth pony exclaimed.

“No way, this is one of the only ones ever sold here!” The mint-green unicorn replied.

"But that was given to me by somepony special! …Vinyl, I hope you won’t be too mad..” The earth pony said to herself as she collapsed on the floor.

The fleeing unicorn squealed in joy and then let out a self-loathing sigh. “I’m sorry, Octavia..I just really need this ti-”

The unicorn stopped midway when she saw the now ensuing human right on her tail, figuratively of course. She started to run again but found that her limbs would not budge any further. She was too fatigued from running for more than half an hour. She wasn’t used to this kind of exercise, as Octavia wasn’t either.

“Stop right there! LAPD!”

Phelps was enclosing on her, but she didn’t want to get caught. Panicking and running every single possible scenario in her mind, she chose the best possible choice in this delicate predicament. A bright spark from her horn gave way as Phelps raised his hands to shield his eyes.

“Arrgh!” Phelps exclaimed in pain. The pure intensity of the light blinded him like the sun had when he had first woken up. He blocked his vision for some seconds before searching for the fleeing criminal. He was surprised to find no one but the victim of the robbery there. The mint-green unicorn had somehow vanished into thin air.

Cole shook his head to forget the mysterious disappearance and ran over to the unconscious and heaving grey mare. He checked for vital signs and sighed in relief when he found that her heart rate was stable. She had just collapsed from over-exhaustion. He picked her up in his hands and began to walk to the hospital. The pony in his arms was sweating profusely.

From feeling beads of sweat dissipating into his sleeves and suit, he chuckled. She reminded him of some of the weaker runners back on the track team. She had a distinct smell though. The mare was emitted a fragrant smell that seemed similar to that of daffodil and roses. She started to stir in his arms. He shifted his arms so that she would be more comfortable and gave her his fedora so that the rain would not soak her mane.

Ponyville Hospital
6:15 AM

He could spot the hospital not too far away now. The sign on the front door read “Ponyville General”. The doors magically slid open as he stepped through. The World War II Era detective had not yet seen technology reach this certain point. The automatic sliding doors caused him to examine them more closely.

“Interesting…so they open on their own huh?” He muttered to himself.
“Yes, they do. Technology has reached pretty far, hasn’t it?” A white coated nurse said from a desk behind the human. “Don’t they have sliding doors back on your world?”

Phelps shook his head no. “No…I’ve never seen anything like this..except maybe in a movie.” He brought the exerted mare in his hands over to the nurse, who had her pink mane in a bun. She smiled at him and pointed him over to a room.

“What happened to Octavia, Mister?”

“I was taking a stroll when I saw her chasing some other pony around. She got robbed by some green unicorn. I guess she wasn’t used to running because she fell right there on the spot.” Phelps said as he walked with the nurse to the patient room. He slowly and gently placed her on the bed.

“That’s too bad..wait did you say a green unicorn? By any chance did she have a lyre for a Cutie Mark?”

Cole thought back to the situation in his memory. He fast-forwarded to the particular point where her flank was pointed in his direction. He zoomed in on her Cutie Mark and found that it was indeed a lyre.

“Yeah it was. Do you know who the perp is?” He asked while pulling out his notebook.

“Uhuh, that was Lyra. She’s just a musician along with Octavia here. I don’t know why she would steal because they are both friends..” The nurse said as she plugged some wires and tubes into the unconscious Octavia. She then scratched her mane with her hoof.

“Lyra..does she have a last name?” Phelps questioned as he sketched the facial features he recalled from the short engagement.

“Yep, it’s Heartstrings. Lyra Heartstrings.” She then smiled at him yet again with a pleading undertone. “Please don’t hurt her, Detective. She’s just an innocent pony. Please find out what caused her to do this.”

The diligent detective closed his notebook as he penciled in the last details of the suspect. “Don’t worry ma’am. It’s my job to see what others don’t. I’ll bring whoever is behind this to justice or my name isn’t Cole Phelps. Oh, and I never got your name, miss…”

“Redheart. Nurse Redheart.” The nurse replied as she extended her hoof. Cole met her hoof with his hand and shook.

“Well, it was nice meeting you Ms. Redheart. I just wish it was under better conditions.”


The detective walked outside, pausing to look at the automatic doors once again, and then continued onwards. He decided that now would be the best time to look for the perpetrator. He readjusted his silver fedora and walked towards the giant tree library that Twilight resided in. ‘If anyone knows where Lyra lives, it’s got to be Twilight.’

Twilight’s Library
6:32 AM

*Knock Knock* “Miss Sparkle, could you open up please? This is an urgent police emergency.” Cole Phelps had been knocking on the door for five minutes now, which received no reply. He could hear some shuffling and groaning from the insde. He tapped his feet impatiently as he waited for someone to answer.

The door opened with a loud creak. A horn came out first, followed by a purple mane and lavender head. “What’s so important that you come to the library before opening?!” A clearly annoyed and tired Twilight asked.

“There’s been an occurrence and I need your resources to find Miss Lyra Heartstring’s place of residence.” Cole let himself in and caused Twilight to stumble backwards.

“An occurrence?! What happened!?” She was now wide awake from hearing this sort of news coming out of the detective’s mouth.

“A robbery. I won’t go into specifics though because this is a police matter. Just tell me where she lives.”

“You’re not on Earth anymore, Cole. Just let me help with this.” Twilight asked in a cute voice. She looked at him with huge, persuading eyes that had done it’s job the last time.

Cole was clearly struggling with the cute look, as it reminded him of his daughters when they asked for a new toy. It was hard saying no to his little girls. He took a deep breath and regained his composure before answering.

“Not this time, Twilight. Just tell me where she lives and I’ll be on my way.”

Twilight let out an aggravated huff that was accompanied with some disappointment.

“Fine! Let’s see here…she lives in the house just to the right of Ponyville town hall.”

Phelps nodded and walked out of the door. “Thanks for the info. Just don’t follow me, I can see it in your eyes that you were planning on it.”

Twilight blushed in embarrassment. Was she really that readable? She wasn’t sure if he just said that as a precaution or that she had clearly displayed an intent on doing so. She cleared her throat and answered.

“I promise I won’t, Detective.”

Cole looked at her once again, noticing small beads of sweat travelling down her face. He could tell she was lying, as her face showed it all. She would be horrible in a game of poker. He chuckled and closed the door behind him because he knew that once a girl wanted something, they wouldn’t take the thought out of their mind.

Twilight was relieved and laughed at herself. “He never made me Pinkie promise.”

Lyra Heartstring’s Home
6: 40 AM

The intelligent detective snuck around the back of the home so that he could possible inspect any clues as to her motives of stealing the ticket from Octavia. He recalled that Nurse Redheart personally told him that they were friends. He had seen this kind of crime happen many times in his first days. He knew that there was a deeper ulterior to this mishap.

He was near the back door when he heard talking. It was muffled but he could still make out everything.

“But I stole the ticket for you!” Lyra exclaimed.

“That wasn’t all that we wanted. We wanted the girl as well. We told you that if you don’t ever want us to harm that precious little friend of yours, you had to take the goggle-wearing unicorn as well.” An accented and gruff voice replied.

“But…I can’t do it..it’s not right.”

“Well then, I guess that we’ll just hurt your friend won’t we?”

“Please don’t!”

“You can have one last chat with your pony friend. Then, we will take her to the edge of town. Meet us there if you ever want to see her safe again.”


A digging sound could be heard as well as the house and ground started to shake. Everything inside Lyra Heartstring’s home was silent, even the previously yelling unicorn within. Phelps decided that this was the time to question her. He went to the back door, drew his pistol, and kicked the door in.

“LAPD, freeze!” He yelled to the cowering Lyra before him.

“Please don’t hurt me.” She pleaded.

“Where’s the other guy in here?!”

“There wasn’t anypony else here, I swear!”

Cole realized he wasn’t going anywhere with this so he holstered his gun. He pulled out his notebook after scanning the area that was Lyra’s kitchen. It was clear, although there was a must in the air. It hadn’t originated from Lyra as she smelled like candy. No, Phelps could swear that he had experienced this smell before. Now it was all a question of where.

“Miss Heartstrings, I want to know why you stole that item from Miss Octavia.” Phelps said bluntly as he flipped through his pages.

“What ticket? I didn’t steal any ticket..” She was looking down at the floor.

“Don’t lie to me, Heartstrings. I saw you right there. Then I even got a recognition from Nurse Redheart. You little fool, you could go to jail for larceny!”

Lyra started to sweat. “I..needed the ticket badly..I’m sorry okay?”

The detective was confused as she had not ticket on her person. “Where is it?”

“I…lost it, yeah that’s it, I lost it.” She looked to his eyes, although halfway.

Cole furrowed his eyebrows and gave her a disbelieving glare. “Right…who was that you were talking to just now?”

“No one. I wasn’t talking to anypony. It must’ve been your imagination.” Lyra answered quickly as soon as the word ‘now’ left Phelps’ mouth.

Cole sighed, knowing that he wouldn’t get anything out of the unicorn in front of him. He closed his notebook and a gush of air pushed Lyra’s mane back. He started to walk out of the door while talking to Lyra. “Lyra, if you know what’s good for you, you’d find me right away and tell me everything.” She gave no reply back and simply sat silently.

Cole Phelps knew what he had to do next. He had to wait until Lyra had felt it was safe and went about her day. Not long after, which was about twenty minutes, Lyra hastily left her house. She checked her surroundings for any one suspicious. If Phelps had still been a rookie, she might have seen him leaning against a tree nearby.

Ponyville Marketplace
7:02 AM

She trotted towards the market place of Ponyville. Now since Cole Phelps, LA’s finest detective, was the only human in all of Equestria, he couldn’t just walk incognito in crowds of ponies. No, the towering and clothes wearing detective stuck out like a sore thumb. He reasoned that the only way to successfully follow the information-withholding mint-green unicorn was to follow from alleys, drains, ladders, and any other sort of good hiding spot.

Lyra gave an occasional greeting as Cole followed from behind. To his surprise, the alley ways didn’t smell as bad as he thought. They smelled of clean, unwasted scraps and papers. He even checked some and found nothing that would be considered normal trash back on Earth. He didn’t find condoms or old pornography magazines, but broken quills, used parchments, and the occasional piece of furniture.

Cole was starting to lose hope that Lyra would give a further insight or clue on the case. She was just idly browsing the shops and stands, buying some fruit or vegetables. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. But Cole had to remain aware if he wanted to find anything useful. Thankfully, she started to trot over to the less occupied and thriving part of town.

Lyra approached another pony, an earth one. Her coat was light tan and her mane was blue with a streak of pink. Her Cutie Mark was that of three pieces of candy. Phelps perked up, as he heard them exchanging very friendly chatter. Perhaps this new pony was the ‘little friend’ that the other voice inside Lyra’s house was talking about.

‘I’ve gotta stick to the shadows. Lyra’s hiding something and I have to find out what.’ Phelps thought to himself while getting closer to the corner of the building he was hiding behind. He was trying to get a better view and to hear the two ponies converse.

“Hey Lyra, what’cha doin’?” The voice asked in a voice similar to that of New York or Boston.

“Nothing, Bon-Bon. I have to go, there’s somepony who I have to meet. Just do me a favor though..and be careful when you go home, okay?” Lyra asked with a hint of sadness.

“What do ya mean? What are you talking about, Lyra?”

“Nothing..just do it for me okay?”

“Whatever..I swear, you can be so weird sometimes!” Bon-Bon exclaimed as she walked away.

Lyra galloped towards the center of town again, leaving the other pony alone. Cole was about to confront her but turned around quickly.

“Could you stop following me? I’ve noticed you about three blocks back.” Phelps said to a shadown further down the alley.

Out of the shadow, stepped the wannabe detective, Twilight Sparkle, who gave a nervous and sheepish smile to the detective who had his eyes et on hers. “Hehehe…I just wanted to see a professional up close.”

With a largely displayed sense of aggravation, Cole answered “I told you to leave this to me. Whatever, you’re here now. Ju-” Cole’s speech and lecture to Twilight was interrupted by a loud teerifed scream.

“AAAAAAAAHHH! HELP! SOMEPONY HELP ME!” Bon-Bon yelled at the top of her lungs. Cole and Twilight run out of the cover of the building to see what had happened. They were both shocked to see that three hulking dogs were carrying Bon-Bon out of town.

(And Cue Chase Music)

“Twilight, follow them to wherever they’re taking her!” Cole commanded.

Twilight complied and chased after the three Diamond Dogs that had a thrashing and crying Bon-Bon slung over their shoulders. Phelps had other plans, as he heard some raspy laughter coming from another building nearby. He ran towards the laughter to see a dog rubbing his paws together.

“Haha! Now we have stupid pony with us! Lyra will have no choice but to bring Vinyl to us!” The voice was shrilly and somewhat childish, high-pitched even. The dog’s ears bolted up as it caught sound of footsteps approaching and it’s nose caught wind of sweat. It turned it’s attention to an unfamiliar being that was running at it, with conviction in his eyes.

“Stop you oversized mongrel!” Cole yelled as he chased after the conspiring dog. After noticing the human, it ran away hopelessly. “Come back here scum!”

The dog let out a yelp as it weaved in and out of alley ways, the human detective right on his tail. The dog took a hard turn around a building, followed by smacking face-first into the wall. He then quickly recovered and sprinted even faster as Cole was getting closer. He saw a pair of steps and ran up, Cole following right behind.

“You can’t run forever!” Cole yelled from behind the dog. The dog reached the top of the stairs and had nowhere else to go but up. It spotted a pipe nearby and started to climb. Cole jumped up and followed suit. Cole got relatively close to the dog before getting kicked in the face by it’s leg. It reached the top of the pipe, Cole right behind a few seconds later.

“Nowhere else to go. Now where are you taking BON-BON!?” the dog yelped at the raised tone from the foreign creature. It knew it wouldn’t be able to win in a fight. Maybe.. It jumped off of the building, making Cole let out a yell. “What the hell?!”

Cole ran to the edge of the rooftop and saw that the dog jumped into a bale of hay. Cole had to follow so he didn’t hesitate to jump off. ‘Oh shit!’ Phelps thought to himself as he jumped. He closed his eyes and was met with a loud thump sound. He felt around and everything around him felt soft. He opened his eyes and saw that he successfully landed. His success was quickly washed away as he saw the grizzly dog run through the crowd of the market, pushing bystanders out of the way.

Phelps jumped to his feet and ran as fast as he could. Ponies were all over the floor, dazed and baffled at the occurrence. Cole tried to fluidly move in and out of the crowds, met with some success but mostly failure. The dog was brutish and cared little for the others. He simply wanted to escape. Cole was starting to lose sight of him when he hatched the idea. Phelps pulled out his gun which was never seen or heard by the residents, and fired.


The loud booming noise echoed throughout the entire market, which caused everypony to fall to the floor while covering their ears. The fleeing dog cringed and held it’s ears as well, as dogs have sensitive hearing. Cole now had a straight beeline for the dog, which he took. He was gaining on the decelerating dog. In moments, he could apprehend th-

*Whack* Phelps fell to the floor as he felt the extended hair arm of the dog hit his face. He just got cheapshotted. Seeing the dog reveling in victory, he sprung to his feet and gave the dog a punch to the nose. The dog, which shouted in anger, swung his paws at Phelps’ face again. Phelps dodged them with ease and counterattacked. He landed a few punches in the dog’s face.

The dog was now steaming with rage. It threw it’s paws at Phelps in a fit of mindless fury. The hits were met with ‘thuds’ each time, as they connected with Phelps arms. But what the dog didn’t realize was that Phelps was blocking his face. After it was momentarily exhausted, Phelps took this to his advantage and tackled the dog to the floor. He then proceeded to give the dog a right and left hook, followed by a few left jabs.

The dog was now in large pain as it’s face was being hailed on with skillful hits. It finally surrendered. “OKAY I SURRENDER!”

Phelps, still not yet satisfied, punched it one more time before getting up off of the dog. He then turned it around and handcuffed it with his own pair of steel handcuffs. He picked it up and pointed to it’s face. “Where the hell is Bon-Bon!?”

“That pony i-” The dog was interrupted by Twilight coming behind them, panting halfway.

“Cole! They took Bon-Bon to the edge of town. I can’t get her myse-”

Cole raised his finger up to her to silence her. “Get the others. I’ll be over there with my friend here. If things go south, I might need a pony or two to help me out. Go now.” Phelps stated.

Twilight nodded and teleported away with a bright purple flash. Cole knew he would have to ask her about that later as he dragged the dog with him. “Let’s go ‘pal’.”

Outskirts of Ponyville
7:45 AM

“Well, is it just your three friends?” Cole asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

“Yes, yes. It is just three of my tribe here.” The dog answered unintelligibly.

“Good.” Cole smiled at the thought of just fighting three others. He had tried to fight five people at once during a prison break and it didn’t end too well. Other guards had to step in by the time four of them were beating on a huddled up Cole, who had managed to knock one out while badly damaging the rest.

He walked up to the three dogs with his prisoner, hoping to negotiate the situation. “I have your friend here. Let the girl go and we can end this with only a year or two sentence.”

The three Diamond Dogs scratched their heads before laughing in an uproar. Cole, obviously annoyed, shoved the dog he had with him to the floor, putting his black Italian loafer on it’s head. “Listen, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

The dogs didn’t even bother to consider the options, quickly going with the hard way. Just like the previous fight with the lone Diamond Dog, Phelps fought the same way. It had been relatively easy as the dogs bumped into each other and gave themselves less mobility. All Cole had to do was duck and block while giving a long left or right hook which would connect with all three of their faces. The dogs were almost going to be knocked out when Twilight and the girls arrived.

“Hey Coley-Woley!” Pinkie yelled out while waving.

Distracted, Cole turned his head to look at the girls.

“Look o-”

Twilight was stopped when one of the Diamond Dog’s paws connected with the detective’s jaw. Cole stumbled to the floor before feeling his mouth. He shouted in anger before pulling all of their legs, making them fall, and jumped on the middle one. He gave the delivering blow to each of their faces as they let their tongue hang out of their face. They were knocked out cold.

Cole got up and wiped his mouth which had some blood stained on it. His blood, of course. He turned to the girls and motioned for Applejack to tie them up. “They’re going to be locked up for a long time.” He looked to the Diamond Dogs while informing them of the rights that all people were given on Earth. “You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, you will be provided with one from the government. Anything that you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

The dogs were levitated by the unicorns of the group and carried towards town. Cole looked to the tree that the Diamond Dogs were lounging around and saw Bon-Bon, who was tied up, red-eyed and her face was moist from crying so much. He untied her gently, and removed the gag they had used to silence her.

“Shhh..you’re alright now. Everything is going to be okay.” Cole said as he stroked her mane. She wrapped her fore hooves around him and cried on his shoulder. In between some sniffing and wincing, she said words of praise to him. They were almost inaudible.

“Thank..*sniff* you..so much..” Cole nodded his head and patted her back.

“Just my job miss.”

A loud shriek emerged from behind him. Lyra ran up to the two, who was also crying tears of joy. “Bon-Bon, you’re alright!”

Bon-Bon let go of Cole Phelps and ran over to her friend. They embraced in a loving hug and were crying together. Lyra turned her attention to the detective. “How can I ever repay you?”

Cole shook his head in declination and walked away silently, letting the two friends to rejoice. He decided that now would be the best time to go to the hospital.

Ponyville Hospital
8: 37 AM

“I would love to thank you so much for all that you’ve done, Detective.” Octavia said in a gentle voice.

“No problem. I was just glad to be of service.” Cole said modestly.

“Oh, don’t be so modest! You not only brought me to the hospital when I was ill, but you saved Lyra and Bon-Bon from those horrid beasts.” She nuzzled his arm appreciatively.

Cole, confused at the friendly gesture, wrongly took it as a sign of attraction. He got up and backed away, letting out a nervous laughter. “Haha..it’s okay. Anyway, I hope you guys get this whole thing settled. I have to go now so see you another time? Twilight wants me for something about a letter.”

“I shall see you later then, Mr. Cole Phelps. Also, if you ever want to come to one of my recitals or shows, don’t hesitate to ask. For you, there is always a cello at the wait.” Octavia gave Cole a friendly smile. “Until next time, detective.”

“I’m sure our paths will cross again, Octavia.” With that, Cole Phelps walked out of the sterile hospital room and into the bright and now peaceful town of Ponyville. He had cleared the day of it’s darkness and was now on his next journey; to Twilight’s library.