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Twilight and her friends are preparing to teleport to Canterlot for the yearly Summer Sun Celebration using a spell Twilight devised to teleport multiple ponies great distances. However, during the spell, a magical surge breaks her concentration and causes her to lose control of the spell while at the same time a rift from another dimension known for its unpredictable rifts to random dimensions opens up in Twilights Palace. This combination of events causes the Six to be sucked through the rift and into the alien, hostile world of Rifts, Power and Darkness that they must first survive, then find their way home.
Meanwhile, the human race is gathering every hero they can muster to face a great evil, one that, if left alone, not only spells descruction for Rifts Earth, but the entirety of the multiverse. They gather to destroy the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And the one chosen to lead this Gathering of Heroes is one Johnathan Valorious, a True Atlantian of considerable power and renown. How will the heroes of Equestria fare in this battle of the Gods? Only one thing is certain in this world of Rifts, that unless you have power, you will fall to darkness

My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro
Rifts RPG is property of Palladium Books
this is my first story, please message me if there's any mistakes, and i hope you all enjoy this story!

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