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The name is Daniel Hernandez, I remember it so YOU don't have to! I got into this stuff in September of 2013. MLP: FiM is the best show ever made!

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This idea again? Might as well take a look...

Both Littlepip and Backjack and co. will be making important appearances during this story. So sue me for having two badasses in one story!


6487909 Is it a bad idea, in your opinion?

6488028 not entirely, most people wouldn't mind a cameo or something like that. Depending on how you write it, it could be okay. But I won't make serious judgements till we get there.

Why is it when people try to do marine corps related things, they never actually do it right?

Women don't go to boot at San Diego, they go to Parris island. 4th bn is the only battalion in the corps that trains female recruits. They also don't go to recon units as a private, unless they got NJPed way before then.

Also, when you're on the enlisted side, you don't call a Ssgt a sir, he's not an officer. Only recruits do it until the Crucible, otherwise you'll never hear an enlisted Marine call another Enlisted Marine sir in a way that's not ironic or joking.

6490068 I apologize, I will attempt to make things more like the real thing in future chapters

If you need help, shit I'll give pointers, being a marine myself, but I also don't know jack shit about recon.

6493601 I'd be honored. Thank you for your service and sacrifice! I'm planning on joining the Marine Corps myself when I graduate from high school.

6493630 When can I message you? I usually write after school around six or seven.

Anytime, though the time difference is a bitch. I live clear across the world. Okinawa to be precise, so anytime. I check my shit every other day or so

6493795 Do you have skype or Facebook? I can do both. Plus we can discuss more about Marine conduct and lifestyle.

Okay, problem number one, average human life span is a century, where as record holders are in the 110 year range. Problem number two, the prologue feels like it should be the description, with the majority of the first two chapters being the prologue. Problem number three, force recon ideally gets new gear and first dibs on fresh guns. Problem number four, force recon is specialist already, tacking SOC on top of that is like saying they are double specialist in whatever they specialize in. Problem number five, should of left the ponies out until they wound up in Equestria, because otherwise it's excess cluttering information. Problem number six, there isn't more to read yet. This has potential, so I am going to wait for the next bit of story.

I forgot this was an FO:E story for a bit. Was confusing why the gaurd actively deferred to Twilight.

Keep up the good work not many stories like these

Short chapter but a interesting one.... And the squeaking ponies gotta be careful about them, legend has it that they are the most dangerous of them all.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT LIVES! So far still one of my favorite storys involving Fallout Equestria and humans. Please keep going.

Why it not continue??? Im acually looking forward to this one. Is it that hard to type 1000-2000 words???

Please continue i like it oohhhhh cliffhanger

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