• Published 28th Sep 2015
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So, we're like...goddesses or something? - CrossRedstone

After the events surrounding the Friendship Games, Sunset and Twilight discover that they have full control of the sun and moon of the EG-verse. SPOILER WARNING (anthro because of transformation here and there)

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Chapter 2

Author's Note:

This one may be a little rushed. Heh, sorry for the bad quality, but that's what slaves/editors are for right? :trollestia:
Oh and I added Discord in the character tags. I forgot to do it last time.

You know, I thought about the problem not coming up until next chapter, but I was on a inspiration rush. Is that even a thing?

"NOT AGAIN!" Sunset shouted at the top of her lungs, bullet sized sweat-drops running down her cheeks.
"Urrgh..." she fell back down onto her pillow. She had thought she was over waking up from nightmares. Well, that wasn’t exactly a nightmare, not really. Still weird though. How real it felt… she shuddered. And at the end, when the magic poured into me…
Suddenly Sunset didn’t feel hungry. That feeling had been close to how she had felt during her… episode.
Groggily, Sunset turned her head and looked at her alarm clock on the night stand. It was 5 AM.
Great, when I try to sleep now, it'll feel like I only slept a few minutes. Might as well get up early.
She threw off the blankets, slowly pulling herself to her feet and reluctantly making her way to her bathroom.
Wow, look at my hair! I look like I'm ready for Nightmare Night. Sunset chuckled, as she looked at herself in the mirror. I’d at least scare Rarity.
A hilarious image popped into her mind, and she barely suppressed a bubble of laughter that formed in her chest. A giggle still escaped her as she straightened her back, taking a prim and proper pose she’d often seen her overdramatic friend use. "Darling, what ever has happened to your hair?!" Sunset gasped, in a fair imitation of Rarity's voice. "You look like you’ve been through a war zone! Oh no, this simply will not do!" She laughed as “Rarity’s” voice went from horrified, to determined, and she stripped, ducking into the now-warmed shower.

After finishing her daily morning routine in the bathroom, Sunset stepped out into her hallway and began opening the curtains in every room. The girl was rewarded by a beautifully warm sunrise, which took her breath away as she basked in its glow.
Wow… I should get up early more often. Whoever said mornings were evil never saw a sunrise as beautiful as this…
She shook herself, remembering that she was on a time limit if she wanted to avoid being late to school.
Yawning, Sunset walked into the kitchen, fuzzy thoughts about making breakfast swirling in her mind. She looked at the radio, considered turning it on, but decided against it. Instead, she reached up and opened the cupboard, revealing several potential breakfast options.
What to eat? Sunset wondered to herself. Mmm, cornflakes, bread with butter, with jelly, with peanut butter...urgh, nothing seems right today. Screw it, I'm gonna grab myself donuts.
Having made up her mind, Sunset closed the cupboard door, grabbed her school bag and headed outside. The cool morning air greeted her as she stepped outside the apartment building.
Sunset shivered slightly. Is it just me, or is it a little colder than usual? I guess winter’s sinking her claws into us a little early… Sunset shrugged, before a thought came to the forefront of her mind. Winter is coming. Wow, how time flies when you're fighting dark magic from Equestria, the Equestrian thought to herself as she crossed the street.
Not many people were walking around at this time of day, but she knew that would change in a matter of minutes.
Sunset ducked into Sugarcube Corner, already hearing the dull rumble that was the morning rush approaching. She walked over to the counter, thankful she’d managed to get ahead of the rush.
The Cakes still had mixed feelings about the girl, having heard from Maud Pie what she had done in the past. But on the other hand Pinkie Pie had told them how much she had changed, so as a result, they were neutral. Polite, but that's about it. As Rarity said sometimes: "You can't win them all."

Startled, the girl turned, smiled as she found Twilight and Spike running to catch up to her. Smiling, the Equestrian walked towards her two new friends.
"Hey Twilight. You're up early." she noted.
"I didn't sleep all too well. Besides, I needed to take Spike for a walk anyway."
Sunset observed that the dog wasn't too pleased with this. The lazy dog would probably have stayed in his basket until lunch if he’d had his way.
"You too? Whatever." Sunset waved it off. "Want a donut?"
"Spike!" Twilight scolded the dog, as he took off ahead with his pilfered pastry.
Sunset laughed and took out another donut, this time handing it over to Twilight directly. The other girl took the treat gratefully and gave her pet/friend a glare.
"Tell me Twilight. Are you excited about your first sleepover?" Sunset asked curiously.
"You bet I am. I even got myself a book." She grabbed her backpack and pulled out a book. "Sleepover 101!" she proclaimed proudly.
"Oh Twilight." Sunset facepalmed. You're such a dork sometimes.
The first thing everyone had learned about their new friend was that she really loved books. Sunset thought back to an event two days ago where Rainbow had knocked a book out of her hands and into the mud. No one had known just how hard Twilight could kick until then. Sunset had to suppress a giggle at the memory of her rainbow-haired friend running like the guardian of Tartarus itself was after her, with Twilight hot on her tail.

"You know, yesterday I saw this blue haired, yellow skinned guy trying to sneak into the portal.” Twilight said, scattering crumbs all over the place as she downed the final morsel. “When I called out to him, he just stammered some incomprehensible things and ran away."
"Flash Sentry?" Sunset burst out laughing. "Yeah, I kinda expected that to happen sooner or later. The day you met the other Twilight, I saw him and her in the school parking lot, talking like, or rather stammering like two lovesick idiots. You should have heard it, they couldn't get a single sentence straight out!” She crowed.
Twilight shuddered. "Thanks for the mental image, Sunset. How long have they been together anyways?"
"Flash and Princess Twi? I don't think you can call what they have a relationship. It's not like she visits on a regular basis, but when I tell Rarity what I’ve just told you, we might be seeing her more often in the future."
"Wait. That means I can both ask you and her about magic! Yes, thank you Rarity and Brian!"
"Er, you mean Flash, right?"
"Same thing." Twilight waved off.
Sunset sweatdropped. “My Doppelgänger is going to visit? Oh hey, I can ask her about magic!” Nothing weird about that. I swear Twilight, you're something else.

At the entrance of Canterlot High, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle found both Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna standing outside the school and watching the sky. Both high school girls (and dog) looked at each other before running over to the older women.
"Principal Celestia and Luna!" Sunset shouted. Both women looked down at them, grim looks on both their faces.
"Is something wrong?" Twilight asked. "Because, you two looked really serious just a second ago."
Vice-Principal Luna was the one to take the initiative. "Haven't you two noticed?"
"Noticed what?" Sunset inquired.
"Just look." Luna pointed at the sky. "Don't tell me you actually overlooked it? It's been sunrise ever since 6:15. The sun hasn’t even moved an inch since then."
Everyone looked at the sky.
"Now that you mention it,"–Spike spoke for the first time of the day–"the sun really didn't move at all. It's like the earth just stopped rotating."
Everyone looked down at him in surprise. "Hey, I may be a dog, but I live with Twilight. Am I not allowed to know these things?" he said defensively.
"In any case, this is serious." Celestia brought them back on topic. "I'm afraid that if this is the work of another magical being, we won't be able to cover this up like we did the others. We’d better find a way to fix this quickly. It's already all over the news."
"This is bad." Sunset rubbed her forehead. "If only I hadn't stolen Twilight's crown, then none of this would have happened."
"No, I bet it's my fault." Twilight stated dejectedly. "My rampage must have somehow disturbed the planet and now it’s stopped moving."
"Stop it, both of you!" Luna scolded them, "Why are you jumping to conclusions? It's too early to say who's at fault. Sunset, you may have started all this, but remember the sirens? This could have been because some being was banished to our planet a couple of thousand years ago or so."
"And Twilight." Celestia took over. "I may not be knowledgeable in magic, but the damage you did was already restored by Sunset. Now stop blaming yourselves, this is hardly the time."
"Yeah, you're right." Sunset breathed in and out.
"Yeah, sorry." Twilight muttered.
"Okay, solution." Sunset looked at the sky again. "I know of two ponies who can move the sun and the moon back at home, but it's questionable if they can do it here too, because of the random rules magic seems to follow here."
"Doesn't matter, can you call them over?" Celestia asked.
The fiery maned girl looked over to the woman and nodded. "Yeah, but it'll take time until they're here. More reason for me to start now." Sunset grabbed her bag and quickly took out a pen and the book.
Twilight, we have an emergency. The sun isn't rising for some reason. Can you call Princesses Celestia and Luna ASAP, please? I'm afraid if we don't solve this quickly, there will be a mass panic all over the world.
"Okay. And now we pray."
"I never believed in any higher being, but whatever works." Twilight laughed half heartedly.
Sunset threw Twilight a worried glance, before looking in the direction of the sun.
Raising the sun. Even if I knew the spell, there's no way I could raise it, even with the help of my friends. Sunset thought to herself.
Maybe Twilight can do it? She is an alicorn after all.
~~~~ -stress~~~~
Or we- huh? "Huh?" Sunset blinked, startled.
"Did you say something?" Sunset asked Twilight, who shook her head.
"What? Who's there?"
"Sunset Shimmer?" Everyone looked at her, confused. "What is wrong?" Luna asked.
"Don't you hear the voice?"
"What voice?" Celestia asked.
~~~Mistress, I am ready. Lead me.~~
"Lead you? Aaah!" Sunset started to scream, as she lifted off the ground, panicking as an all-too-familiar feeling of power filled her.
"What's happening to her?!" Celestia exclaimed.
Sunset struggled as she felt the power build, as the ground drew further and further away beneath her feet. The magic reached a crescendo, and Sunset screwed her eyes shut as the world blinked away in a flash.
Sunset blinked. The world had vanished, leaving only a dark, empty void.
Where…? Where am I? Sunset asked, looking around wildly.
What was that? Who are you? What are you? Sunset panicked.
~~~Over here~~~
Sunset turned, and gasped. A ball of fire floated nearby, nearly blinding her with its brilliance. She felt drawn to it, attracting her like a magnet draws iron filings. It came closer and closer, eventually coming to rest directly in front of her, and she touched it.
It was warm to the touch, defying the part of Sunset’s brain that was screaming Fire! Hot! Burn! She cradled it gently, somehow knowing that this was something precious.
I’m ready, it said, stunning Sunset. Raise me.
Sunset just blinked, staring at the Sun–for it was the Sun–before her mind caught up and started wondering how exactly she was going to raise the Sun.
Just lift me up, Mistress, the Sun asked. I can take care of the rest…
Sunset looked down at the celestial body, memories of watching Princess Celestia raise the Sun as a filly filling her mind. She refocused, and slowly lifted her precious cargo.
She started at chest height.
As she reached shoulder height, beads of sweat began to dot her brow.
As the celestial body cleared her forehead, her knees started shaking.
She pushed it up as far as she could, straining with the strange weight which almost didn’t seem to be there. Unconsciously, she felt the Sun leave her hands, and they flopped down by her sides. Her knees buckled, and she fell, panting as if at the end of a hard race.
~~~Thank you~~~
And that was the last Sunset heard…



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