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I was given permission to make this story based off the mlp fan comic crazy future by its author. Yume was just your ordinary guy until he finds himself in equestria. In order for him to return to his world he has to help save this world as its resident kamen rider. But while chaos seems to be on the horizon yume will learn he is in this world for a reason. Break away from fate! Kamen rider cyber! *rewrite of ganbarizing*

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Now, quick question about the riders. Will they be their owners (Ex: OOO=Hino Eiji, Drive=Tomari Shinoske)?

6468984 kinda sorta on that. they may act like the Canon riders but they are actually echoes from the Ganbaride cards. In order for them to not be echoes is to have them be sealed back into cards and summon them with the diendriver created by ride learning the ganbarider special skill. That's all I'm saying on this matter. Do you have any suggestions on which rider cyber will face next chapter? I'm going to let the readers decide who cyber will face in this instance.

Let's see, I think Decade would be a good first choice. Also I'm probably going to PM tomorrow, because I have an idea that I would like to discuss with you in private.

Damn, wish my Kamen Rider Displaced were ready to go out into the multiverse right now... I think they would get a kick out of fighting along side a new Rider/Kohai.

6469208 I would like that very much. The thing I love the most about ganbarizing is the sheer adaptability. It's the ultimate for those that want to fully create their own character. I'm working on the next chapter at the moment and looks like I got a rider cyber will face off until I can let cyber enter the multiverse. Anyway as you might have noticed with the video I'm making this story much like a kamen rider show so each chapter is pretty much a episode following custom in facing riders causing trouble. as for the cards well we know that there are many different cards for each rider depending there so each rider echo is composed of all those cards that go with them. Yeah that means once sealed custom will slowly get his collection back one rider at a time. At least he's going to use ride learning to record his own battles and see about where he can improve against riders. In order for him to seal a rider he must defeat them in a rider bout as I call those fights in the game. Good news is that once a rider is sealed he can now use the map to locate riders so that will be fun.

The spoilers in these comments are to prevent others from getting much of the story ruined so only those that I'm replying to should read them as this is material best asked in a pm to help work out how the story can go.

6469056 sure I'm finding myself curious about this idea.

Why does this story have so many dislikes? I mean, it can't be that bad, right? ...Right?

7045776 it's mainly edit problems like capitalization and some Grammer that is the problem. I been meaning to go back and fix them but other things got in the way. It will take a bit to fix so bear with me on this.

Well this is going to be interesting to see how you guys react to the rewrite. Let me know your thoughts guys.

working on it the next chapter is shared with this stories prequel ruler of time and space! zi-o. after all the tokens bend both time and space so why can't they drag displaced into the past of their own worlds? im going to be working on that soon. but as i said in chapter four of ruler of time and space my phone is completely busted so im only able to work at my local library for around a hour when i can get there. so it will take a while to do so.

Curious on if this will continue?

still working on the Kamen rider zi-o displaced story connected to this one even if it's a bit of an odd hiatus due to how to handle kuroto for that one. it says a lot about kuroto dan and how the ooo tribute for zi-o is giving me problems there.

I hope it works out.

Was curious on how Spike will do in this story

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