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When Applejack kicks a certain tree, she doesn't expect it to complain. Trees aren't supposed to do that. They also don't talk back, shout or go into raging fits. One tree, however, does. By doing so, it changes Applejack's life forever.

NOTE: Events take place immediately prior to Twilight's Kingdom (season 4 finale).

Written for the 'Applejack character' prompt by the Hazardous Writing Materials and Challenges group.

Thanks to Noctus Custodi and InsaneFox for prereading and advice.

Special thanks to PheonixStarr for editing.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 24 )


Damn you. :fluttercry:

That was touching. I mean, like, as someone who loves AppleDash and everything to their core, you really had me feeling like Karya was someone I wanted to be part of Applejack's life.

Perhaps it wasn't meant to be taken that way. Perhaps it was simply a friendship that the two fostered, but it felt like they were growing closer than that.

EDIT: Saw the tag. I derp. :derpytongue2:

I can't help but wonder, though... if Karya survived her own tree being mauled, could she have survived the Golden Oaks exploding and managed to find refuge elsewhere, and is just waiting for Applejack to find her? I hate that you killed her so soon after introducing her. I would've liked to have known a little more about her.

That plot twist, though... the whole Tirek blowing up the library... I didn't see that coming. Well-played.

Fantastic story. Wonderful characters, well-written... just, fantastic. I wish you'd do a sequel, however. Regardless, thank you for the read. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Karya on! *Dodges the empty bottles being thrown at him*

Well done. The twist at the end is one rarely done but damn when it's done... It hurts.

Creative idea and well written.

Thank you for the great fic!

6468063 :) Thank you :D
Very glad you enjoyed ;) (despite the tragic element)

Karya survive? Hmm. She had one day left to begin with, and that is only if she managed to convince the grumpy library to accept her :D
Still, I guess... maybe... it's theoretically possible... somehow. :)

Really loved that hazel thing, though :)

6468567 Thank you :)
Was afraid the twist was obvious a mile away. Hope that wasn't the case :)

Oh my celestia.
Oh. My. Celestia.

That was perfection. well, almost. I didn't really see romance, more just pure friendship. But still THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL

6468928 :) Thank you :)
Glad you enjoyed :D
Not enough romance? Guess I just took it a bit slow... They've only know each other a few days... Wouldn't rush things too much :)

6468939 I still just see them as friends, but I'm not the author.:twilightsmile: still. This fic holds a lot of wait, I love it.

Silent tears trickled down her face.


All kidding aside, I enjoyed this. And I didn't see the twist with the library coming, which makes me feel a bit foolish in hindsight.

6469673 :) There are exceptions (one shown in the show even :))

Glad you enjoyed :) And sadly the description makes things a bit more predictable than I'd have liked. Still, glad some people were surprised :)

I actually thought this was very sweet. Cute, well-paced, and the characterization was spot on. I do think that Applejack's dialogue had a few format problems, like adding apostrophes where none where needed. Just "ya" instead of "you" and "yer" instead of "your" would do the job.

I'm not sure this calls for a "Romance" tag either. Just seems like a nice friendship, and that's actually the way I would present it.

Still, I really enjoyed this one and for the life of me I can't imagine why it has as many dislikes as it does. Oh well, no accounting for taste sometimes.

6476197 :))
Guess my definition of romance is a tad too slow then? :)
Glad you enjoyed. :D

6477737 :) Thanks, Strides :D
Always glad you enjoyed :) Now will have to reread the it with everything you said in mind :)
Definitely gave to work on my perspective jumps. Had hoped there were none in thus one... (Too much to hope:))

As for the mythology, having dryads always helps :D also re-watching the season 4 finale made me notice something else interesting. Maybe for another story, though O:)

Dammit! That was really good and incredibly depressing. I totally forgot about the tree getting blown up as I was reading about the dryad leaving the tree. I was really hoping she would get another chance. Awesome story though.

You do have a few editing errors that you might want to go over again. Good stuff over all. :twilightsmile:

6477870 Hobbes! :)
Thanks, very happy you enjoyed :) (hopefully this doesn't mess your AJ canon too much I:))

And who knows about Karya? At the very least, she did get a few nice days? Seriously, though, one never knows :)

6477888 My canon for characters is pretty fluid. As long as they don't deviate from their base personality to much they can do anything. I always laugh when a fanfic writer worries to much when they deviate from the base canon story line. All fanfiction is NOT canon. If it's not the owners work it's not on point. The whole point of fanfiction is to write the stories we want to see that we know the creators won't write. That's why I like it so much.

I think the dryad idea is great. The land of Equestria is full of mystical creatures so it's not to far a stretch to believe they would exist there. With the Apples strong connection to the land it's not impossible that AJ could strongly care for or even love an intelligent creature that also has such a huge connection to the trees. As i got to the end I was hoping maybe she didn't get to the tree before it went kablooey. Or maybe she merged with an acorn or something and it could be planted accidentally and years from now AJ could meet her again in some way. Dammit you made think of all these ways she could survive that most likely wouldn't work!!! Anyway, good stuff.

6477953 Hmm. An acorn you say? ;)

This needs something oh I know a SEQUEL

6531665 :)) Might be a sad sad sequel, though :)
Hope you enjoyed :)

I did enjoy

It doesmt have to be sad the library tree was ancient and didn't accept the dryad leading her to wander and applejack finds her with one day left unless a tree is found


Will see :) Might be a sequel sometime :)

And sure, will do.

7707417 :D Thank you! Am touched :)))

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