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Nova Core has been travelling across equestria looking for anwsers. Who is he and why has he so much magical energy inside him. He fears what he can do and what he has done. His journey brings him to ponyville will this just be another stop for him or something a lot more.

This is the first story I have ever written. Best case scenario it makes sense and the only problems are grammatical, Worst case scenario only I know whats happening. Please give feedback it would be greatly appreciated.

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Yay first comment, on my first story :P Heavy weapons guy is a cool guy ::yay::yay:


I really like this concept and Nova is a pretty good character (well he's better than "pretty good", but my vocabulary isn't that strong so it will have to do). Anyway I can't wait to read the next chapter and keep up the good work. :moustache:

awesome story, faved and thoroughly looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:


Glad your liking the story so far, currently working on the 3rd chapter, hopefully there will be some surprises for you all


I am really interested as to where this story goes. And if you're looking for a proofreader than I'd be happy to do it. But overall a great story and I can't wait to read the upcoming chapters. :pinkiehappy:


Glad to hear your liking the story, next chapter hasn't been started yet but will working on it hard tomorrow if your online. Cheers for the offer I'll keep it in mind when the chapter's almost done.

Missing some descriptive words, and needs a grammar check in the punctuation department. Other than that, nice job.



Been trying to fix these problems, hopefully they appear less and less the later the chapter.

very very nice chapter, looking forward too more!!!! :D :)


I'll try to not keep you waiting long, after this weekend i should have a lot more time for writing.

i just want to see what happens if/when he moves the sun celestias face would be priceless:moustache:

828424 I bet her jaw would end up going 200m into the ground



Well she already knows someone can move it from the first chapter.

dont worry bro your real life is far more important just write when you can. just whatever you do dont start rushing and forcing out chapters a wise pony once said quality over quantity and when it comes to writting its never been more true:twilightsmile:

good chapter and Nightmare living in him is good to cant wait for the next :pinkiehappy:

oh shiz man feel bad for whoever stabbed Nova


1235624 Just updated last line, missed a bit of formatting which is very important. And yes i do feel bad for him as well.

Finally! An update! :pinkiehappy:


1235781 Yay for updates sorry about the delay. Hope you enjoyed it.

I wouldn't mind seeing some Nova x Twilight drama :heart:

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